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oh man this is one of those datasheets like a small book
i think weve done this before
i think we bitched you out about how you drew that part of the schematic
i think rab specifically asked why you didnt just draw it like in the datasheet
yeh, totally

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oh neat @ charger

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omfg its cold
i got into psych 1
fuckin ms brown is in the same class

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i know
how would flipping them help
they would still bang around in the foam
there is no top or bottom when they shit is being shipped
on its side is on its side
those plexi cases were prob pretty expensive!
they look old school
pretty good job tho!
yeh i can see the joints

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so two of those in parallel
sense resistor, 1W (2W in pussy conditions)
.03R, heh
im going to try and control a 10A @ no duty cycle with a $.50 switcher
high side sense, i might just use another chip tho, because of that
i have these
i need to make an smps for shiftbrites

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is there a gap between the foam and the top
like, they rattle?
oh, no foam is right there
your sad because the pins are gonna get bent?
lots of semicorps send them like that
oh nice
you circled where they got bent
you did pay $40 each tho did you
how the fuck is it samples when you paid, thats product yo
how are they per unit if you get a fuckton?
yeh id be pissed if i paid for bent pins
i didnt even pay shipping for my bent pins

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.25Wi want to figure a way to do parts list local for direct import
their parts lists are neat, but theres a couple ways they try and fuck you
haha @ .1%
er 1%
seravitae: they have same spec as 1% resistors
its like 50mR max i think
holy shit @ .015R wattage @ 10A

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this working voltage spec is bullshit for this part
timecop: yes, login
in the my digikey theres something to upload parts lists
pretty sure its csv, dunno what format they expect

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