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or did you have to do that with like a tiny piece of film like they put in peoples mouths
hahah cool
what package is that

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damn what are you doing
timecop: did you really jack someones dental xray to do that?
timecop: neat
timecop: do they have big film plates?

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RockShox: http://maxnc.com/t2_cl.htm
that thing is weird looking

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seravitae: try kapton?
like i dunno if its less likely to fail but it is a more awesome film

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they have diff prices for open and closed loop setup
open loop is like, steppers with no rotational or linear position feedback, controller is blind, you just need to drive the cnc within its limits
honestly that thing looks wtf light
hmm, all its weight prob in the big extended headstock

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he wants to modify his
the pulley texture is wrong
i dont remember show me a link
i remember something bothered me about it
the taig has a longer X
yes whatever material you used for the pulley gives it a weird texture
likes its a cast piece or something
is that closed loop turnkey tho?
their open loop is $2800
so its like $800 more than what i paid for my taig/xylotex setup
unless they just mean it has servo acis drives, or shaft encoders on steppers, or who knows

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timecop: damn enough rework?

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if it has more pins its probably even easier timecop
whats it do
i think im going to go to bed

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what sucks is within the junk there is nuggets of awesome

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so does c not know about bits?
like the smallest type is a char, no?

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8 timecop: (2)
9 read (2)
10 datasheet (2)

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read to what
and how much
dude stop trolling
you dont have some ftdi usb type chip?
arent you a fucking programmer
you can prob do this with like a pair of latches
its puts the bits on the pins according to the timing diagram or it gets the hose
we dont know
it prob needs to be clocked/latched
also it doesnt come with a stand
timecop: link to datasheet

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i think they were about the same
i remember being wtf at something about it
thats like square iron
hes not making that
thats the taig
just that end piece
not really
thats not massive
thats normal
thats a smallish lathe

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timecop: read the datasheet and put the data somewhere?

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art room = rip the carpet and tack strips out
throw a table in it

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i keep throwing away shit but there is like more junjk underneath it, behind it, hiddin in corners and bins
this is like cleaning up the lab at work all over again =(

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omg im not even in the top 10

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my shelves are full of rather useless stuff

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they said his helmet
RockShox: awesome
how thick is the steel?
i ned to get rid of alot of junk

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turbine cars are weird
can you imagine turbines exploding in car crashes?
i saw something on tv where this dude got sucked up by a jet intake on a carrier deck
his helmet got sucked off because it wasnt on tight and destroyed the engine before it sucked him in
and they found him passed out against the engine intake
trippy vid tho
he goes in and the engine flares up

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you dont see lubrication issues with that setup?
at like 100hp output for extended (indefinite) duty cycles?
triangle peanut technology, mfkr
from a germans dream.

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yeh totally
my brothers 12a lasted 200k miles, and he never changed the oil
maybe thick oil helps!
poor car
it got hit by a deer too
well, he added oil
he knew you had to add oil
and check it
because dad didnt add oil so his cars died
Blackmoon: they like, actively use oil
so maybe because he had to keep adding oil it wasnt as bad
like it was dilluted sludge
instead of like, straight sludge
they need to figure out a way to get oil into the rotors
well, just making sure it gets to the seals
its not a mazda wankel and its not sexy and uncompromised
rx8 is like definition of compromised
back seats wasnt enough it needed a tinydoor

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how comes they dont do more rotors?
yeh they put them both on the sides
no i mean now
and they have 4 rotor race things
no it isnt
at all
macegr: neat
thats the worst part
i hate the fenders too
the rear glass is total fail
wtf @ suicide door
thats the prettiest car of the 90s
but wankels have spinning/bouncing triangles, moon

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i dunno whenever they introduced the rx8
its always had a renesis13b
i dont think they ever sorted the engine flooding issue
the manual has instructions how not to foul your spark plugs
its like, if you have to turn it off, leave it running, then rev it to a certain rpm and let it run for whatever amount of time
then youre allowed to turn it off
and they never turbo'd it, so who knows how it would have compared to the old 13b tt setup
i just thought it was funny mazda went Renesis = Rotary gENESIS
Blackmoon: with modern efi?
the engine is like, 20 years old
it only started doing that since they changed the porting and did this new efi
yeh that will be neat if it works
oh, well thats sad then
RockShox: where did all the fb go
so cute

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i just came back and read that last line
its pretty awesome out of context

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haha yeah
<2 o2 jet
dude i went thru like 1" plate
12" long cut in like 30sec
all the way thru clean
because of heat warping the cut unzipped behind me
on a 12" x 12" plate wtf\
the cut was like 1/8" wide
makes machining look silly
yeh its nuts
cut thru I beams

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acetylene tanks are actually very safe
considering they hold acetylene
do you have a garage?
yeh i was gonna say like chain it to a wall whats going to happen to it
i should try solidworks on my quad thinger
yeh dont go near 15psi
we usually did like 1:1 pressure on the regs
for the o2 and acetelene

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acetelene is low pressure regs
special tanks so you dont die
i hate that
like i can hear switchers or something
and the tone sometimes changes to this really high pitch
and like my brain eqs it out or something, over like 4 or 5 seconds
i always assume the computer or pc
sometimes its pretty directional
but yeh sometimes its not at all
it happens
not super often

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could try brazing it
omg blackmoon doing bodywork like its 1939
i think brazing is pretty standard bodywork shit
weight on the body sounds like fail
i only practiced on 16gage
which isnt so thin
inittab: its lower temp
you can maybe even do it with propane
its like soldering
tiny torches are neat
i wonder if normal propane is hot enough for some metals

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naw alot of welders prob wont use the china stuff
miller and lincoln is pimpin
oh weird
uk record place sells our amps

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that would be awesome
you lost us

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it would be the start of a never ending war
well it would prob end, when like infrastructure was so fucked we couldnt have anything close to resembling a world war
back to tribal shit
no there is no sides
just people pissed at other people for what those people did to their people
religion is a problem
but i mean religion is a prob like gov is a problem
gov is kinda the same way
religion is just old school so kinda silly in modern context
its mostly the same stories =\
religulous i think
oh thats um...
its all astrology/astronomy
sun is a pretty good thing to worship
hahah @ a little

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world would become either like totally anarchistic or like global government
prob both i guess
no they wont
why would you think that, theyve been around doing their thing longer than any other cultures
and it sucks theres, hardcore trying to live in those climates
youd be pissed off all the time too
inittab: okay so a few people better themselves and move
this leaves everyone else, the average people
also they might like it there, i like it here, im not always sure why
point is you cant just nuke a whole subcontinent
in this case two because india and pakistan would prob go off if the middle east nuked everything
this assumes the us and russia dont decide to just let go of icbms

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yeh the uniforms thing is pretty awesome
like if your army cant afford uniforms, theyre war criminals
i think its 'insurgents' moon
we are in two failwars this is so lame
russia is like laughing at us
doing what
.ca is in afghanistan
youre gov is mostly all down for it
it would be the end of nationalist culture

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they made those rules after the war
because the war was so fucking horrible
then they decided peace sucked and tested the rules and broke alot
haha @ puppy and rainbow guns
i always thought rules of war was a silly concept
like, hi yeah youre trying to kill me
wtf @ rules
ww3 will prob be pretty unlimited =(
no moon
if you failed at killing him and he cant fight back you have to take him with you
or something
you cant just leave the guy trying to kill you to die

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blimps are such wtf devices
and if wind hits it while you lean on it it prob flattens your ass
whats their top speed?
what does a blimp haul ass at
The usual cruising speed is thirty-five miles per hour in a zero wind condition; all-out top speed is fifty-three miles per hour on the GZ20. As to cruising range: the ship can carry enough fuel to fly for twenty- four hours, although it rarely does so. When traveling cross-country the blimps fly wherever they go, and the crews try for an eight-hour day, or about 300 air miles.
hahaha @ moving the blimp across country

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13:56 <@Blackmoon> only problem you'd have is it falling out through her loose snatch
everyone keeps saying that
she had c-sections
no idea

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i was amazed by how not retarded she was
i was like, hey you can speak in complete sentences and like think, and shit

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hower w/ separate bath tube
dig it

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house rent is going down
apartment rent not so much really
maybe i can find a house thats affordable with roommates
thats cheap
thats unrealistic here =(
a 2bd apartment is like $1200
studio apartments are like around $900
whatever its home
its always been too much money
but apartment rent has been going up since way before housing market boom/crash shit

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youve tested those speeds/feeds/depths with that tool already?
sounds better i guess
what is that like .1" rough cuts?
i dont think itll finish

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how did you know im awake
pretty neat
that motor mount is so fail
so were you just going to add longer rails and like blocks to shift the leadscrew coupler forward?
yeh but it needs to be extended and the coupler/motor moubnt need to move forward
oh youre redoing the bed
the only parts need to be super precisice are the mount surfaces for the rails
cut in from the side?
damn 3 passes?

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