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k bed time

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yay what
i had a book, i didnt get it\
was like, current flows thru the path of least resistance
but thats not so true
i new what the parts where\i just didnt know what they did together
hahaha what\

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macegr: eheheh @ permanent power save mode
that was so the most awesome denial of fail ever
permanent power save mode achieved
i dunno breaking my own shit can sometimes be cool
inittab: you had to be here for the timecop version
i like to call it breaking shit
his backlight turned on for about 2 sec then went out
and me and moon both guessed he burnt it out because it didnt have a series resistor on the board
but he was like, 'i thought it went into power save mode'
i dunno here it is i sorted all the stuff i found its not there

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it does when you short a rail
well thats neat
prob a brownout detector

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stk500 tells you when its shorted?
and yeh duh its a switch it shorts to ground
stk500 isp programmer is a dev board
everyone just uses it as like a utility dongle
do you have an stk500
or do you have an stk500 clone
okay yeh everyone has that it tells you when its shorted?
well damn ima have to short some shit
wtf @ pointed out
does your shit come with a fucking butler or what?

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you have a scope?

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debug your programming setup
do you have another avr setup you can try and program?
try and program that
do you have any spi devices running?
locked out, sucks
you sure you didnt touch the fuses?
it just doesnt show up in the programming dialog?

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did it ever program
did it get hot
okay so its alive and spinning you just cant program?

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there is one zener voltage thats like zero tempco
moon knows, i forgot
id guess 1.25 just because its use as a ref for fucking everything

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zeners are neat but theyre just useful for super non critical, buffered voltage refs
theyre not a voltage source
not alone, you plot zener performance vs even the simplest linear reg and its pwnt
i used them to drop voltage because i bought the wrong pfet
and my circuit would have blown the gate
so i dropped 6.6v across two zener in series with the gate
shit worked fine
still works fine
and like its been all rubbed into my carpet and stepped on
even buffered, theyre temp unstable, current unstable
so now you gotta current reg your vref or your psrr spec will be shit
and you just cant fix the temp issue, unless youre using it in a circuit thatll compensate temp the opposite way
i think if you pick a pass transistor really well maybe you could balance that out

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which spec
whats Vin * Iout
its the current thru the device and the voltage across it
absolute voltages dont mean anything
you guys are making that weird
anyway yes
the dropping of voltage in either regs is the same
look if the zener is more efficienbt, its prob about to drop out
zeners regs are horrible
its from before ICs
when parts were as big as grapefruit
i dont see why you have to build it
you just need a plot of Iz vs Vz
and fucking kirchoffs current law
as voltages references with hi-z loading
if youre on a budget
as the vref?
for the reg?
as voltage suppresion?
buy a tvs for that

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twingy: wtf are you trying to use a zener for?
they have the worst regulation curve ever
its a current shunt
a) its a shit regulator
b) theres not reason its more efficient than a good linear at rated load
c) at low current, theyre absolutely not efficient
ask him if hes joking
check it out, the more current you use, the less the zener gets
until it eventually drops out
the less current you use, the more current the zener uses
so if youre using NO current
the zener is pulling mad current
more than normal
like 0% efficient situations
and the zener voltage rises at lower currents
lower load currents, because more zener current

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thats what i would do at work
or just remove it

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according to that youll kill it
if it doesnt die youre lucky and you can never really trust it to operate to spec ever again
even tho it might
tho really i doubt theyd build 15V of headroom into a 74 series chip

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still cant find
yeh i suck i cant find all my own parts

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dunno where else it could be
i found those, wasnt there
kinda but like, i have a bunch of sealed static bags like that
hmm dunno where it id

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hella cheap, decent spec, just a fucking signal transistor

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twingy: fr what
and wtf
zeners are shit for regulation
or almost anything really
a zener and a pass transistor is at least sane
but thats a linear regulator, no feedback
a zener and an opamp and a pass transistor is even more sane
but now you basically have a typical linear regulator
when im all masturbating over chipamps in channel
wtf do you think im talking about?
theyre big application optimized opamps
kinda yeh
theyre like the 2n3904 of opamps
*3904 and *3906 are like common npn/pnp

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macegr: no

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my neck is meh

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reconing speakers is boring
seravitae: you need the temp at the cold junction (connector) to be the same as your sense IC
so ideally, beefy connectors that are slow to change temp (like IC plastic) right next to the IC pins

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at least they look like theyll route easy

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