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im almost out of junk to throw away \o/

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carpet tacks?
like, sewing needles?
wow shitty
wow he had to think about that a long long time
thats bad
Eggsalad: no u

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multiple aids
yes, yes u r
feer the language dropdown
okay back to throwing shit away and sorting nonjunk
yeh kinda
you have to desort first tho
like you basically sort out the junk
'then you coursely sort whats left
then you fine sort
which is a bitch
i did this at work =(
you have a whole house mufucker
spoiled ass mofo
everything is so cluttered i cant make shit
which is fail

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but then i found out you could run a block dhcp and everything else static
so i setup the linksys shit and its behaved since

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i hate it when that happens
its always crappy beer when it happens to me
like, theres never a bunch of guiness or something equally dark and tasty
always some domestic clear beer
wtf is blue moon
thats sounds more like an alcoholic beverage than a beer
thats prob not so bad
i had this honey ale in montreal that fucked me up
viking shit
i almost switched to ddwrt

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DX^: sumatra pdf seems like win

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Tekrad: i dont think youd be able to update firmware if it was
maybe the blootloader

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at some point tomorrow i have to like go thru multiple piles of cables and wires and try and save the good shit
i forgot the passowrd
like, i wasnt using the wifi for a long time because i didnt have a laptop
so when i got a new one i couldnt get in to set a new wifi pass
yeh i have a wrt54g now
yeh people have weird tricks to try and fuck the nvram
i dont think you can do it on all versions

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i forgot the password on it
like, it was just on a wap, so it didnt really matter much until i forgot the wifi password
theres a reset button disable thing on there, i think i set that
because i couldnt reset my password stuff like you normally would
but yeh it worked great on my wap even tho i couldnt change any configs

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aw shit
i used ddwrt on my wap
it was gimpy (obv)

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fuck i have like 6 diff mouser/digikey catalogs
fuck them
they just end up in diff places
and we're second story trash sucks
like yesterday i did prob 15 trips to the dumpster
summerish hopfully
im waiting for my 1099 so i can figure out how fucked i am on taxes
then i continue making moneyball

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its like powerpad for nes
he must be new
so my computer was acting all fucked, maybe my seagate is fucking up
i should run that check if fucked util

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you prob want remote sense on that, however you do it

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whats amorhphous silica?
also ti dioxide
no i never started
as ive been tired/lazy and shits been to messy to really do much work
anyway i found a whole bunch of parts when i sorted my stuff
so i could try to h4x a supply with the switchers i have and some opamps
heh 3W .025 resistance

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UV seems ideal
if youre gonna go printing and chems and not milling
will copper hold the static charges for the toner to stick on right?
stfu thats to awesome
you cant do that
somewhere on this page it says
12% carbon black
well, < 12%

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peeling the paper off is where my shit always fails =(

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whats up with that skinny scl pulse like 8 pulses in
its supposed to be that?

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500khz what for what kinda of 8KHz wave
if you wanna get all nyquist about it, 16khz sampling is enough for an 8khz wave
what about it
wtf just say it all over so i dont have to go thru the scroll
your shit appears to be desynced?

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those are usually isolated
you ground the supply at the outputs
either using the gnd on the supply or your circuit
so you can use it as two positives or two negatives, or bipolar, or you can usually connect them and run one as a slave for more voltage
macegr: its prob like the ones we had at school, neat supplys
dual supply in audio is win
virtual grounds is meh
i wonder if those pulse transformer comes in dual secondary...

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19:26 <@macegr> i'm getting a 0-50A, 0-60V agilent power supply from reza
wtf 50A?
i need a psu
i thought rox had a psu
just use a pc psu?
totally but it works

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19:08 <@seravitae> do thye make flashback arrestors that go on your torch?
ive nevr used a torch without them

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current mirror is analog h4x
current mirror/sink/source is when you really start to get shit
wtf is filtercad
ti has filterpro, if you wanted an active filter program
haha @ using their ics
its like how they only fill ltspice with all their own shit

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but even threading you still have the same coupling issues
that thing is scarier
omg @ the last one
i think the last vid was one of those bar stock machining centers
like a lathe/mill uber cnc
and a big piece of concrete to put it on?

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shouldnt be too hard with a rotary table
yeah would work fine
DX^: i dunno how that tool works
i think maybe
w t f
thats how you thread
but thats a bit more insane
yeh thats why its scarier

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heheh what
comes with rock and hiphop music pieces
also w/ glowing neon
i dont remember those things
i had legos and construx
or whatever
and material and intended load and who knows what else gear engineers are into

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it was rox
i still think it was rox
RockShox: give it back
he needs that
my russian friends
theyre not bike people
you know it

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this is projects asshole

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yes, i ended up using some other app

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it seems effective
okay it has bookmarks
vim > vi
i like it
no tabs

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oh foxit
theres a new one again
2.3 is the crashy one
im seeing
have you tried?
shit can it even do bookmarks

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60Hz/120Hz noise is a bitch, its everywhere
the rc rolloff/lag
use the highest sampling time you can use accurately
and if you can, average a bit more in software
well, RC rise time or RC -3db freq, or whatever
you can sim pretty easily too
but yeh screw you assholes im gonna go do stuff that sucks
but also get some sort of awesome bagel sandwich
warm showers are the shit
guy at work is trying to school me on riaa filters
foxit always dies
but his books are like, just use discrete buffered filters

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youre using uC adc?
okay i would do a buffer with gain, and use like a cap or high freq tuned RC on the input
just to keep the amp from doing anything insane
no the input to the amp
check to see if it changes the sensor output alot
yeh because its a sensor on wires theres prob going to be crap on it
which you can filter out before the adc, after the buffer
but if the sensor can handle the load fine, it keeps the opamp from going nuts amplifying high frequency bullshit that youre not even going to use
then at the adc use a low freq RC to average out whatever noise gets into the signal between the amp and the adc
like i dunno how fast you need the response to be, but its usually best to use the lowest value you can get away with

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i would use the amplify to buffer an rc filter on your sensor
and do like *5 or *10 gain or whatever
well i dunno whats up with your sensor
like if it can be loaded at all or not
wtf kind of a sensor can you verify output against anything?
thats not a datasheet thats a brochure
did you email and ask?

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um, how much current doesnt the sensor use
voltage ref is okay with that?
and then what youre going to divide the vref 1/10?
because full scale 50mV on an adc is going to pick up noise
and your values are going to be pretty jittery anyway
no just the nature of noise in everything
the adc could be noisy too, i dunno tho

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why cant you just get the proper vref
how much of its range are you using

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project is bigger than deadline
project is epic, involves foods
hello datasheet knows, not us
vref that low youre prob going to get alot of noise

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dx has no master

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omg post images pls
and i have to go clean up house forever\
and eat
and finish the big dishes
and sort this paper/laundry/parts mess on my floor and desk and bed
i need to devise a way to keep myself from using my bed as a shelf
like a laser forcefield or something
i cant be putting the cnc in my moms living room or dining room
shed be all bitchy about it
hahah @ that board
i remember doing it
left side is all pimp
right side is like chaos

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oh haha its routed?
rework time
thats good

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how strange of you to know that
year one is cables?
you backwards them?
its just backwards leds
nothing even blew up
level of fail = minimal and temporary =(

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hmm okay i need to battle the mess some more
did you notice it was two hours?
holy fuck you pay by the minute?
fat middle age women in cubicles arent my thing =(
wtf do you want us to do with it

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you like pic a set of faces, and locate them on an inspection plate, and those right angle blocks
and you measure everything from your reference surfaces
that way its non ambiguous, you can tell someone else other side of the world to set it up for inspection like that, and you should get the same measurements
i wonder how close taigs are in dimension
like what the production tolerances are
alot of stuff doesnt need to be very precision

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DX^: u
is it still working?
how much current is that
how much does it say is ok?
touchable is ideal

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man fuck mm
are you doing inspection from one set of datums like a proper metric head
or are you just measuring off of convenient faces
like an american =D

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Twingy: when you are done can you send the files?
ive never taken the Z body off its ways
be neat to see whats behind it
tho im guessing its the same kind of setup as the other two axis

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