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hmm, yes
i needs the sleep

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i need my fucking dmm
i has it, bbl

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it shouldnt be broken if you program it at a lower speed

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soft porn?
DX^: is your think still working?
or maybe you dont know because you are in homework crisis
does it program tho?
theres a short?
oh stfu

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i have to get an old catalog with the older grad plans and see what classes are cool to finish my AA lib arts degree
also im taking math

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almost done rebuilding new turntable
the electromechanicals in these things are awesome
i cleaned up the start/stop button assembly its all proper clicky instead of this delayed greasy feeling
i have tomorrow off to go to school and handle some shit

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g is right next to h

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poly pours
route with shapes, if you dont know how, learn now

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ttmustang: you need to make the traces for the thermocouples waaaaaay bogger
yeh thats $20 worth of IC
your technology does not scale well
tho thats prob the best way to get really good cold junction comp accuracy
if you make the traces way fatter
and maybe put gnd on top
and connect both - pins on that connector to the IC
i would use polys and make them max big
in this case its not about resistance because theres no fucking currents, its just about keeping the temps in that area more consistent
seravitae: youre getting good readings from that setup?

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narror the search to sot-23-3 and sot-23
you just want a device like, Vin, Vout, Gnd
check accuracy percentage and temp drift
be amazed, buy
tho i mean if you have some 5% or better linear regulator on there now, a divider with a cap to ground at the aref pin will prob work ok
for testing now
you donjt!
dip40 single channel opamp ftw

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they put the laser trimed bias pieces inside the chip for you
also it prob includes a buffer amp and some temp compensation and current source circuitry and a whole bunch of shit youd need to build out od discrete shit to make a half decent vref
that didnt just scale your power supply ripply and noise
link to pdfs
its not like we remember every part in the world all at once
you dont really need an enable pin
you def dont need an nc pin
narrow the search to to-92 or sot-23

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also your opamp interoduces error
or the opamp gets expensive, or the circuit gets complex and prob needs to be trimmed
<3 1.024/2.048/4.096V refs

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you would just stick it on the adc ref pin
precision voltage refs are under $1
one that doeant fail in your application

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yes but itll have shit PSRR
like if you have ripple or noise on your supply rail, itll show up in your adc measurements
power supply rejection ratio
adc input is hiZ
just a vref is fine, an opamp might add more error
opamp is awesome for that stuff because its hiz
you can

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like trs to xlr, xlr and trs to rca
ha, i had to redo half because i explained the rane doc way of doing it wouldnt work well with certain setups we use
and that having unlabaled female xlr with sig- and shld tied was like, baaaad
short out low impedance output circuits

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i took the tonearm assembly apart (crazy shit, from the bottom, 1000 moving parts)
and fixed it, i need a tiny washer and loctite to do it right
also it needs new rca cables
someone put radioshack ones on
soldered them like a crackhead
oh, huh
CCFL_Man: theyre not horrible
but the ground shield and the signal conductor are almost shorted
its like worst soldering job ever
5x more solder there than their should be
+ heatstrink inside and over the metal plug
i made a bunch of cables like that at work, they seem indestructible
the slotted shield connector on them is a little loose
but you can bend in with your thumb and they work perfect
for ours?
we bought balanced cable
22awg i think
we made a bunch of funky adapter cables

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see it is intelligent
assuming shes cool, definitely
100mi aint shit
500mi is a bitch
`nico: i got another sl-1200
this one is like road warrior status
i thought i fucked up
because when i got it home i realized the tonearm assembly gyro was way loose
and the screws were kinda messed up

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70s japanese tonearm assembly = wtf elaborate
it was fucked up and loose but i fixed it
i need some loctite!

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