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most, possibly all conditionals were flags in the opcodes themselves
you could see how it was highly optimized for higher level code, not for native asm coding
tho i mean it was easy enough to get the c code spinning once the dev environment was up
just everything was like half documented, half implimented, somewhat conflicting
that shit was like work

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but we did have to edit shit into the linker, i think either to get it to load up our asm for vectoring or to do c codespace, or some shit
the totally freakish part, being forced to do the asm at that level...
the shit is almost literal, it almost is asm
tho i have no big urges to code asm on arm7
fuckers get mad creative with 32b opcode words
the opcode id is only like the first 4 or 5 bits
being forced to do c at that level
yeah the thumb shit didnt seem very useful
i guess if you have issues with your code being big but its not like they have a shortage of flash or anything
but it was just goofy
like you couldnt do 32b immediates in asm
there was like 8b or 10b immediate value
and then a shift value
so after the initial 8 or 10 bit values or whatever, the values you could use for the immediates were random as fuck

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timecop: what did you end up using for arm7?
oh the samba shit?
yeah that too
you basically got hack the low level shit
no one seemed to be doing it like fully functional
me and twingy were fucking around with base adress asm for int vectoring shit
had to fuck with the linker scripts to get it all working
the parser for that thing is bullshit
like you have to tab space certain shit, single space other shit, or it just fails
im jezus fuck guys, you practically are modern low and mid level coding defined
you can make a backwards compatible script parser doesnt fail because of tabs vs spaces
i might be thinking of the parser for that
because i *know* makefiles are like that

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im thinking just some of the hardware details that bleed into the c environment, figure that shit out it should be cake after that
just buy an stk500 and a bigger 40dip atmega to plug into it
they behave with usb to serial dongles, and you can program other avr devices with it
and yeah i really dont enjoy setting up arm7 dev stuff
i think ive done it twice, and it was mad uphill
i havent even used my tiny usb thing, because the olimex/spakfun/whatever installer thing put a bunch of shit on my system and it didnt work
and i really didnt feel like uninstalling the fuck out of it and starting over

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timecop: leds, buttons, char displays, pots, motors, serial io, sensors, timing
like, anything that doesnt need dsp level number crunching or mad high speed data xfer
shit like that theyre pretty hard to beat in terms of functionality and cost
same thing can likely be said about pics, but i dont use them
everything i know about pics, theyre basically same performance
then youll love avrstudio tools
youve done enough hardware c that you can prob pick it up in a few long days

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for an 8bit micro theyre really good, and the opcodes are optimized for c, supposedly
makes sense, theres like almost 200 of them i think
its really easy to code for speed or size at low level
we use them in products at work
its not a very good product but the avr part works
on a media system, theyre ideal to handle user io and simple control tasks like that
like as a coprocessor
alot of your stuff, theyd be very stressed if they could even handle it
the 8bit/20mhz limits it for any kind of heavy media processing
like, simple dedicated diy stuff, maybe, but heavy media loads yuore waaay better off with a cheap arm7

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i like AVR, kevtris tends to be into PICs, i think rab and macegr are avr people
rox was doing shit on avr before he emoquit all of irc
he still hasnt come back to #cars
nico broke him or something
did you see?
hehe fuckin msged nico he was going to kill him!
like, rox can be a dick but i didnt expect that so much
who else
ttmustang and danielson do avr i think
moons done both i think
i dont remember if isa was doing a pic usb or avr usb project
no theyre pretty good

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yeah i been using ubuntu on my cnc for awhile
its surprisingly well behaved
i have to do laundry but i want to take a nap

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danielson: its prob just transformers, same as the coax stuff
run *nix

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i wish everything was balanced io
oh maybe its 1:1 audio transformers

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and from what i remember, its not like moon was paid any large amount, for what was delivered
so anyway, most people sided with moon, and regardless most people didnt see the reasoning for banning the most active/useful/helpful op over some personal shit
after this, stu basically opped thru charles
he hates me as a matter of primary life directive
ive tried to get along with the fucker but he will not have it
!avr on
!avr off
you can have his posts spammed to channel if you want
you can turn him off here, tho
the_gfr: its called pull the earth pin
people at work do that all the time
i hate it
we have a bunch of IEC and extension cords with no earth pins
id laugh if your isolator was just a box that disconnects the earth

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it was lordpils blog
but lordpil got bant
and timecop needed something to maintain the ad revenue so he pointed it at me
yeah charles is stus lapdog
so charles banned over furniture
because lordpil had some new job, was like hacking c on ARMs or something
so he had money and was getting stuff and wanted advice etc
anyway, one time i posted a link to a chair that i was thinking about getting
and charles is totally like, 'you know people have been banned over that type of shit'
meanwhile, stu is just moving out of his parents place
so hes is furnishing his place, taking lots of pics and generally being spammy about his new possiblew furniture and whatnot
of course charles says nothing of this
stu was pretending not to be an op for awhile
after banning blackmoon
well, hes still pretending to be notop, just pretending much less hard as people know
it was over a personal project
moon was paid and delivered hardware but told him software might be an issue he might have to outsource that

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dioxide: also stu has been spamming the chan in #electronics
to nubs and trolls and similar
danielson: because we have a pretty incredible SNR here
we like it that way
no well just ban you
most everyone is
i like the green powder one that turns blue
k i know youre joking so i wont even react
probably i havent been there in closer to a year
well, you do have seniority
tho he behaves
maybe aside from logging all my convo and posting it to lordpil.com, but i dont seem to mind, shrug
probably still gone
do you know the story?
charles kickbanned him over furniture

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but he forgot to pay the hosting bill and its parked now
the 80s bodies looked ok
mustangs are ugly except for G1 fastbacks
haha, i didnt know about #california
what happened to it?
why do you keep getting unbant?
blackmoon: is there any reason why we are keeping the_gfr?
the_gfr: do you have some of electromechanical project involving magic the gathering or anything?
building/teching pc doesnt really count
no i know
damn well now youre making me feel all shitty about it
okay that makes it easier
im not still not sure how he found the chan

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i think twice for a few sec before being kb'ed
but not for years
whatever, he was fucked in the head
latest i know is he killed one of those lizards he was breeding
just like everyone told him would happen if he didnt keep them in warmed enclosures
he drowned them in a box
then saved them, so they would accept him as their savior
then posted it on the web, as part of his advanced animal training phase
then when every credible reptile forum basically told him he was fucking nuts because of it
he edited the page to not be so fucking insane
tho people had the original backed up
his constant claimed to credibility was his number of youtubes hits
he was letting the savanah monitors roam around his house like kids
fuck knows where he is now
ha he also changed pet electrons into a site with a poem about how i was gay
with my name and street
it was cute

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i know
i was alive when those movies came out
coincidentally i think mblunt used that song for a fast lap vid in a race he won
its the karate kid music, nevermind
sup sup
danielson: op me fool
or just op dioxide, either or works
ty ttmustang
im still trying to figure out why cheater and spybert are here
most everyone else was invited
haha, no

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im hungry
prob just a switch
oh neat, maybe little hall effect ic
yeah looks like what you guys were talking about before my net got fuckey
i have to setup this client to know what servers and chans to connect too
iunno, disconnected
12:33 <@danielson> <stu> someone was pasting stuff i said on saturday in there
was last thing i saw
horrible song

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mmm, minimill
its like a small full sized CNC
i <3'd the one i used
well, except when the tool changer would jam up
i think their envelop is like maybe 10x16" or something?
id get a tormach
fully tooled
prob has same or better envelope anyway
for half the price
anyway, gotta go work bye
kinda, its really small for a machining center
hence minimill
also it has shields pretty close
so you cant overload the table and do multiple setups very easily
i really, really like the haas controller tho
k laters

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well, $2k i guess
yeah ive heard people complaining about stuff like that
that just dont happen on dial calipers unless your dial indicator rivet gets loose
but i mean when that happens its obvious
and it just cant happen on vernier ones
thats the other thing, heh, batteries
anyway, tekrad ive never claimed myself to be an expert machinist
in fact ive stated many times im not an expert or a very good machinist
naw fuck that thats not a bedroom machine
and its not NC or NC ready
tekrad: how is the CNC conversion coming along?

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and the pcb i did were easily better than .003
if youre being an idiot and loading it wrong
how many have you used?
again, why you such an ass when people disagree with you?
um, im quite happy with its performance, especially at its price
and i dunno where you got that not within .003" bullshit
see there you go again
i talk as much as i know and im willing to have convos if you disagree
but ive seen digis skip, ive talked to machinist who have them skip, moon just said his are off at zero
youre like, oooh youre machine does get within .003", when its done plenty of parts and pcb at at least better than that
my $30 dial ones measure up to gage blocks consistently for years
so anyway, nice pulling numbers out your ass about my gear to make a point which isnt even very relavent =)
a $3k machine that does .001" consistently and fits in a bedroom fuckin awesome to me

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09:59 <@BlackMoon> its just the zero would jump
if its by a few thousandths, id guess its mechanical
anyway, get some decent dial or vernier calipers
do you wanna be a machinist?
or just some fucking engineer who things encoders and lcd are neato
because every shop machinist ive talked to about digi calipers say they skip
if your zero isnt consistent, your measurements are useless
every measurement?
if you have to check it constantly its fail
are you just using them every few months?
why such an ass when people disagree with you?
dude that machine has under .001 backlash on the x
i did parts on it were like under .001 error over inches

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bad guys shoot at the doors

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