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yeh its a tinyurl bot
neat it has a minimum limit
i need to go back to sleep

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check valves are usually for blowback
tho its a generic term its used for alot of diff types of valves
yeh thats a pressure valve

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BlackMoon: its a sim game inside your pip boy what?

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nc drill = excellon format rs274 gcodes
heh is just a list of tools and X Y points

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MrTube: oh hi
you need rs274x for copper, silk, mask, paste, its usually accepted for edge dimensions
excellon drill for the drills
rs274x has aperture data, you dont need that for drills, the rs274 for the excellon files is much simpler

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i think thats just his client reconnecting
i have to fuckin do the dishes

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i wish i knew which of the pc psus i had was good
i should prob test them so i dont have like 10 junk psu around

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yeh i need another supply
its getting back up to 4.5V
it browns out for about 3ms
then maybe 9mS 4.5V
i should make a bench supply already
ha i found my cigarbox psu
i put regulator bypass switches on it
that killed a couple things
i wonder how much voltage it was dropping with 5
i never checked =\

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ha 10 shiftbrites is fail on an stk500
only like 3 of them will turn on, and then those flickr off
scoped at the stk500, the voltage drops out to 2v every 10mS (shiftbrite refresh)

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said it killed the ~50mV output offset completely, couple mV or so

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minimalist 3886 amps will leave off the series capacitor in the feedback loop
gaincards prob didnt have them, so gainclones (3875) and 3886 amps are designed without them, even tho its in the datasheet app circuit
anyway mrtube reworked his hi channel amplifier with a series cap
he made this little 1206 pyramid
with an R and a C with the R pads

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i need to tell him what i learned at work
he will be pleased
ic amps

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!seen mrtube

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'is this gonna be forever?'

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12:05 <@inittab> jb welded the fuck out of it
i was going to make a joke, like, DID YOU JBWELD IT!?
puddle, nice

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inittab: you welded a patch onto your exhaust?
or did you do something scary

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i want to see their new mp3 players
sony is ninja at portable music junk

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neat, 5 shiftbrite chain w/ 5 ft cables is working fine

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thats pretty sexy for a useless res monitor
heh @ 'TV'

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