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so 10 bits so 11.6K

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ok actually i can see how that can be confusing
make it send one packet.
it looks like 8 bits no parity

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1/.0000086 116279.06976744186046511627906977
well, thats your clock at least so divide by your packet length

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and you only have to go a few miles
im assuming they run a common shaft
hmm, or maybe like a double clutch or torque converter assembly
because one engine is loading down the other probably
like im sure itd be more power than one but i doubt itd be close to double
wonder what kind of throttle response it had =\
more volts amps is the same

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im prob going to get the brakes done
im not sure i trust my little sears jack on a 4K lb car
that shit was drama on the accord
warped disc or bad pads?
i hate that shit
volvo has 4 wheel discs
that thats neat
i keep forgetting those are front engine
its basically a mid engine looking crx
well they are crx
but not rly
im sure its been done
rally thing
like when you have a team of maniac mechanics to help you out

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you got a rice pipe
im out of rice
well, we have long grain rice
but fuck that mexican aisle rice
im want some sticky short grain asian section rice
heh when i ran straight pipe on the crx people said they could hear me driving away into 4th gear
heh, yeah mine was cat back pipe
i havent even checked the oil on failvo
i should do that

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i thought it was fail
your programming was fail?
or this is a new pcb r what
sparse usually means simple
if all it is a timing diagram and a register definition, usually pretty easy to get up
wtf if it had no explanation how did you get it running?
you wrote some random code and like, one in a billion it worked?

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metalsdepot = cheap

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i wish i had single sided fr4
like maybe i can just machine it off
that seems like a bad idea but im not sure why

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yeah im not sure whats up with that
ive had that happen, but when its delivered it shows as delivered
usps is prob still using machines from the 70s
they have tracking stamps now, tho
they prob get scanned at big hubs and when delivered
instead of like, constantly like fedex and ups
anyway bye rly this time

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shit i didnt order that mcmaster stuff before i crashed out last night
i think threaded aluminum hex standoffs got cheaper
1" is like $0.35
i never get tracking i just ship/delivery confirmation
im not sure usps can track?
trip out
i never get anything except priority mail tho
maybe the better stuff has better tracking
anyway gotta go, laters

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blackmoon: heh, thats prob the best position for you to be in!
are they close yet?
time for the real fail to begin
so this is going to be a $40K system, retail?\
heh @ 10
almost seems more a bluetooth thing than wifi
maybe so it cant attach to a pc to be logged
if not, why not
wtf @ color
power/entertainment management
oh its tiny?
thats not so bad i guess
haha cool

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naw you dont want to anymore, because she stops being new pussy
the_gfr|w: youre not doing it right then
its never fun all the time
i wish i could stay home and do a pcb
i has to go to work and battle the warehouse instead
say turning
haha thats what im doing but not rly

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damn so we decided gfr is one of us
we like one of us
i already tried that
but hes back =(
which is my usual opinion
but sim racing on pc > sim racing on consoles
snes/psx/ps2 controllers are better than any keyboard for most games
except fps
but fps is pretty lame anyway
ive cut down to just wasting time on sunday for league racing
efnet league has like 40+ members, 20+ show up every race
wasting your time with alot of people at once is pretty fun
its almost social even
work means less time for h4x

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