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urmom is a nice blog
okay fuck this cold/concious thing, ima crash out

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23:26 <@BlackMoon> Yes it will produce inf voltage and blow the universe up trying to maintain a constant current.
heh, infiniti voltage rails ++
would make an awesome current feedback audio amp

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hmm that does seem like a really good article
makes sense

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blackmoon: see what i mean about the level of random?
and yeah it does, 4 fingers is a bit too big
thats what games are for

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wait who is tecan
you have a respectable level of random
v2 was just a normal rocket
like, im sure the ballistics were all amazing
but the v1 was def more a marvel
i mean rocket is supposed to work
wtf @ buzzbomb

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18:06 <@ttmustang> renesis: chinese is rental food, usualy hungry again in 1 hour
also thai, theyre both totally diff
chinese is like, heavy sauces, coated meats
thai/viet meat is naked, grilled usually
and flavor is more from herbs and broths
very light
i need to start making my own food
i prob spend like $200 eating lunch out everyday at work =\
human meat is supposed to be like pork i think?
i like cow, personally
bacon++, tho
meh, that food can be expensive
i dont have a wife
if i did, id prob have to end you or something for doing that
or leave her
that would be the more sane thing i guess

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meh why am i hungry already
i already had pho
well not pho
but some grilled beef + vermicelli + egg roll thing from the pho place

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neat my failvo pink slip finally came
almost thought the dealer guy fucked up or was trying to screw me or something

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that maybe not a bad idea, if you wanna see how it reacts to input
well, if youre making a controller, not a whole system, then yeah you prob need those variables to be either user adjustable or self calibrated

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like, its not really thinking, but its got an interdependent nature to it, like its more intelligent that just straight negative feedback
supposedly theyre a bitch to debug if the whole system is poorly engineered
yeah thats kinda the bitch
although, like in stuff i was working on
what seemed to be a pid problem was more likely just an underpowered motor
so they could try and make it more agressive, but not without it overshooting
making it more accurate, less overshoot and jitter, made it feel pussy
and since its three parameters, not one, you can spend alot of time chasing cats tails, in hardware and software

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thats kinda what learning PID is all about
i think he finished his controls class
but yeah he knows
you can maybe run two PID loops for each, with different values
i dont think there is any reason why theyd interfere
like, you could make one more reactive, more agressive in correction
thats almost what pid feedback is

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that would be useful
hmm, they should all be kinda interdependent
you meansomething that activily manipulates the PID parameters?
i need to learn c better
like so its not a big project to start any project in c
asm is awesome for speed but like when i have to deal with alot of data it can get fucked
i think so
because its a feedback system
the PID stuff controls how fast itll react, settling times, overshoot

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in like a loose theoretical sense more than i have experience coding with it
i did a bunch of shit on the arm7 i have before all that shit thrown in at start of disorganization crisis
*thrown in a pile
and like i have a basic c++ class
im not so bad at algorithms not involving over deep maths
90% of the coding ive done is in asm
like, almost all the shit ive experimented with involved precision timing, speed, so using c for 8 bit would be almost silly

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15:13 <@danielson> renesis, you ever use structs in C that have pointers to their own type?
why the fuck would you ask me a c question

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cheater: i dunno i explained so you could say yes or no
hmm looks like maybe

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my mom needed help with commas =\
it tracks a laser dot projected on a speaker from an angle, and then uses the dot movement to measure travel

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not really
we use a laser one for the speaker test thinger at work
whats an interferometer

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teacher agrees with tekrad says i should go to school NOW
haha we were at frys shes like WHAT DO YOU WANT I WILL BUY IT FOR YOU
the only stuff popped into mind was the TDS/Fluke stuff, so i just said nothing =\

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who can say
heh, suits

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anyway their prices are somewhat unbelievable, everyone is like 'WHAT' when i tell them costs
k quick because im gone
pcb editor?
theyre all kinda lame
try pads if you want something expensive and very broad in capabilities
diptrace is very easy, but limited
eagle is not so easy, but i can get almost anything i want from it
also the 'gayness' in the ui translates into speed once you know how to use it
no eagle is cheap
diptrace might be cheaper
it might be better for beginner/hobbyist
pads probably
eagle is like $1k maybe
and maybe $700 if you dont want autorouter
yes of course you think we all paid for licenses for these apps?
well maybe tekrad
because i think once the fbi came down on him, feer
maybe he is just a Good Person, who knows
i dont know cheater this is shit i remember from a convo like prob 3 or 4 years ago
but i believe there was a reason hes careful about that

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meh i gottas go
omg the gfr came back too
our channel was small and selective
who is whitewolf
he didnt do a very good job =(
when they ship you your stuff, it will be in the uk
check them out and send a quote and chat them up about shipping, they are very helpful
well, $50 setup on every order, standard options
unit cost for small shit is usually around $1
well its like anything else manufactured
they charge you a flat cost for setup/tooling
then there is a unit cost, added to that, for every item you order
so run of 20 with as $1 unit cost would be $70
shipping is maybe $20? for average order

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you dont fight anything
you can kill these white tail geckos for more stamina
eat fruit for more life
like, heart containers
then its just riding your horse to a huge boss, and fucking him up
most of them you have to climb onto and stab in a spot
sec ill find a good vid
at all?
you should come back on the other pc
or someone using it?
but yeah i played it for like 24 hours straight
on vacation at a friends
ending was like omfg
k i gotta go
date with teacher!
heheh bye!
(having to help her buy computer stuff)
status of status of cheater

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because none of your opamps are ever going to pull enough load to really dump out those caps, its just the leds draining them
they didnt need to be as big tho
the holes for that footprint need to be a bit smaller
shadows of the colossus
remember ico?
puzzle game, kid pulling a little girl thru a castle, only enemys were shadows, and they were more to kinda add to the puzzle aspect
like you would have to crawl around and manipulate the castle to make paths for the girl
thats actually an ok game too
anyway, this might be the prequal, its related
in this one youre a kid, a girl is sick, so you take her to a castle and make a deal with a god
visual, this is the best game on a ps2
the intro isnt rendered, its in game
its first party sony funded
okay but yeah, deal with god is this
you have to kill all the collossus
so from that point, your ride your horse around, hold it in the ait and its points towards the next collossus
the landscape is fucking huge
in most games it would be annoying but its so well done, its awesome
so you find the collossus
and you kill them
theyre like 100ft tall
or flying
or underwater
or theyre sand worms
its like zelda with only bosses
and the overall theme is a bit twisted

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kinda sucks i guess, takes two hands to do it quickest and make sure the off button got depressed far/long enough
i need to buy the aluminum for the heatsinks and back panel
jezus fuck the protection diodes were overkill
at least it made for nice routing
no theyre like for crisis situations
like if the amps were pushing signal
and they drained their caps when you turned it off
like, as you turned them off
then you need the Vin/Vout reversal diodes on the LM7x15

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blackmoon: because you need a big industrial switch inline with the outlet that goes to the machine
and yeah i wouldnt expect the estop to turn off that light
usually when an estop is hit, you get more lights, and maybe a noise
i dont remember if our old lathes had estops, just big red off buttons
i dont think any of our non-NC machines had estops actually
just big ass buttons, green for on and red for off
like estop for a bridgeport mill would be hit the red button lean into the spindle brake lever

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adapter train

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