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those always break

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final scratch and serrato
thats all complicated
i need to get another turntable and a mixer
im going to convert them to all green
strobe is like red leds, speed buttons are amber, pitch is green
stylus lamp is supposed to be white
but its dead
they used an actual bulb for that, im like fuck that i hijack your switch
haha nice

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fuckhead friend showed up recently i should ask him
he was buying tons of records for years
you need a crazy analog lathe or some shit for that
i always figured it was more like an arm with a diamond on the end, moved by like a coil
like a speaker

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`nico: haha
`nico: do you buy records online?
all the shops i found are in the uk
stupid brits bogarting the dnb
we have a few
but yeh if i wanna get like specific shit and no one has it
the place really close got more expensive
i think some of the other ones closed down
oh huh
i should make a list
i dunno id have to look it up again
last track, <3

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the ultimate warrior > u

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wtf @ avr32
why would yu waste time on that instead of using an arm

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heheh #@ little sucker trailer boat
wonder what happens to your foot when it gets in the way
dyeh like a kite tail

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danielson: yes, go

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haha yeh wtf
he just got it all stuck in there, hi!

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kevtris: haha what
hahaha @ 936 w/ flames

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danielson: its kinda useful for removing some stuff
kinda useful for baking your soldermasks too

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oh its 5 wires
ti guess the spring is ground to keep it esd safe
oh trippy, spring slides out
and fiberglass shield slides off
and the rod had like 4 solder pads on the back
its just a spring to contact the iron
kevtris: do they sell the whole thing w/ the pcb?
or you have to solder the new ceramic piece on
so you solder the wires onto the pcb

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think so
blackmoon: its like a cermet rod w/ a pcb
no those are like better than carbon, worse than plastic
conductive plastic is supposed to be the best pot material
its prob durable and consistent
yeh itd just a ceramic rod

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everyone says that about metcal irons
that theyre like soldering euphoria
yeh i <3 my hakko
with the coily cleaner it doesnt cool down, the tips stay nice
kevtris: have you tried the digitasl hakkos?
936 i think
yeh, temp feedback would be neat tho
we have the weller stuff at work with the magnetic tips
so you have to change a tip out to change temp
these are old
yeh those
blue or like blue green
we have new ones
out shit is prob from 10 years ago
i found them in a box when i was cleaning out the lab

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blackmoon: hi
why does the hello kitty have a whip
that is a little cylinder

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`nico: where do you buy records from online?

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hmm you dont seem to have airgas on that side of the country
trying to remember the name of the two other welding supply places here
did you check there?
yes but i meant for the helmet
i need to go do those
its still just 8:40 here

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inittab wtf

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