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then i will put those on the speaker and mount plate amps onto that

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which ones?
anyway, enco is fine
omg parts finally fucking ordered

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naw fuck you im getting .07 instead
they didnt have .15 or i would have got those instead
.25 is too much, tho

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someone bought my amp input coupling caps too

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hahaha @ 1/16" of my power
ok no fureal
vs like, 1/58.142857142857142857142857142857
if i use the .07R
girls will dig the .07R
okay rly i dunno, i havent tried it yet

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damn they dont have .15R
they have .07 and .25
what kind of bullshit is that
oh haha they have 4.5W ones for $4!
i need 8!
fuck them!
.07 it is
hey well fuckit i got servo amps on this thing for a reason
.25R vs a 4R load
so what like almost 1/16" of my power is burnt in my output resistors
thats not loud, yo

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enco.com is something else, something useless
no enco.com is something useless
its not the tool place
i hate when i forgot im like enco.com WTF IS THIS

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X7R 100nF ftmfw
5% ones are expensive!

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how can it only be $.45
thats too big!
5% 0805
heh @ 1nF 1% $1 cap
111 CAP!
22nF caps = 100K resistors = noise

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okay im doing this backwards
back to digikey!
in stock cut tape search '0805 np0' and build the filters around that
well digikey is like fuck you
but no its like under 100nF for sure
looks like 33uF
22nf @ 50V
33nF not uF
theyre holding out on us
these bitches can make anything
so yeah
thats a typo
i bet its 10nF
thats a 10uF cap
BlackMoon: i bet if you sit on it, it explodes
or its radioactive and makes you shit blood
or something

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i think 0805 np0 .1uF is a biggy value
mouser lets you sort by price
like theyre trying to be my friend
that makes me uncomfortable
this is for filters
i have cheapos
this isnt for psu!
yeh itll be fine at room temp kinda
ninja filters, mofo
no this has to be 0805
and i have to stack them for the 2c value!
hello yes!
i just said that you dont listen!
non stocked lead time + obsolete

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i managed to kill like $50 off the digikey order \o/

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maybe you shouldnt because i did 0603 fine before now i want a scope just to see the filets

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i think you just didnt want to believe it was just loose in a hole
thats just weird to explain
i think you thought the screws were putting pressure directly on the leadscrew
i have to go buy stuff
oh shit i <3 this track
put dnbradio.com/hi.pls into your mp3 thingers now
you have 3 sec
oh you missed it
i know!
the intro and drop are kinda whats this track are about
i dunno whats up with the cello rub
timecop: you havent soldered thru like a 10x or 20x scope?

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well because i had to figure out what you didnt understand
but yeah node current analysis = current going into load + cap
thats how it equalized the current in and current out
well, kinda
its linear during transition
thats why you need to switch fast, use powerful drivers to defeat the gate current
usually bridges to drive the fet gate
yeah its doable tc
if its a casting, its a fucking amazing one
heh, not in terms of nS
if your driver was better, your ripple would be worse
well, maybe
who knows what your feedback is doing
you should build some linear regs
since youve done it

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so its Vds/Id
or simply Vds/Iout
over time
its not ron
thats your pfet voltage drop if you had it saturated
basically, you just put your load on the rail
im saying there is as much resistance as theres needs to be to make your linear reg work
k ty
no you didnt you already learned this stuff =)
i dont think about it like kirchoffs laws and ohms laws, its just the way it works
like water in toobz
its just electroncs suck in metal and stuff!

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12V - 4.5V = 7.5V
* current = power
thats in your pfet
that energy is heating up your pfet
thats loss
im going to be up until midnight on this digikey order =\
you mean like its saturation Ron?
see this is when you scare me
no because it doesnt even matter
a transistor, BJT, FET, whatever
is a variable resistance
Ron only applies in full saturation
if the transistor fully saturated, your Vout = Vin - Id(Ron)
basically Vout = Vin
in which case, why are you even regulating?
mosfet resistance = V/I
at any given time
twingy, when the mosfet is off its megohms
youre running somewhere in between megohms and ron
yes well youre doing a linear supply

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regulating like that?
that was a good idea
its totally fucking madman
but conceptually, its awesome
this is not like that
this is a broken linear regulator or a broken PWM generator
because i dont think you get how like, if you have current going out, the pulsed current coming in has to equalize that, at the cost of your regulated voltage
your cap is filled to 5V
supply load drains it to 4.5V
Vin is 12V
your controller kicks the PFET on
its supposed to be 5V i guess
so now current is going from the 12V thru the pfet to the 4.5V
until it fills up the cap to 5V
while powering the load
it overshoots
because your controller isnt very good
this whole time, its still dissipating power
since it overshot, it turns off completely
k stopped
youre burning power thru the pass transistor
the load current + the cap filling current
even *more* than current needed to power the load

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then you can do feedback based shit
but with the same shit references
you can see how base error fucks your life
well, yes
ifs its switching efficiently, youre getting mad ripple
not even ripple
mad regulation error
well yes
but the pfet is dropping voltage
if it isnt, your 'regulated' output just hit the rail
wtf is complicated about that
im waiting for you to stop
at what im not sure what to even explain =(
look remember you had that idea about filling a cap from an AC source?

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which isnt really ripple as much as regulation error, because normal ripple drops out your voltage, doesnt add to it
its like the electronics equiv of conservation of energy
in a buck supply, the extra current that comes out didnt come from your supply
it came from the ground, thru the diode
Twingy: have you ever built a linear supply?
you gotta do it its fun
you should do like 4 of them
yes thats the 2nd!
the first will be resistors straight off your supply!
3rd should be resistor + current sink
then zener + current sink maybe

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do kirchoffs
like, current out had to get in
well, i use it everyday
in fact kichoffs might as well be life
theres voltage circle law and current node law
or whatever
but voltage around a circuit must equal zero
right duh common sense
okay but current going into a node is the same as current leaving
these are DC laws but in AC they still apply, either in realtime, transient style, or averaged out
like, current going thru the fet goes into your load or goes into the cap
but if its going into the cap, your burning power in the pfet, none is going to your load, thats not efficient
but you get that back when the cap is dumping current into your load, and not burning in your pfet
but see it averages out the same in the end
gains in efficiency come from when your ripple goes over your vout

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well, im not concerned so much
well, no honestly
i think you should draw the circuit out
and do some basic math
or just visualize current flows
and understand where the loss is, and why it has to be a loss
no i am
i was that yesterday
youre linear regulator performs poorly
as an unregulated supply, because thats kinda what it is
well in the loosest of terms
well you have ripple
but this is my big point
because it is variable frequency, you cant tune the ripple with a cap value
i bets its worse, in any case the regulation is much worse
its not the same class of circuit
you have a pwm switch that cant hit rails

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i think KY = NHG
Twingy: measure where?
is it a mosfet or jfet
maybe you have your jfet frward biased
anyway, show us a schematic with the part you forgot to tell us
youre not still doing this with DMM are you?
have you scoped it at all?
youre ripple is a DMM on VAC?
oh i see brainfart
i thought you yead at DMM
question lag

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i dont have a chemicon datasheets fuck
your shit made my chrome slow
chips are not labeled
im going to notblog this
timecop can help you we made him smarter

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$60 in caps wtf
i should do them all chemicon

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temp doesnt matter just be quick
we have 800F irons at work for ROHS stuff =\

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you have a pwm generator that cant hit the rails
because you have a poor driver
your idea is a bad linear reg =(
its not more efficient
current in is current out and you burnt it in the pfet
or youre not regulating
but like youre not regulating and youre burning it in the pfet
the pfet is your pass transistor
your driver stage prob resembles a simple linear regulator circuit
but like, kirchoffs law, current went in, it came out
no one says it like that i vote for blackmoons spelling
i told him yesterday =(

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then you pfet is dropping the rest
and any current coming out went thru that pfet
in fact, if its not hitting rails, youre running the pfet linear
you have no LPF
its as efficient as a linear
because thats all it is
its switching because its response is poor
no its a linear regulator
its not switching
you need a LPF for a switching voltage regulator
to average the pwm
they didnt get around the problem
thats what you need for it to work
well that sucks
thats variable frequency ripply
yeah but all that current went thru the pfet
you dont get it =(
youre running a very poorly responding linear regulator

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slow blow caps vs reverse protect diodes, reverse short
what do you think dies first!?
those diodes are ridiculous
linear regions breaks class-d/smps rules
funny that breaks reality
oh no it doesnt
its V*I duh
anyway thats why its 100% theoretical efficiency
well, its either on, or off, or burning power during transistion
(which is why lower frequency smps tend to be more efficient)
(less overall transistion time)
i dont think you understand current flow tho
you run it more linear
whats your ripple voltage?

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oh, i have 2 mainboard
and like 20 crossover module boards
im prob going to ask tube for two more of the mainboards

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for inspection, FOV is so tiny its just time consuming
well, i guess your boards are super little
ours are like bricksize
we have new ones too, that they got in china
they have backlit slide bases, so theyre goofy to use
thats neat
okay i said my plan?
time to rework order
oh and the linkwitz riley filter prob is solved
im going to just stack caps for 2C values
i did design and layout for tube
so he paid me and for the run of boards, i just havent built my pcb
so i showed peoples at work and the other electronics hax0r
and hes like BUILT IT BUTTMUCH
(old guy, really into beavis and butthead)

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i wish car companies restored their own cars more
like nissan did
nissan bought 1st gen z cars and restored them
and sold them at the dealers
well they didnt do it alot, and it was 8 years ago
well, they didnt remake enough and they sold them for $$$
it was like a 30th anniversary thing
but ive never heard of other companies doing that and selling the cars on the showroom
like dealers do it
omg @ 180x!
tho i guess its usefor for other stuff besides soldering
you can do that with 20x
for alot of stuff id do 10x over 20x
twingy i can see that at 10x
20x is perfect
i try other stuff and its just gooft
nice view of one qfp pin
you cant see the iron, so its useless for working

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okay new plan
im going to build one amp panasonic/.1%
and the other chemicon/1%
no but funny none the less
then i will make them battle
i dont remember
i think so
thats funny i dont remember
i changed it in a 7/11 parking lot
hahaha what
no i unbolted, from the top, lowered to the floor
grab the other alternator i had already placed on the floor, and bolted it on
it might be different on yours
you have a D engine?
mines a D15 it just has a weird head and carbs

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its prob die under epoxy dot stuff
it might have a programming port tho
or pads for one
yeh looks neat
k i gotta go
invoices suck
maybe later
i asked bossguy if i could get a discount on stanton carts and needles
lets see how much he really loves me

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