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okay so tomorrow i try and get into economics
then i try and get into psychology for two days
then i have to go math class =(

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i gotta go to bed i gotta do laundry in the morning
then i gotta figure out this stupid nite class bullshit
oh look they offer custom software as a system service

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and you cant like download all your saved waveforms
in storage
like i have to us the virtual panel and export them after loading them to the lcd, i guess
yeh like you can get a display of the individual samples
looks like 2400 samples
that dumps to xls
but yeh i dunno how to make it autosave

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timecop: i can get it to refresh on a timer
which is hella slow, and i dont see a way to automatically export the data
maybe they have more software
oh hmm
yeh waveforms window doesnt have any menu just buttons and dropdowns

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if i does logging i dont see how
i need a signal generator
i just need audio cra[, i should just do another dds and put it in a little box

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fuckin school
like i have to decide which of these classes i dont want to take to try and break into
timecop: yes very nice
it kinda bleeds funny at low brightness
like you can kinda see the grid on the white borders
but yeh you turn it up a bit its fine
i want to figure out that pass/fail shit
very neat but i wish it did like logging or scripted control and stuff
hmm, maybe

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most RF shit youre beyond shit a scope will help you with
well, standard scope
$1500 for a spectrum, analyzer is cheap
who cares its 50GHz
and 8ch

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man this sucks
i should have taken off work earlier to get the list of classes i can take
now i have to pick classes and try and break in
yeh rly
DSO is like $400+
pfft i got timecops scope for work i havent even done yet
you can get analog 100MHz+ scopes for under $300 all day
yeh like $400 gets you those 80s tek 4ch
with the clear buttons that are backlit green
you can get a tek 2230 100MHz analog w/ DSO for like $350
and my shit was awesome
until it died
itll come back to life
but it eventually dies again
$50 for a scope that works is a deal

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this sucks all the late classes are closed
you can but its hard on the tool
theyre not made for side loading
BlackMoon: its hard on the bit because the machines arent very stable with side loads
because theyre not made for it =(
that thing was weird
we had this convo years ago

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to learn it and evaluate its usefulness

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i can take understanding latin america thru film
maybe it includes el santo movies
damn wtf @ no classes to display

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i can take sociology of women for my final credit
no wait psychology of women
i can take stress management!
it even starts after work and is one day a week
meh all these classes are during the day

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omg dx came back

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mine didnt come with the er16 spindle
other ones totally sucks
so getting the whole headstock was only like $20 more than the insert
yeh the fixed diamater collets
totally useless
well not totally
but pretty fuckin useless
but the insert is like the spindle shaft and the top and bottom bearings
either way you have to pull the pulley off, which is a bitch
if you want to do direct, id couple to the existing spindle shaft
belt drive has advantages
you could do like a 3:1,1:3 dual pulley
or 3:1,1:1,1:3
get like up 10k, have a power gearing up to 1k
yeah you could do that

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mine will do 1 to 1.5 revs after i let go
no those are sealed bearings
metal shields even
you have to get them pressed it
or i think maybe pressed onto the spindle shaft
then they drop into the headstock
i have another headstock with the other spindle
and yeh thats typically why machining wood or machining with super fine chips is avoided on metal machines

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iunno itd prob have alot of runout issues, that setup
unless the motor bearings are awesome and your coupler is toolmakers precision
hmm, not sure
did you try it warm?
the grease inside will slow up the motor cool
you mean the motor it comes with?
the spindle?
yeh mine spun pretty free
okay its not totally free spinning but its not so bad
like i can get it to spin a couple times with my thumb and forefinger

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Twingy: nice
that motor mount is such bullshit
Z weight can help too
just more mass to keep shit stable
but at least all your weight will be centered over the load

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if you do .01uF do 1uF too
you can be extra decoupled
i dont have welder shit =(
no i dont qualify for that

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wtf @ electric pencil eraser

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can you buy online or this is direct chinabuy stuff or what
we have a aoyue hot air station

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timecop: how much was you china oven?
and how do you rework the bga?

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upnp always seemed to defeat the purpose of a NAT firewall to me
you sent teh wrong doc

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avr is stupid easy if you know about core programming
anything about cpu level programming

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on every digital or analog ic you ever layout ever
it should have caps
discrete arrays maybe not
haha yeh really
you should finish your schematic
kinda place all your parts, before routing much
dds blowjob synthesis
avrs are awesome tho
tho yeh avr + arduino would get old quick
well with an arduino its like, heres some avr with your avr
its all about leds + encoders

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slacker_: thats still synthesis
ttmustang: yes

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for hex sockets?
i bought one for the spindle bolts
and another for the ones that mount the steppers
BlackMoon: screwdriver with a T handle?
yeh you can get sets pretty cheap
kevtris: heh
how much was a speak and spell?

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6.5mA max sink/source
hahah HV in the non audio section are like hundreds of dollars
thats a cheap one
omg its discrete on a module

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maybe they just thought it was ugly
haha daamn
$6, 200V
output section not included

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like a notched chisel?
<3 natsemi datasheets, they have graphs for everything

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you should have caps right on those IC
the dc decoupling caps
as close to the pins they connect to as possible
hmm its stopped being raining i should do laundry

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i know its just weird that they would tell me the absolute max in that section
when the supply voltage is 14.4v the max supply voltage is 18v
damn output offset voltage = 150mV
typical .1% distortion, max .5%
dunno prob torturing himself with books or something
yes more like that
i would move the IC up like .1"
if the footprint for those connectors are sane it shouldnt be an issue

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i love bridged output single supply biased chipamps
its $8 =(
neat, $4
electrical characteristics, conditions say 14.4v
first parameter is Vs(max) 18V
but they already told me this in the absolute max section

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oh no shit?
want to sell some?
is home far, i dont get it
heheh, i dont like sishi but making it is fun
avacado rolls ftw
i dont think they got married yet so you possibly still have a chance

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okay i have this 18V a bunch of amps wallwart
i can totally make an smps for 5v for shiftbrites for that
oh shit
i totally need to do C/W tests on altoid cans
BlackMoon: yeh but its alot of surface area
yeh you find the temp rise over ambient for every watt you put into it
mount transistor or resistor, put a watt thru it, verify results, etc
but yeh the metal is thin enough that the heat transfers to the whole case pretty quick
maybe its enough surface area to cool kinda decent
i wanna deadbug chipamps in an altoids tin
but yeh 10W into an altoids can is pretty nuts, but i want to test

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because it became chinacrap
well no it used to be a local company
production was in simi valley, like 20mi from here
and like, cerwin vega shit was sold in music gear stores and home electronics stores
but now hardly at all
now everything is built in china factories, and design is subcontracted to like everywhere in the world

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does it have pedal generator input yet?
i think what happens at work is like, sales guys make an engineering spec
then hand it over and stuff
so it gets worked on
so what do the sales guys have to do now until its done?
so what do they do? they sell it, so people make suggestions, so they change the product spec
so engineering has to start all over, so now its gonna take longer
so what do the sales guys have to do?
im like, wouldnt it be more awesome to have a finished product?
like i wonder if the company burned guitar center and sam ash and shit
and thats why they dont sell it
or maybe just no one wanted our stuff anymore

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1MHz aint shit tho
also alot of this shit is supported by dsp and arm controllers
so youre prob getting decent amount of 100MHz+ noise
most of those tiny class-d headphone amps are for some -p-ortable or embedded system
dude they wanna put touch screen on a new plastic monitor speaker dealie
im like, what
im like, why dont you make one, totally analog control/class-d low end amp/chipamp high end
and then, like, add shit to that
and have a range
wtf @ class-d/dsp/usb/touchscreen portable powered speaker
are they going to try and make this pass certification lab testing?
sounds expensive
thank god

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its like 550W bridged into 8R
for 2 sec then its 250W
class-d, psu drops out
but i guess the controller knows
because it doesnt distort
well, yesy but no
like, for sine testing it sucks
but for most music, that maybe works
but its a trip to see
well yeh
in that case, it would act like this
but that kinda makes sense in this app
it didnt clip
a feedback amp would have clipped
and yeh its got mad 200KHz on the output
it looks AM modulated
yeh but thats like, half a watt
the speakers wont drive it
they might radiate it as emi but its not like the coil is doing anything at 1MHz
well mechanically, theyre just not capable
oh yeah totally
EMI might cook you slowly over time
but it wont fuckup your ears!

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none of them are spec'd below 600R, and the 600R is usually for one or two graphs
Rab: nice
heh yeah i was going to use my headphones and some of the china samples we have
there was some asian sight where people were doing thd+n tests on cmoy type amps
i think with some soundcard loopback setup
anyway, all the awesome ones had transistor AB output sections
BlackMoon: its all relative anyway, heh
but yeh, i have no issue with putting an AB section on a signal amp
because thats like, sane
hahah @ hearing mice
on laptops i can usually hear the switchers changing tones with diff loads
some of the cmoy style amps did horribly
its there it just doesnt matter anymore
we have this amp at work were testing

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audio manufacturing gives fuckall about cables
inside its usually hookup wire, sometimes ribbon cable
and pro audio installers and touring people are usually pretty good about cables
shielding on one side, balanced signal, all devices earthed
im going to do some comparison testing with the audio test shit at work
my little headphone chipamp w/ tone control preamp vs cmoy style signal amp headphone
im genuinely curious how diff opamps do directly driving headphone loads

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yeh, stuff like that
because you never get them to saturation
they need to start making more ninja HV opamps
natsemi has one i dunno if they obsoleted it
but it only sinks/sources 4ma
i have one somewhere
theyre not super common
theyll prob get more common
chipamps are popular
its basically same tech
yeh but im saying its basically the same type of research
audio is easier because bandwidth is low
and common mode shit isnt usually an issue so much

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its like 1.33V, 50A, 125C
actually thats almost the same for Vbe @ 125C
as 25C
iunno, habit
they matter for lots of shit!
current sinks/srcs, they matter
doing switcher maths
depends on app, like for an an output section thats prob gonna be your limit, before the Vce
unless you have a seperate supply just for the driving section
how else you gonna drive them
besides some ninja opamp

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Vbe=2V @ 10A saturated
but its like 400V
this one is $82 and comes with screw terminals and chassis mount tabs
Vbe 2v @ 50A
so its obviously mounted to a dumptruck or something

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haha, Hfe is 300
300 @ 5A, neat
dc soa = 40V @ 5A
thats why i laughed
prob 25C
who can be assed to do their testing in a freezer
it doesnt say temp on the graph
Hfe is like around 100 above 10A and below 2A

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heh @ base wattage
why not!?
okay 400v darlington is kinda nuts

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that sucks
20khz thru what
you prob dont need a triple darlington
anyway wtf is your load
arent those like a few ohms?

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BlackMoon: its not that hard with lightly loaded machines
usually theres a spring or something to tension the nut against the screw
i have to do laundry
i have zero motivation

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i was assuming he was using it to generate a more sine type wave
or else yeh
why not use the mcu to generate a timing pulse

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