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wonder what that alloy is like
super uncorrosive marine shit
i just want to know if its easily mchinable
its 4x2'

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hey guys
i think mcmaster has direct links now
thats nuts for back panels
fuck a finned heatsink
18" of that
oh shit
you saw it?
wtf @ 300F
i wonder if all 6061 is specd that
from the url bar
they did it
they love us
2MB url strings and shit
if you do it right you get the unframed product page
tyhat you cant nav from

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you gotta keep the ways lubricates or they get messed up
all the lubricants and metal chips =(
theyre all out in the open on lathes
on a mill you can cover that shit up really easy
heh, !
i need to do a speaker math spreadsheet for sealed boxes

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BlackMoon: turn the big socket on the side?
or you broke it down completely\
hehe theyre weird inside!

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BlackMoon: yes should be fine

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google calc says like an 8" cube box

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we have these cool german speakers at work
8", woven composite cones
they dont have vented motors tho
i dunno if theyll do anything close to 200w
if i do those, i can prob dump as much power as i want thru them, and speaker math says i only need a .3'sq sealed box

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3 way biamp cab is gonna be like muther trucker deep
i can prob drop 2" if i mount it upside down
but fuck routing mains wires up next to the pcb next to steel rails
so the iec input would be all up in the air

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im guessing clouds

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i wonder if i can hang a plate of Al like longer than its table like 5" off its front edge
like if itll stall the steppers
because if i go 9" wide from 10" plate, technically taig can do it, like 20x10" in 4 setups
maybe i can add some counterbalances
as if its not heavy enough
wtf timecop you cant get most standard fans ever in jp or what

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damn mrtube left
theyre $51
damn i want one
we have a product thats alot of touch shit
unfortunately, it works
so of course theres no reason for us to have any around
macegr: k

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3 jaw, load should be pretty symmetrical in most cases
smaller is like a relative term
those shits are heavy =(
do you have collets for it?
oh neat
indexable tooling is ultra pimp
MrTube: i dont get it
like buttons overlaid
macegr: wait are you going to make it so they can like program the button in?
that would be pretty useful
program with the touchpad
oh that would be neat
like you could print stuff and trace it out

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inittab: heh
i dont, work does
we have maybe like 10 plates, w/ 4 mounted to each
but yeah i went to grab a plate to do a test and like its all bust up
im like fuck thats a $80 resistor =(
inittab: to test 1000W amps
depends on value =(
and RH and HS
i guess HS is non inductive
more ching
you know how to use a 4 jaw like a ninja?
and do you have a 3 jaw?
4 jaw is a bitch to use to normal shit
k, neat
say you have a part thats you want to bore a hole into
or maybe inside thread
who knows
you can like, align it on 2 axis
so its like, spinning off center around the area you want to turn
thats why theyre so bulky compared to 3 jaw things

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MrTube: you know those dale resistors you love?
the 100W and 250W dealies
we have so many at work
i found an aluminum plate with 4 mounted to it, one of the resistors was all broken, leads like stepped on or something, insulation material cracked
we have so much broken awesome shit

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two 1.8 cores process at 1.8
they can just do it in parallel if the os or app knows wtf its doing
doesnt mean its like having 2x speed tho
something might finish faster, iunno about 4x faster
thats cheating
also bus makes huge diff
right chipset > right cpu
you can always change cpu
always get more ram, always get a better gpu, faster storage setup
none of it matter tho if your chipset is trashy =(
my quad 2.4 kicks my socket a 3200+ ass
i think 3200+ was 2.4ghz?
hehe its like double the bus speed w 4x the cores
its not 8 times faster tho =(

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the freak got a generator?
oh an avrfreak style generator
he made mV dudes
dont talk shit
*, dude
spring, toilet paper tube, magnet, some coil
you know alot of those are fake?

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i <3 segments but i figured you more a whore for the matrix

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and then
heheh h4x
you dont have any cr2032?
no not enough volts
yeah and they cant do enough current to kill the led
dont even need a resistor
kinda yeh
yeah keychain light prob push thru a hole better
might be more a bitch to get back thru tho
thats like, two penguins are sitting in a tub, one says scratch my back, other one says no

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i got my .1% resistors today
mouser is faster than digikey

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that should be pretty heavy
prob all loopy from being spooled tho
but yeah insulation sucks =(

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feed wire in thru top
catch with loop
also can use this method to break into most single door latches
well, like the ones you can credit card because they open the other way
weighted wire on top
how big is the hole
1" use some sort of ribbon
maybe like a tiny tape measure
you can prob get it to like expand out into a pretty big loop
heheh youd hear if it twists all to shit too
prob feel it while feeding too

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arent macs just pc anyway?
why the aspire one
i dont think she knows she wants high res
but she does
i think i will newegg for like 10 or 20
she might be into that
she just wants light, shes using a biggy laptop for stuff in class
but she hates it
haha she does youtubes in her classes now =\
yeh i figure out what she wants more
she is not so good with thye tecnical words
dude its for doing ms office and youtubes
computing power neccessary: 2001
so yeah its pretty much how big she wants the screen
and im sure 2gb isnt so much anymore, i doubt hdd is priority
run a loop of wire or whatever thru the bottom hole

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bic classic sticks
altho i use those pilot g2 now
wtf are you talking about
guys what kind of high res netbook should i recommend to english teacher

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MrTube: !
19:40 <@kevtris> a pen I was chewing "exploded" in my mouth and I got a mouth full of ink
haha, certain erasables have like, gel ink in a compressed container
if you snap them open they will be like tssssss

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heh i remember that pic
its not even very fro-ey
i got another haircut and she fucked up and made it all ways short
k bye work
(Your hair is gorgeous, by the way--maybe not the adjective you'd want, but still...)
teacher says ^

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heh no
i remember when you were working on that game that game
planet textures or renderings or something
sentence fail

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BlackMoon: wavy parallels would prob be pretty neat
who is gfr
yeh hes not timecop

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