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heh @ unethical

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hehe, nite
oh trudat, wed.

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They are less interested in running the world as they are in understanding it.
fuck yeh
They may tend to neglect social requirements and responsibilities, finding many relationships to be too superficial to be of much interest.
tru =\
u r blog.

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im amazed the pins dont bend more during rotation
ok neat vid gotta go
yeah i hate that
they should have made th corner radius smaller
too late now =(

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the edges no?
yeh you want to be just above the center axis
to low and itll wanna snap down =(
you dont have a height adjust on your tool holder to compensate enough?
i dunno maybe maybe 40/60
*im maybe
cuz the symbol is usually on the upside
yeh but murphys law
okay but doing it blind, without checking for the usb symbol and not knowing that jack
i dont think i ever get it right
hahah yeh i hate that
so you flip it and try and jam it in for a minute

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like, manual lathe youhave to get close to the work to add lube and brush away cxhips
when they break off small theyll collect on the top of the tool on in the lube on the work
can get hot and weld to the tool tip and shit, you gotta brush that shit away
like i said, if youre doing production, and thats as fast as the math says to go to finish your shit, and you get the finish you need and the tools lasts
do you think they care?
to brush on lube and brush away chips youre using a brush probably 6" long
also, if youre machining close to the chuck, you can have the tool tangle with the fixture and get fucked hardcore anyway
like, thats maybe few hundreds of an inch
and alot of parts you dont have alot of options
im only halfway
macegr: yeah but its just the way someone machines =)
he might have to get his three discs
its hard to get really good faces with parting tools =\

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but like, at the CNC factory i saw mills grinding their own tables flat
yeah but if it isnt square youll still get ridges
dammit what is he making i have to go
omg 10min
yeah it supposed to ch9ip away
thats kinda standard
long chips can fuck up your finish
that why you want you speeds to make them break off in small pieces
yeah but hes prob a production machinist
pretty sure seeing the way hes working
you guys really thing parts are made at high speed in an OSHA approved environment?
theres a reason why i wont work in a production shop or call myself a machinist
im just not that kind of nuts

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calc says 30fpm right as my brain said duh
setups to do inside gear teeth are supposedly what they are really good for
cant really do that with a mill or lathe
would depend on how square your tool is i imagine
thats how mills do it alot
well, for fixtures, you do that alot

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is he shaving ice?
lathe powered; not done yet; cutting wax
it moves the work up while the tool is moving back i think =\
the head accomodates for that
yeah but its on a hinge so it isnt driven into the part
heh @ lube burning away
i always thought it was pretty how the smoke rolls off the cutting edges
no idea
like 6" a second
so 360ipm or so

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