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CCFL_Man: status of weather channel hardware wtfness

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not really
i watch it while going to sleep, mostly the news
thats hard to do while falling asleep
also cspam streams used to be horrible
i once emailed them how come their shit was so fail they should do it like youtube or something fuck that real player wmp fucked up slow server bullshit
i said it felt like they were a tool of the regime to keep information from the public
anyway theyre on youtube now

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uh, yay?
meh @ tv
the news/cspan/how its made box

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yeh kinda
i want a 914 tho

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i have to pay taxes
so that will eat my money ball
want to try and move out around summer
will also eat my money ball
yeh that sounds right
i want professors tormach
theres a pile of junk in front of my cnc i have to sort thru =(
taig is made of square tubes
i need to make up a wavetable for art project throbber

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oh haha wow
i have the shiftbrites dot correction set to lowest value
Tekrad: hi
tired, work and couple of night classes
i need to finish cleaning the fuck up =\
haha, nice
i was going to ask how many decades was the loan

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it does 5 on 5ft lines fine
with like nothing gage phone wire
not dropping much voltage
i should scope it

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hmm i think i killed shiftbrites
i have get 7 to light up
ive got 7 to light up
some of them got hot but they werent on
this is fucked up i have like 50ft of tangled shiftbrites
maybe dunno
im going to cut it in two

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fuck something was smoking
no i dunno i saw it i can smell it

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id say he was drunk but hes doing stair hops fine

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okay radioshack cam wallwart @ 6v seems to make alot of the shiftbrites work
6 of them
oh hmm
the wart for the stk500 has more voltage
oh that shit is only 800mA lame
its all droppin out
jackin the giant wart from my vfd tube switcher

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okay neat stk500 still works
flushing with alc is win
macegr: whats sb max voltage?
okay neat 17V

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kevtris is a pacifist
is charles still lapdoggin?

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no rly when did rox get here
interesting, how
how the fuck do like channel antagonists invite people to the chan
oh hes bant?
we dont have him here
by STUpid?
hahaha @ flyback wtf
flyback is harmless you dont permban him
you make him go away and let him come back for random wtfness
apestate: NOOOOO!
ertyu opped him and then dissapeared
prob found a life, who knows
stu runs the show

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wait i took the vtarget jumper off and the led is still on!
whats that
wtf lame
you dont have serial ports?
you can get a usb->rs232 dongle
omg how long has rockshox been here
RockShox: i used my dragon on the stk500
its usb and its fast
its dead tho =(
why would i use avrdude avrstudio works awesome and is free
and has a simulator
rhett and imbroken wanted me to go with them to fucked up expensive foods
well thats good to know i guess
that sucks
did not know that

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i got b-o-n-g water on the stk500
so i dump 99% alc all over it repetedly
drying for about a day
powered up fine
hehe when it happened the power led was like dim/blinky

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problem with alot of shell providers is others users will be jackasses so most of the vmasks/ips will be bant from the network
you work at an isp
you cheat!

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