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have you looked at test gear on ebay lately?
shit got cheaper
need sleeeep

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actually how do they do silk
do they burn stencils with lasers or what?
either way, fints already seem like a pretty compatible format
because its vectorized, you just need to gen code for the fills
and yeah bright pics are nuts
its a cam so its just saturated
if it was my eyes itd prob hurt or at least burn in to my retinas a bit
weven normal shiftbrites, with the dot correction all the way up, if i stare to long my eyes get tired
hahaha <3 analog scope glow
maybe ill try and fix my tek tis weekend

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so i find out how tax fucked i am on sunday
monday im prob going to order the aluminum for the amps
so i can mount/solder the chips and test the fuck out of it at work
ha apperently they were soldering before mounting LM3886 in china at first, and theyd crack dies while mounting crooked chips
failure mode is voltage rail to output!
im glad i never had to find that out by myself
viewmate can drive the machines or what?
yeah but it prob has to converted to gcode for the machines anyway
unless their controllers are ultrapimp
i dont think it would be very hard to render complex fonts tho
just have to draw edges and scan to do fills

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custom pads and thru holes with diff top/bottom diameters
measured trace lengths'
besides that i cant think of much else id use much
image import but who fucking cares
no back annotation is fail
have to see whats up with that
is it just doing raster dots or what?
im sure you have to preprocess the image
but thats not surprising
thats actually pretty sane
scanning should be pretty easy on a photoplotter
rectangle is kinda weird compared to a line but it would have to return to do the next scan anyway

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its hard to get an idea how small those leds are
its weird it looks like you have a jumbo pitch breadboard
nice pics
other hacker at work trying to tell me pspice is awesome compared to ltspice
its $6k if you wanna do more than 50 nodes
i did like 3 diff variations of the same circuit in ltspice, maybe 15 opamp, prob hundreds of nodes
i hit sim that shit plots ac analysis in a couple seconds
ltspice = ninja stars
i think eagle is maybe the only program id be willing to pay for
paying 10x the cost of eagle for functional spice is like w t f

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prob okay like an inch or two behind a diffuser
'youre on CNN, the show thats leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls'
fucking classic
oh neat
i seen some, maybe not recent ones
actually i dont think i seen it, just layouts
then nope
ima watch another bad movie and go to bed
deadly prey was so bad
worst mercs ever

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cuz hes a fuckin genius
stop looking at them youre going to hurt yourself
theyre like .75" apart or so?

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stewart #1.
mad money is gone?
do you mean the crossfire from years ago?
i made a bunch of people watch it

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if hes angry i am too
nice he connected bacon and hitler two ways

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this chick was singing something about being my mother wtf
its going slow
wtf 2min and 20 seconds of ads before i can watch my vid?
=( =( =(
this is gonna show the original show and the today show and the response?
hmm k
hmm i dunno which is worse
third eye blind or ads
oh at least there is fast thick power chords in the third eye blind
def better than ads
add almost done
haha buy low and sell die wtf
omg jon looks angry

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who is jim cramer
oh haha
hes a nut
you mean the daily show?
john stweart show was like 15 years ago or something
pluto - paste
do you know this song?
i dont know why it is in this 90s best of compilation
its only 1001 songs i should know all of them
his defence was...
are you gonna link tot he youtube already or what?
wt is a hulu
wtf is a sophia b hawkins
it has a slow bassbeat and enya synth
er breakbeat
man this is bad
im glad i didnt know about this in the 90s

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first batch of best of the 90s torrent is arrived
genesis - we cant dance
len - oh what a feeling
hmm, producer did good on the bass
omg mighty mighty bosstones

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omg that one has the extra boosters and rocket packs
VF-1J could get into orbit with that setup
omg best color scheme in the history of colors

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m80 in the rubberband
did you guys have plastic voltron or die cast voltron?
my dad was a coke addict so we had plastic voltron =\
also i didnt have a NES until 1989
yeah, really i rocked a 7800 for four years of NES era
i had a robotech veritech
i miss it
my cousin had all that shit
by the time i lived at grandmas it was all gone
best toy ever

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do you remember that game cooties?
well i dont remember the game
but i remember those things that came with the game
man that was some hard plastic, fuck shit up when you threw them at stuff
and then theyyd break apart into little pieces of cooties
see i never did that
because like, there was nothing there
fuzzed out pay per view pron was much more interesting
barbie was purely a destructive pay session
but seriously blowing doors off barbie house with barbie ferrari was easily as much fun as slot racer
i had gi joe stuff until i twisted them too much and killed their rubber band souls
i had like all of heman =\
even castle grayskull and the hotwheels set with the loop and shit
i used to launch the car thru the loop and jump it into the pool
heman died =(
i used to make potions out by the tree with the dirt
i went to my house recently, they removed that tree

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i dunno man i dont want anything to happen to you!
like all of irc
he quitted the whole thing
no i meant macegr not you nico
tho k i dont want anything to happen to you either
thats why
care bears were mean
always blasting peoples with tummy beams and shit
violent fuckers
man i hated those things we had one in the bathroom when i was a kid
they smell all funny
like cancer
there was no redeeming quality
like, barbie was kinda cool
because you could put barbie and ken in the ferrari
and then drive it into the barbie house doors
they were held on with little knubs
so they would blow inwards
like miami vice slash a team style
sometimes, if you did it hard enough, ken and barbie would go thru the plastic windshield and fly thru the doors
inittab: you didnt have a sister?

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you see em for like $4k, pretty nice
you know owner prob spent like $10K getting it like that
for a mint looking 240 maybe
280z are cheaper, more common
mostly same car
yeah you see those pretty nice for under $5k
Just needs a little interior work and bumper fillers to complete restoration.
= rust
i dont think he even came back after threatening nicos life
even to #cars

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timecop couldnt handle weed
Expected to be available in 2001.
hehe, classic
hey those two cars are the same car
maybe i should buy a restored z
theyre quite the deal

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i had a 3000gt vr4 for that in high school
no engine so it was all high on its suspension
in front, so seats were extra reclined
i should sell my crx but i dont want to
oh yeh haha
yopu can prob cut that off fine
tigeraid keeps trying to get me to put an ls1 v8 in it
while a v8 volvo would be badass, i dont think i have the capability in my parking space
i wish i had a ton a space and money and time i could do wtf shit like put a v8 in a volvo
i wonder if a straight 6 would fit

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but yeah id rather have a rusted out 280z than a fucked up 91 celica
yeah that maybe works
i dont have a wii
i havent owned a system since ps2
which i sold like 5 years ago
tho metroid on gc was awesome
i was samus!
not like, controlling samus
i was her!
like i blast shit in the dark and i could see my reflection in the visor
get a rusted out 914
car weighs like 2 tons im pretty sure it needs its roof and pillars
i dont want to know
you just wanna be welding on shit?

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its a jellybean defined
get the wrangler
why would you want a fwd celica as a project car
heavy, ugly, fwd, i dont get it
prob warp the rocker panels and floorpans in a week
for $300 you can get a running 280z
sure the floorboards will be rusted to shit
but you will have an L28
omfg that motor was awesome
yeah for money
you dont have the floorboards
even raw metal it wouldnt be cheap

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go away be productive
ha you stopped when i started again
i stole your stoner soul
good lucks
1001 Greatest 1990's music hit singles [FLAC]
27% done \o/
haha it has 3 spice girls tracks
i wouldnt trade my wii for that celica tho
that celica takes ford taurus aero styling to the edge of the envelope

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i think theres like 3 just on this street
yeah i didnt want to go to venice dr, but i dont want to take off work
im prob going to just get an oz from troublemaker girls hook this time
kinda sucks paying for weed

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busy during the week
theres like at least three options before the shops
pot shops
id have to get a card
yeah i dont do that
i might just go to a venice beach dr cuz theyre open on the weekends
thats almost suburban at this point!
that would get me a card so i could just walk into any shop and score

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21:55 <@`nico> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wqfcwgT0Ds is better than jizzed
better than boat
humpty dance > inner city > jizzed > boat
i missed ed lover and fat dr dre and yo mtv raps
no fool i havent been high for almost a week
if im making bad decisions is because im nothigh
because i ran out and i havent got more?
normal hook moved away, lazy about finding a new one

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indisputable decision will be rendered shortly
k watching boat
best rap video fureal

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crack will fit in kb nugs too
support your community servants
ive never bought anything from random people
we tried once at this hotel lobby jungle party
we ended up driving like 20mile thru traffic for nothing
stupid girls with their stupid no-hookup
then we came back to the party, and there was this incident on the roof involving lsd and security guards
random people are bad, k
rap videos are rented rims and loaned out money
thats not drug slingers yo
thats SAG extras and a universal city backlot
jizzed in my pants is better
k im watching both

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but weed isnt legal
so alc should be illegal
weed is illegal and yet i has it
i dont has it
but i did last week
okay first of all
im only running ubuntu on the cnc
and i tried solaris and bsd when i was sober for those few years
second of all, i rly hate dbz
im mean seriously
wtf were you thinking
you should have been like 'woah new vamp hunter d, nomnomnomnom'
okay besides crackheads the dbz addicts i knew drank a ton
so obviously dbz leads to crack and alc use
no you are saying
im saying you weed had crack in it
so really you have no reference for what being stoned is like
because you were really cracked out
and exibiting normal crackhead behavior
yes, rly nico
weed isnt supposed to taste like burning tires

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and i still stand by my original point
if weed is criminal, alc should be too
dbz should be illegal regardless
there is no conditions on that it should just be illegal
anslinger was a bitch
fine, maybe he just wanted his workers to have their paychecks
but he made a bad decision, so he will now be forever hated, throughout history
as the man who ruined the world
the great depression was caused by criminalization of weed
this is indisputable, one only has to look at an unlimited number of timelines and graphs
and realize that some timelines are ofset by 4 years due to an unnoticed error in datekeeping during the earlier part of the century
yes, a large majority of the world was 4 years off
no nico!
they were unstoned!
for the first time!

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nothing wrong with that
thats some bullshit
i know non stoners who use fbsd
just because you were stoned when you started using it doesnt mean you started using it because you were stoned
most the dbz heads i knew were crackheads
seriously, dbz is a retardation totally independent of cannabis
im not into dbz
therefore weed does not cause dbz addiction
crack does
you shit was obviously laced with rock
yes because it would be too hard to admit that it was because of your own tendancies, independent of weed
really this explains everything nico
i would feel the same way if i had a dbz habit
id want to blame it on something
and drop that something in order to hide the true nature of the heavy dbz use
dbz should be illegal
even tho every other illicit substance shouldnt be

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but irrelavent as all involved are doing it
alc is worse
weed never killed anyone
directly from consumption
and most likely people die from alc daily
alc = junkie shakes, death from withdrawal
minor dosed poisoning
less than cigs, joints burn out quick
man, you guys hang out with some nubs
cookies should be illegal if pot is illegal
and look you are doing fine

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rab: weird, mini vap
`nico: driving at 2am sucks
i never said anything about legalizing weed
if weed is illegal, alc should be
because by every reasonable accounting, alc is worse than weed
to argue otherwise is just silly
weed is illegal because precursor to the DEA needed to justify its budget
after prohibition ended
mekius: um, well low consumption weed almost does nothing
`nico: except im right and your wrong
because yours is a statement for the sake of an argument
and mine is just how it is
thats fine i make same argument like i just did with that statement
i dont believe that
need more practice!
`nico: old

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i know a bunch
i know a ton of weekend smokers
so is cafeine and cigs?
cigs dont make you plow your car into people
you can smoke 40 a day you prob drive ok
i wouldnt mind
if my mom didnt smoke id prob be way more successful at quitting
yeh if they sold it in sticks for ingestions
yes lets ban it
in fact maybe pure nitrogen sticks for ingestion are bant
i wouldnt be surprised at all
i dont think so
we need the sun, we dont need alc
we need weed
end of discussion
so anyway
nico is all down for making everything legal
im down
but everything isnt illegal
so in this framework, alc is dangerous enough it should be illegal
heroin, cocaine, meth
weed is like, chamomile tea
but im serious if weed is to be criminal, alc should def be criminal

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someone elses quoted numbers so i made one up
but yeah weed is illegal
right or wrong, it is
so alc should be too
because its worse, by any reasonable accounting
inittab: im down
morons will kill others while killing themselves
driving is dangerous
thats what laws are inittab
weed is illegal, alc is worse by all reasonable accounts, so it should be illegal
if what im doinbg is criminal, alc should be more criminal
rab: pls2explain your third bad stoner incident!
`nico: inconsistent?
eating it will fuck me up
jezus fuck why dont you just go take some marinol and not move lying on the ground for a day
i smoke like between .5g and 3.5g a day

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and there is no valid argument against that
21:11 <@inittab> i believe if a person wants to fuck up their life and it effects no one else
people get smashed at bars and drive home
driving here at 3am is a dream
driving at 2am is a nightmare
no thats everyone with a few drinks
um, alcohol reduces inhibitions
meaning a person who normally wouldnt drive, will
and look at how many people are at bars
and who is drunk and how they are getting home
yeah but thats bullshit
21:14 <@`nico> again, 100% of murders are weed related
the CHP and UK shit are true
just because i cant find links on moments notice dont make it so

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alcohol be killin people
directly and indirectly
you wanna legalize it all, fine
if you think some shit should be illegal, whatever
but alc should be illegal if weed is
no exception i can see is valid
alc makes you a moron
drink enough you become a fucking idiot
yeah but weed doesnt make *everyone* a worse driver
no it does
there are studies
CHP did one
brit gov did one
top gear did one
in all cases, drunks always drive worse
some people drove worse stoned
some people drove better
some people it didnt really affect
anyway, i dont really think shit should be illegal
but if weed is illegal, alc should def be

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imagine working 12 hour days, for 1/4 the money, and having everyone hate you for it
youre worried about teenagers?
im down
but only males
we can make america an amazing place again
well theyre going home, so too bad
deal with teenagers
i dont think theyre down with alc prohibition
i am tho
fucking alcoholics
all killin people and shit
yeah how do you get to the bar, a fucking car
how do you get home after drinking
what percentage of killers were drunk
i would say like 60%
fuck backing it up
i been to jail for weed

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they wont survive on the kind of food they live on
illegals werent a prob
america selling out industry was the problem
you would pay 2x as much for food if it wasnt for illegals
they pay sales tax
and if they use a fake SNN, they pay MORE taxes than you
because they dont file and get a return
so really, wtf is this illegals dont pay taxes shit
either they pay taxes and they are breaking ID laws, or they arent breaking ID laws
cant have it both ways
if they arent breaking ID laws, theyre likely working below min wage
whatever im not trying to put my shit in bags
im not a pro
im not trying to have a bagger tech live electronics circuits

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its a private group
theyre all parts of it
every major candidate last election
bush sr
rumsfeld, cheney, the clintons
angelina jolie
honestly the economic shit fell on his lap, no one would have a chance
huckabee is a fucking dork
mccain is CFR
illegals gauranteed your inflated standard of living for years
you were supporting them and they were supporting the economy
you think your food would be so cheap?
your houses?
americans wouldnt do the world for that amount
they would bitch and complain
a us citizen wouldnt work for that much
american citizens wont live 10 to a room

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we will
we cant beat china in a conventional war
we cant even beat iraqi rebels
the only thing the american mil will be good for is terrorizing americans
ha, you dont know that
bush was bad
if obama is CFR for real and he wants world globalization
well good its better than failed empire america
counsil on foreign relations

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if it only goes up obviously something is fucked up
im happy the housing market crashed
i hope it crashes more
really, so people who can afford it for real can buy houses
yeah and inflated like 4x
over 10 years
so i hope it crashes more
if you didnt get into a retarded loan
if you could actually afford your house
if you planned on staying in it
then youre not really affected
anyway, our 'wealth' was built on the backs of poor people in other countries with a fucked up standard of living
so now its equalizing
we prob never have the same standard of living, because its equalizing, but at least our economy isnt inflated bullshit

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its american big headedness and jealousy
i fuckin hate the senate
we totally fucked up with that
how does rhode island have as many votes as california
fuck that
electoral college = reasonable when horse messengers was fast communication
and counting to really high numbers was hard
yeah so in the end, smaller states have more representation per capita
its unfair
its bullshit
so if you have 2 reps and two senators you have double the representation
anyway people flipping houses and wages not keeping up with inflation and issueing everyone mad credit fucked us
value of everything everywhere was mad inflated
'the stock market can only go up'
i mean cmon, how retarded do you have to be to really believe that

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cerwin vega didnt just built speaker systems they actually manufactured drivers
well, maybe american economy will get so fucked
that people need jobs so bad
that it suddenly becomes cheap to manufacture in america again
whatever its just money it doesnt actually have any value!
we are proving it =(
bush started it!

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good companys are almost always like this
theyd rather keep the customer and have them telling people how awesome their service is
ha neat
but yeah we are trying to bring development back in house
instead of subcontracting to china and outside companies, so hopefully shit gets better
no i work for cerwin vega
we just sold the mobile audio business, we still do pro audio and home audio
also krk and stanton are the same company, so thats like studio powered speakers and dj crap
we sell a fuckton of krk
well, i doubt well ever do production locally again

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i feel stupid for not taking it off the pallet before we put it up
yeah we have a warehouse full of mostly engineering samples and product standards
where do you think =\
we sold the mobile audio business to diamond audio
so we were supposed to destroy all the mobile amps and woofers
they lined up all the amps and woofers on the warehouse floor and sledge hammered them =(
we saved a few
im pretty sure it was part of the deal when diamond bought it
think so, i know nothing
mekius: i think were prob not supposed to profit from them since we sold the company
oh, because my guess is they didnt want the company as much as to make it go away
well, it costs money to ship
its basically free to have them killed
anyway, i dunno the details, i just know they did it
and i know where one of the mint ones is hiding

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yeah trust me youre not alone =(
cerwinski went bankrupt and sold the company to stanton, who basically turned it into a china company
like 8 years ago
i dont think anyone else would do it
itd be like they were selling vegas
supposedly the old shit has really tight gaps
like when everything was made local and they could keep tolerances tight
i have a vmax sub
theres a stroker 12", brand new, but its on a top shelf in the warehouse

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=( =( =( =(

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like, if you dont screw down the banana terminals, they can prob come loose
and youd be powering like half the crossover
also the woofer side is the fused side
The ultimate in flexibility, with Bi-Amp or Bi-Wire.
Power your speakers with a single amplifier or seperate woofer and mid-highs using dual amplification or a two-wire split.

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old one has 6db peak at driver resonance
i wonder how those expose 8B sound
$5k for speakers im laughing if you still need a sub
tho the magnetic force on those tested more linear over excursion than anything else ive tested
they all suck =(
the german ones i wanted to use, the suspension is all biased funny, very unsymmetrical
our home speakers have biwiring inputs
=( =( =(
with stupid little metal pieces to tie the inputs together

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heh, i think it was in permanent power save mode
had resistors like added on topside to the A/K pins but it didnt light up =\
thats what i just said!
rab: i hijacked a pair of rockit 5 for my desk, needs more bass
they sounds pretty okay tho, need to appropriate a sub
yeah i know thats why i have to tweak the subwoofer amp

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rab: those ancient ratheon 5532 had a fucked up low differential voltage abs max
that was the diff between them and modern ones
haha, also i found a HD44780 char display on a breadboard with a pic
it actually had a hd44780
like, from hitachi, and the pic was UV erasable
yeh it sprayed cerwin vega and the old simi valley adress
ive never seen an actual HD44780
just epoxy dot knockoffs
yeh i know ive never seen a module with the actual chip

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big goofy modular plugs look like little 3 phase hookups
i dunno i just did lm741
UA741 in qty, .21
hmm whats a rc4558
came up in the search, ti part, duap ssop, .12
er .16
actually i think thats in the shit amp at work im tweaking
haha other hacker tested it last year says its 2% THD
thats why you run them on +/-15

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yes that would be cheaper nico
ha woah the wheels and axels on that thing look kinda cheap
maybe its the pic
permanent lube compression rings!
we have 50A 120V outlets at work

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haha are those trays held on with rope?
i dunno looks like rope!
rab did a rab
ha neat 4051 are .22 in qty
haha digikey doesnt stock 741 in qty
.12 if they did tho
prob better they dont
is that the one you want?

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blackmoon: sup
heh, work was actually fun today
i get to try and make one china subwoofer amp respond the same as another china subwoofer amp
even tho the new one doesnt have the 6 pole bandpass filter the old one does =\
im like overboosting with a chebychev on the salen key hpf and then using coupling caps on later stages to get the extra HPF poles
how much?
need to know weight and dimension if its big
hmm i bet the box is oversize
isnt isnt isnt
i did a rab

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germans still make stuff
and they have a low birthrate
germans = doing it right
i guess there is still nazi-hate fuckers there but supposedly in general theyre pretty much the opposite

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the retail ones are like $150, these were engineering samples but the parameters and construction look alot like their current retail shit
kill ground loops, use balanced signals
make sure you dont have cables grounded only on one end?
timecop: if its white its prob interference or maybe just air noise?
get a fuzzy mic cover thing?
stop using cheap unbalanced mics
if you stick it under a pillow and it goes away or changes drastically id guess air noise
`nico: bye

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fucking surround is non linear as shit
and it hit 50% suspension compliance (2x stiffness) at like 10W
we have test hardware with a laser to get small signal parameters (theile small stuff)
then itll do a large signal analysis, so you can see magnetic force and suspension stiffness over the range of xcursion
so yeah, they look cool as shit, and they prob def handle 100W, in a voice coil thermal sense
but theyd prob bottom out before that, bass frequencies
haha what like feeding the speaker DC to rebias the cone?
anyway regardless of the non linearity
the suspension felt loose as fuck
also the cone is ultra flexible
they look like cool shit tho

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usenet is so random for non current shit
yes is truth
i wonder if direct connect still exists like it did
that was like the ultimate for non current random shit
torrents prob pwnt that too
unless your shit fell off
but yeah when it has it, its pretty neat
ha yeah for shit like that its like the source
youd have to wait for some guy to grab it off usenet for it to become a torrent anyway
meh, so i tested those german 8" woofers with woven fiber composite cone and rubber surround
supposedly 100W

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