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and blent them together
add salt and lemon or lime
like about 1:1 ratio on the peppers and tamatillos
shit tastes soooo awesome
it doesnt matter
its a texture thing, i dont think it affects the taste much
i always blend them with the skins
if you boil them good, the skins will just slide off tho
getting all elaborate
well like the salsa i make is like 3 ingredients
i dojnt even put onions or garlic in the green stuff\
the tamatillo and serrano flavor match perfectly, its awesome
inittab: did you take the seeds out of the serranos?
theyre still hot without them, but i can eat alot more before i have like a mouth crisis without the seeds

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you should make salsa verde
get tamatillos, peel the leafs off and washe them
boil them with serrano peppers until the skin on the tamatillos breaks open
then slice the peppers and scoop out the seeds
(more flavor, less heat)

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like, the tomato isnt the main flavor
it takes a long time to load
but thats like, everything last couple days

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all i make is salse verde now anyway
and all it is is tamatillos and serrano peppers with seasoning
fucker uses cillantro
limes are awesome, tho
fuck cillantro
he uses tomato paste?
oh crushed canned
just take tomatoes and boil them
you can peel them after but it doesnt matter at all
it tastes completely diff if you use fresh/uncooked tomatoes
the other ingredients have way more flavor, i think

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boil tomatoes, chop, add garlic, onions, cayenne peppers, season to taste
that stuff is lame

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dx^: stupid post office closed before i got there =(
ima drop your shit off in the morning
is all packed and in my bag tho
'salsa' can be almost anything
sometimes the tomatoes arent even cooked
i like it blended to even consistency
my guacamole too

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