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jezus fuck

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oh nm wrong cell, 3mH

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wow im like magically getting 5% values from my calc for these drivers approx R and first xover freq pic
speaker company jokes are just bad
macegr: i need a 1.5mH coil =\
card inductors would be neat
man open office kinda sucks
fuck whut it says i need a 5mH inductor

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sucks i have 8R dome tweeters but 4R middbass things
its okay i guess
i can turn the amp down
id get more headroom and the tweeters are like 6db more sensitive
so it maybe just works
how much you get them for?
sounds like a plan

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looks like maybe 1-15 uF
heh id need like inductor cards
also itd be hard to orient them so they dont couple
unless its big
like if i just needed 1
but i need 4
i might just borrow them from work
we have boxes and boxes of air core inductors like we used to make shit
if it was for 1 coil id consider it
i want to try linkwitz riley 4th order
i can do it once then for the rest of my life i can do them active in the preamps, proper
like, boards stacked above an smp IC

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60mil according to this calc
5A 1oz copper 25C temp rise
well, kinda not really
the amps im using are spec'd @ 85C
the thermal protection (signal wave mutilation mode) doesnt kick in until 150C
so i mean i buy high temp parts because class AB is awesome
you do a big spiral?
or i could buy coils
coils w/ X7R 1uF ceramics in parallel for my caps
for whatever value i need

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surface mount passive crossover!
i dunno what im going to do for coils
i might just be like fuck it
and hack in another amp board
i need like...
biggest one like 720uH
needs to be able to deal with maybe 4A

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BlackMoon: it gave you a brain trojan

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neat looks like i still have some on the mobo on my wall

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im going to redo the ends of the cables for the laser speakers with pomona dual bananas
oh i should buy parts for those little amps too
i was going to point to point solder some monoblock altoid amps and use the mrtube crossovers to triamp them
but yeh i need to make a tube for them
i was thinking oatmeal tube
use some nylon reinforced packing tape to wrap it
brace the inside
maybe i can spray with clear acrylic without fucking the tape up
maybe i should save shopping for passives until tomorrow
Eggsalad: should i keep doing this all night?
man i fucked up i got rid of all those pc i didnt rape them for pin header jumpers and front panel connectors

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some 330R for leds or whatever
okay im going to do 4 pole linkwitz riley active filters at maybe 120Hz
then im going to do passive same filter alignment, for the highs
may or may not use my current cabinets
no this amp would kill those
im want to find casting tubes for those
remember the original drawing with the cardboard tubes?
else they wont get much response under prob 100Hz or 150Hz
i dunno if i wanna do sealed or mad stuff it
haha i should take them to work and use the dsp crossover to tune the crossover freqs
that thing is so fucking awesome
i want one
and like 6 amps
and i can just biamp and triamp whatever

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if its from digikey or mouser theyre fine
heh i can make any parts
those surface mount smt?
fuck those
panasonic cant keep up with FM 50V 1000uF cap demand
im kinda mad at them
ive never seen many probs with any smd caps/resistors
and our shit is prob china shit
like im amazed how hot you can bake SMD ceramics and they still test and work fine
i think i usually end up buying rohm 1% smd
and the ceramics end up being murata
or another company
almost always X7R
my 1/4w 1% odd value resistors always end up being yageo
yeh pretty much
cuz you only need one but you gotta buy 10
gets expensive
thats prob the shittiest part about doing analog shit
digital shit its like, but 10K and .1uF and youre done

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prototypes are neat
okay i think all thats left to buy is smt passives (hate) and hardware
meh, i dont care about brand
%, tempco, price

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i guess so ive never used them on my gainclone amps
i just use the resistor to VEE
and normally, me testing a gainclone goes like this:
hook up speakers, plug in iec cable, switch on
hear nothing
check all connections and dmm the rails, make sure its actually on
put signal on it, and you hear the music totally clean, its like totally unexciting
they just work
they pop during turnoff i think
so if it doesnt do that it would be awesome
calmet became someplace else, its right next to work
im going to try and get some 1/4" aluminum plates, like 8" wide and long enough for the toroids
3/16" at least

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oh shit almost forgot mute caps

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k have most of the parts for the biamps, only at like $120

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or the one with the like 10mm shaft knob?

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ha fuck that
some of the china vap bros knockoffs are just soldering iron elements

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which piece?
the part the rails mount on?

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like how rich do you have to be to name your company that and not have people laugh in your face

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you still going to check shit out?
that sounds cool
oh i thought you meant at maker like if youre a big company

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or at least 50V 1000uF
maybe they were too hard to make or something
820uF 50V still exist
i only have 4 left =(
im going to use them on the high channel amps
FC 2200uF fit in the other spots

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why does everything suck

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yeh flathead would work
those pentanuts do look neat
but like all that shit
if you thought you just had to go in and undo some torx
and you get one of those
and youre on a time limit as youre doing very bad things
well yeah that would piss me off
thats funny i have that security bit set
yu can get it at all electronics
i think i might start buying torx button heads instead of hex buttons
but just because the bits are hella available and they dont strip, heh
well, the bits strip

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well, if its lots of machinery and access panels, you maybe can lock everything up
like if you cant rivet it
but i mean itd just slow people down
if youreally wanted in, some carbide drill bits is all you need
i bet, they prob still run on an ocean of x86
because if you have a room with like 100 pc or whatever, and you have to send someone to fix one, maybe they see benefit in controlling what level of machines the tech can access
because yeah youd have to like drill those or spend forever trying to get the button heads out with pliters
well, depends on the rivit
you can get stomped rivits basically that type
yeh but that takes a bit thru stainless and its mess

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real security screws = rivets
Government license plates came up missing in Michigan after 9/11. Due to budget constraints the government did not implement Key-Rex, and the thefts continue.
yeh they look crackish
im sure they work fine
they look fucked up when theyre new!

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heh i think that might have been on one of the science chaqnnels a few days ago

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anyway i gotta go laters
macegr: pics

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you can put the lathe on you mill so you can turn while you mill
i want to turn stuff on my mill
i should but a toolpost
why wouldnt you be able to
oh i see what you mean
its not a 4th axis

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well, that needs centers
wait you mean like, cut
lift, go back, cut
thats how you do threads you sync the cuts with a little dial
yeah probably
yeah like that
i mean it might be a bitch
doing long shit in pieces is weird you have to support the turning ends hanging out of the machines usually
i want a CNC lathe
that tormach thing looked neat
ave you seen professors mill?
he has one
macegr: neat

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wtf are you really gonna drag a l;athe into your basement?
thank gods its prob some tiny chinalathe
serious if it was an old school engine lathe youd have no chance
does the other one have threading gears?
are you going to be machining anything over 2ft?

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BlackMoon: yeh, suburbi was all broken that day =\
the prob with the pic is they had already shut off the water
like at one point there was a fireball above a giant water puddle
hi wat
damn i gotta go bank
oh neat
the laser thing can prob do that, no?
just export the paste later to image and feed to laser thing
Twingy: http://www.taigtools.com/c1250.html
heh get a couple of those
its for the lathe but i think the headstock for the mill is the same
im going to email and ask
i want to get a fly cutter too
you cant thread with them unless you full CNC w/ servo spindle them

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i want to do some quick boards to compare a bunch of riaa filters
so yeah maybe ill try the etch thing again for that
dunno i like mixing
like 0603 or 0805 around dip pins

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thats pretty neat
what ic is that?
what kind of paper do you use?
.20 per sheet, neat
no soaking
like it just comes off and you do the chem thing?

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or maybe just the dustcaps
damn this job is making me violent towards speakers
Rab: yours come out so much better =(
also im usually trying to so some insane space/trace

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i took the dustcaps off my speakers for kinda no reason
i mean they were dirty but thats a shitty reason
tube was right they do suck, like 1" voice coil on a 10" speaker
of course
i prob want to replace them soonish anyway

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oh haha @ mOhms

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i found an ltspice project dir, im saved

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man fuck i hate upside down opamps
my brother knew someone at berkeley said they tried to stand in doorways and the doors just fucked em up

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yeh k that was a big deal
like, we had a 5 or something months ago while i was making a left turn
i looked at the 7-11windows shaking, went woah, continued left turn
heh, being in the warehouse at work during a quake would be pretty shitty
i cant find all my ltspice projects =(
also i forgot how awful default colors were

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if transformers arent exploding like little blue nukes all over the horizon, it aint a big deal
tower of fire and water coming out of the middle of an intersection down the street, thats a big deal
least the one pic on the interwebs is a good pic

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sure it wasnt a truck?
if we had a 3 i would just assume it was a truck going by
cuz it feels kinda the same

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looks like you guys have had some 3s?
3 happen like all the time

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