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that shit kicked hardcore
it was the only one kinda mad me sore

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i dont remember if thats the one i shot with massive kick or the .306
honestly handguns are fun but i could barely get body shots at like 20ft with short guns
it was a big scoped rifle
but yeah might have been a .308
like, with the smaller rifles, i dunno i guess we were doing 50 yards and 100 yards?
but yeah with the scopes i could hit shit all day
and like, pretty much the same thing with the bigger rifles
dx^: i think he had both actually
and a 30-30? or something

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so it was funny when he bitched about beacon sims not being sine waves, because he could have just changed the values stored in flash and gottent any throb shape he wanted
its lame hes still working on that
his RF train beacon was a good idea
like he could patent that broadly and prob sell it

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this is for driving serial leds
well, shiftbrites
and i have to make them throb at diff rates and be reactive
and do some random color fade shit
i did santa fe beacon sim throbber in like an hour, years ago
and gave avrfreak the code and vid of it working
and he bant me =(
danielson: also my throbber was wavetab based, the one i demo'd for avrfreak was a sine wave throb

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timecop: stop breaking dx's firefox
sort by name kill the other one
pwnt by firefail

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hmm i should go shooting again that shit was fun
i such with the short barrel guns =\
i want to try one of those compensated glocks

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i should show this to avrfreak
this is like santafe beacon sim on steroids and pcp
21:59 [servercentral] -!- ircname : Master of the micros
cmon no rly, avrfreak2 is someone camping on him?

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okay ty for logic
fuck i wonder how old she is
im laughing is shes like 19 or something
what im fine with that
thats not even older for me now
im like, damn these 30 year old chicks are my peers
i need to pay for classes
thick/thin film prob isnt a very big deal
size/value, percent, ppm/price
thats kinda the order you should select
for precision resistors
man i want to get these led to throb tonight
or at least ramp i guess, i just loaded a 0-255 throbtab

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theyre in denial for me or something tho
im also clinically insane
yeh kinda
metal film?
just go by % and ppm/C temp coefficient
lower ppm is better
if its not available dont get it
dx^: i said hi while sitting down and she did this nervous face
and didnt say anything back
she was like 2nd finished with the quiz
was hawt
so yeah no idea what her deal is
like either she dont like me or really likes me =\
theyre better for .1%
yes still i think
the seat ended up slightly ahead of hers this week
so i couldnt see her
but i could, and she was still looking
ttmustang: mouser is better for discrete parts
digikey tends to be better at IC
oh random test hardware, like adapters and plugs, etc
mouser seems better

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well 1% would prob be fine
oh neat
i thought this happened now
dude she was at a bar
dry humping your leg
with idiot friends
this is not a relationship girl
okay yeah go do her in the butt
wtf when is she gonna have a chance to do that?
he has a gf so if not thats like extra sad
he even bought her jewelry for too much money
well, not rly
dunno im not trying to have girl juice all over my pants
dude 1% are $.03
well im glad you didnt
ha im 5'6"
but im 240lbs and people swear im not fat

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yes but he keeps trying =(
at least the attemp was in context
well, if youre one to frequent gaybars
and then
does this end bad?
these are the types why i avoid bars
if the wattage is good i dont see why not
hmm dx this girl sounds like trouble
ttmustang: im saying the power your circuit puts on it
ttmustang: should be fine
wait so she is next to you now?

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that shit just flailed him around
omg i dont think that skier guy is ok

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inittab: naw id wreck myself
we did get into it a couple times
we actually wrecked and got out of it
tho if i hadnt fucked jammin up earlier, i would have prob won
we got into each other in the hairpin, more my fault, while we were way ahead
so i bumped him in the right direction and let him stay ahead on the straight
hehe, so lost the race, but got grats on my sportsmanship =\
cuz my pace was faster, i would have passed him regardless, but its fucked up to pass someone because you unwrecked faster
my car is tiny i cant pit shit
mini 1.3L
thats actually a big engine for the mini, im fastest car in my class, similar gearing

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just use ltspice?
i almost won @ efnet historic gt!
fucking mblunt got past me last lap
but he practiced like 5 hours a day all week =\

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speaking of, i should procure a medical card like now
be neat to grow quasi-legally
k back to implimenting my rgb dds throb
er no wait
its efnet historic gt fakerace league time
i have a mini cooper this season, heheh
it has the best power/weight in its class!
dude i thought i did but i think im thinking haunted house for atari 2600
heh, i should play adventure on a 2600 emu

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yeh =(
im actually out
my main guy moved to fucking PA wtf
it might be better
cure time helps alot
not much really to freeze if it was properly dry
itll last a long time in air tight containers
*really* good shit you get might have already been stored airtight for months
tho im not sure how much long term curing is done in practice
like, how often you think a grower gonna sit on a product for weeks or months instead of just getting rid of it for $$$ as soon as its dry

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but yeah long term short term mem studies would be nice
from personal experience it seems to go away when i dont smoke

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most all those other drugs did way worse shit to my memory and attention span
and withdrawal symptoms were basically junkie fits + acute psych effects
so yeah fuck the drs, they can fuck themselves
like, i dont really smoke to get fucked up, thats kinda annoying
hehe, i maintain my levels

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its all killbud now, lots of kush hybrid shit
kevtris: but yeah .5g of mids a day prob not so hard to deal with stopping
when you smoke like grams a day and youre not getting that stoned, its diff
i dont mind not being fucked up stoned
im fine after a couple weeks usually
but yeah, im smoking alot less now cuz work
like its not such an issue when i stop
i can be an anxiety mess, tho, not on anything
and i was basically forced to take psychotropes for years, when i started smoking again it was to ween myself off that shit
im not really a normal case
but yeah, weed compared to standard psychotropic medication is almost nothing

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you stop smoking weed cold turkey you dont wanna eat for days
and usually have sleep issues
those are physical withdrawal symptoms
detrimental to short term, possibly to the point of long term brain damage
i would like to see alot more research on that
you maybe didnt smoke that much
like a gram a day?
so like a gram a day
kevtris: how much of what did you smoke daily?
a day?
whats medium?
do you know if it was ssativa or indica?
anyway thats not so much really, heh
yeh i know =\
but that sounds like our mids
mids and stress are hard to find here
hell, even regs (which is high grade shit) gets kinda rare

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theres a crack in my cig, sigh
yes since i was in group homes
12 years?
o so
i should stop
i will defend weed
i will not defend cigs
well stop you fucking idiot
anyway c doesnt work pretty well, c is pretty ninja, works amazing
but in alot of things 8 bit, its silly, and i know the asm for that platform and i know how to spin a proc at lowest level
so why waste the skill
18:32 <@danielson> Taking some drug that is highly addictive, not a good feeling...
do you mean cigs or weed
it might be

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okay, did i tell you not to use c?
i can bitch about asm if i want
anyway explain this pedastool thing again
considering you seem to be the one handing lessons to me
hmm, not enough explaination

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yeah lemme do it in c so i can do 1/10 as much processing while it spends tons of cycles doing who knows what entering an int, and spends fuck knows how much time access variables
not to mention C seems retarded when it comes to bit operations
its funny timecop, you are advocating using open src compiler trash over 1st party shit that works perfect
yeah thats where i live, thanks
or i could just setup a timer and like, be done

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damn conditional preprocessor stuff makes the asm ugly

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sweet its working
macegr: almost done with shiftbrite backend thats selectable 8b or 10b color words

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damn that sucks i dont think the preprocessor can use the assembler variables
you have to do #define stuff (meh) instead of .set or .equ
hmm, modeled after c my ass

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avr asm conditional preprocessor statements, yayay
compile error, =(

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i dont get shit
its liability insurance
its like $100k per person, $300k property, i have no coverage on me and my car

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neat volvo insurance is cheap
i only pay like $80/mo now, for like $300k max liability
(heh, minimum in cali is like $10k)
(wtf is $10k gonna pay for!?)

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