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his oven did that?

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prob his dentist again
nice res
i think you can see print on some of the passives
how big is this module/chip whatever
look they used curves traces
corners get in the way too much

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jezus fuck @ 1kw transistors
that means not so much without load data
but yeah isnt class a like 20% max efficiency?
yeah 25% sounds right
means most systems prob do like 15-20%
class a is by far the most ugly form of awesome
wtf thats inside?

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what kind of bandwidth at what freq?
this prob has to have parallel output switches?
or do they make ultramega transistors for this

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i think dBm is absolute?
i think its a mW
and i assume load/volts is amp dependent, but i dont remember most the RF voodoo insanity

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MrTube: hi
okay i bought the parts \o/
its a guy holding his arms above his head like yay
i got .1% resistors for one of the amps
also someone bought my .1R resistors
so i got .07R
the next higher was .25R im like wtf thats too much
uhohz rab doing doomamp for tc

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is their an ic underneath or what
haha stfu
that must be frustrating

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so cabinet will be 3 chambers, sealed for the tuned woofer chamber, a chamber for the mids and tweeter, and an open back area for the toroid and amp
wtf why is it that cheap
and taig is 1/2"-20 no?
doubt its half
doubt a ballscrew is =)
meh i need a shower
folded horns are heavy =(

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wtf mcmaster?
are you allergic to money or something?
theres no way theyre the cheapest
it would fuck up their reputation
theres a problem with metric?
shit thats what i forgot to do at lunch
theres a metal shop a block away i want to get a plate for my amp
i want to do it half rack
so 9" wide, then im going to buy some rack rails and mount the amp like that
no prob 6061
it needs to be like 9x15" at least, i think
i want to mount the amp and the toroids on the same plate
then do some vented plates i can put above and below the amp on the rack
that way i get airflow

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ups wont get my digikey to me until next tuesday

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meh, must wake up
meh, i paid $150 for my trig book
it was $100 online, but didnt think it was so much new and figured shipping cost plus wait i should just go buy it
like why does there have to be 10 diff trig books with 30 versions each
i dont think trig has changed much in prob hundreds of years

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latex from a silicone mold = dildos
i need to try that for making custom flexible parts
thats how the industry does it!
seriously how many symmetrical dildos do you see?
well except those bullet shaped one in vibes, but they prob been using the same tool to make those since the beginning of dildos
i bet they use flexible molds made from a positive
but yeah maybe they made the positive on a lathe
*bullet shaped ones with vibes

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