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danielson: tubes
tube preamps can be lower voltage, but it would be surprising if one had pretty large rails

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damn thats a ton for a preamp

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there are some german 8" things at work i want to test
sucks tho, theyre 8R
im using toroids for 4R setup
bigass voltage rails
like for the biamps you would prob need like 350V+350V rails
have you ever used a tube preamp?
dunno would be fun to build
damn, sucks

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parts will get to work like on tuesday
maybe have boards built up by weekend
need to get aluminum for the speaker back panel and to mount the chips too
oh i need to make a pcb for the psu
oh osx disk thinger
i figured out a way to burn encoded movies on osx for exgf
MrTube: are the advents sealed or ported?
just one big chamber?

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danielson: not sure i think super might tho

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BlackMoon: i dunno his hostmask =\
he prob knows where to get endmills cheap
it verified a nonexistant copy during a sim mode
hehe it was pretending
thats funny
did it do the whole disk?
use imgburn

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20:15 <@`nico> RockShox, it's in a 12x12x16 box
20:11 <@`nico> probably like 12x12x16, about 75% full
oh damn i was supposed to paste into a diff window
sloppy focus recently disabled fail

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BlackMoon: ha what did he get bant for?

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neat angle plates
you just reposition to change Y?
i should buy more 1/16 and 1/8 endmills
wqhere the fuck is apestate

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most the welding tables were like 1/2" or 1" steel
but you could weld big enough shit on the cutting tables fine
i was looking at shit like that when he said it so i though he meant so your flame blows thru
but yeah aluminum burns at a pretty low temp
damn zbars are expensive
dunno, mounting something over something else
its like angle bar but extra!

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i just keep my desk messy so you cant see the baggy within the clutter
then when it burned the fumes would make you sick
= welding tables
sure you do
well, cutting tables
but thats what i assumed he wanted the honeycomb al for
yeah vertical slats yo
omfg why do you need a 6ft by 6ft table
and thats basically what our cutting tables where
vertical 2" slats spaced maybe 3" apart
on steel cart frames with sand trays on the bottom

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i need to quit again =(
scary reminded me of a girl in high school
guys think of something to do with this

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inittab: i think if you change the sudoers file it affects that too
tho last time i did anything but install it and use clickgui was maybe 2 or 3 years ago
ubuntu is really not so bad for debian
its 3min i think, default

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its not like itll save you
not surprising
its a 'security' feature
inittab: with sudo?
you can set filters on users and time until passwd is needed again
its usually set to a few minutes
just remove access
i meant in ubuntu
oh you mean the popup
that thing just runs sudo

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MrTube: because then the manual has to explain wtf a hdd is
and thats outside the scope of a normal manual from apple
haha what
no fool you need to learn combo clicks
like with the apple and alt and cmd keys
or whatever they renamed them
to get context menus
yeah i never understood the one button is easier thing
yeh i turned warnings back on
but its so reflexive to hit ok
when you hit delete

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i had the weird 7800 controllers
for the pro atari gamers
mine got foreclosed one or something
foreclosed on
MrTube: heh @ vid

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oh hmm that stuff too thin for gears tho maybe
psx controller = snes ripoff
+ hands + extra L/R buttons
yeah but like 20 years later
and were still basically rockin snes pads
because snes > *
xbox = fail copy of dreamcast controllers
the analog triggers were neat
dualshock II controller is prob best controller ever

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brake clean and wd40 work well but you gotta make sure to relube
that shit strips it
wtf is naphanol?
Ozzzy: you can to clean them if youre going to relube
but yeah its more a lube stripper than a lube
Ozzzy: oh huh i bet its awesome as cutting fluid
BlackMoon: its too thin to be an effective lube
but it also removes lube
because it dillutes it
so end result = no lube =(
yeah brake cleaner or wd40
wd40 might be easier on synthetics
MrTube: i think my ps2 was kinda loud
like you could hear the motor spool up
it wasnt like 52x, turbine cdr style
anmd eventually i did get read error issues
yeh what inittab said
BlackMoon: you should get a gallon of the mobil vactra stuff
itll last you forever

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well he listens to house so hes a little bit a dumb mufucker
airgun can push small chips into bearings and ways
`nico: i learned so much from you!
you will be missed =(
vengence will consume all our lives
BlackMoon: weird
my slim ps2 was neat
i dunno what happened to it
rox is not my buddy
like if there was a street brawl id get his back
cuz he efnet and etc
but in general, hes an ass and we dont get along
we did meet for a bit at maker faire
he showed up because someone said avrfreak wasnt here?
BlackMoon: and yeah, use oil to try and dillute the sludge
and clean it out

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well, since i dont listen to house and trance, its not like your statements are in context
man i hate how cigs tastes after cleaning with bleach
even timecops happy hardcore fetish is a bit more respectable
inittab: i should have worn the gas/dust respirator =(
its prob why he went to jp
thats just doesnt work in here
thats like calling the gobama unmotivated or something
20:22 <@`nico> <RockShox> i will fucking kill you
20:23 -!- RockShox [~rox@adsl-67-112-119-146.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has quit [<insert witty, contrived message here>]

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fuck the house beat
and fuck the trance drama buildup to nothing
`nico: hmm k
dude if its house or trance it sucks
you sound like a rush advocate
im not a moron i can just accept that house is disco with a kindergarten beat
house music = house beats
does you shit go kick snare forever?
breaks is old hiphop that didnt transistion into jungle/dnb right
too slow to keep up =(
yes alot of dnb is shit
but when its good its better than anything electronic

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kinda, i have the service manual with expanded view drawings
THE_GFR: turntables, sl-1200mk2
uncompromised, overbuilt nipponese shit
yes, i only have like 4 tho and i already scratched them up =(
78 no?
how big is it?
one box sounds not so bad
wonder how much shipping will be
maybe theres a bitds of awesome within the crap
yeh i know =\
man fuck house and trance why did you buy those
they shouldnt tho =(
why would you dj house and trance!
dude its like brainless beats and junkie repetition
straight marching band time signature

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is kinda whats going on here now
i have to take both the tonearm assemblies apart, figure out why one of the cue lever mechanisms only works half ass
i think bossguy snubbed me when i asked about discount on carts and needles =(
like it doesnt raise up all the way
it didnt drop all the way on one, but it just needed to be screwed in more
so one is smooth and full range and the other is kinda mehy
and i just kinda wanna see the full assembly and check the soldering on the one i havent opened yet
the 2nd i bought has radioshack rca, they were soldered by a blind monkey with epilepsy i think
had to redo those

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bathroom is clean and i has semi-sorted laundry piles
envy me
`nico: !

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they prob dont know what a microcontroller is

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wtf @ this my lil bastard game
damn this is lame i thought you would be able to throw it at stuff but its just some lame pet game
yeah thats when i stopped
im like, i just go to the shop and buy bones?

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i got the fuckin chips
lung level perfect, accuracy 100%
damn i have to hit it twice now
dude this is gonna take all day innittab

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oh i think i tipped it
yeh i get it now
oh i get it
i think
it crushed me =(

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loading sloooow
inittab: wtf
inittab: i dont get this game

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omg no @ delay loops
i mean if it works fine but processor spinning waiting while it would be doing *something* makes hacker jezus cry

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haha what
is that a joke about plugging shit in or did i miss something that makes that make sense

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thats sad
considering its an 'artists' and 'musicians' pc

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later socket a durons killed equiv celerons at like double the clock
but i think that says more about celerons
i had k6 300 and 200 would do win2k fine
they couldnt run the CNC machines tho
er, cnc machine
well, with dos and turbocnc
but fuck that failshit

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meh i have to clean and do laundry
i had a dual ppro 200MHz, did xp surprisingly well
has like almost 400mb of simms in it, tho
shit i should do my fafsa right now

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MrTube: i got the .1% resistors
that was a sad amount of smd parts for $20
well, was worse for you
you got panasonic caps
and all the .1%
im only doing one board
i might do the other one .1% if the performance is noticably different
i had one of those blow up on me!
im trying to have less computers

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dude that was like 2min setup for a 5sec joke that became predictable 30sec in

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jumpers dont break
its what you said, i think

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09:31 <@macegr> can you slide the jack sideways to activate the switch or something?
fools, the switches are attached to the signal pins, when you insert the plug, the switch pins go open
oh trip out why did they put a flush sliding switch there
it would be goofy as a line/phono switch for a tiny mixer
like, h4x tinymixer, not something you could sell

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