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what did you do
makes sense
(because 47uF is tiny your prob not phase shifting so much)
ok i needs fucking sleep
i need my stapler
(k i found it bye)
id be like hmm at that but whatevers
might be a startup thing
gotta go bed nite

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dx^: i <3 v8
its awesome super cold
im fucking dont with homework \o/
whatever you prob drink dirty panties
wtf you just said pizza is fail
thats like saying fail is win
1 = 0

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why is the bicentennial bottle from 1966
jim fail bourbon
my back has a soreness

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meh half asleep code didnt work need to do homework

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it includes the possibility of two timecops
also, hi

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<3 italian sausage
when you kill a deer
wtf do you do with the rest of that shit
haha what
so i fucked up i came home and fell asleep instead of doing homework and coding
like as bait or line?
hehe k thats not so bad
i dont even know what it is
whats in it

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yes but you forgot anyway =(
rab: neat they look all round i wonder if its the back of the clear display cover
omfg rab i just came back for my keys this is not fair

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can i still get those?
no i assume once they realized
how thick are they?
like 1/16"?
thats like a gift bar
theyre 3mm leds or what?
somewhere here theres a mooninite joke
k i gotta go bye
never forget.

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