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no its his but its more like he earned it than won it
he made everyone clicky for him
and talked them into letting him be a member even tho he isnt racing yet
still putting the car back together
haha, its not that kind of car
stock cars

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08:25 <+rizz> John Culbert will be receiving a firesuit and helmet as sponsorship from starving racer. Thanks for all your support, please try to vote every day!
we got tigeraid a firesuit and helmet with clickies!
he joined starving racer so we regged and been voting for him
hmm, not won so much

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oh i knew that part

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timecop: you didnt know that part?
wow im surprised
i didnt know she was ob/gyn, tho

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oh he got attacked
either that or they just wanted to butt rape the meek white guy with the stupid accent
because she used ext3

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omfg @ my isp connect
that shit is happening almost every week now

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well, thru hole parts at least
i think its in those but im not sure
anyway, i think we have rokit5 in the little lab where we do the firewire midifail stuff
i like the sound, the other tech on that project didnt think they sounded very good
but he likes the CV stuff
so maybe he needs more low and and high end distortion, iunno
*low end
rab: neat
i think i could have went to namm

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theres other issues with passive xovers
oh yeh definitely
i think the VXT have LM3886
parallel setup, should be good for 100W clean
rab: KRK is basically one guy who really gives a fuck
like, motorcycle riding, ex marine mofo, nice guy
like, were not coming out out pockets in profits but i dont think hed let the sales asses compromise his shit too much
no its larry
its all made in chinese factories
but its engineered here, for the most part
some of the amps are subcontracted, some are designed in house
rab: larry said that natsemi actually came out and advised him how to do the layout on the parallel amps
so i mean, as far as legendary chipamp biamps go, prob cant do much better

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rab: all the KRK ive heard sound pretty flat, kinda that unexciting studio sound
so yeh id totally get KRK over CV stuff
rab: i dunno the models, really
i think theres like 4 or 5, and they look pretty similar
anyway i can try and find out, if you want i can ask about discounts
i dunno im all for active xovers just on principal
theyre supposed to be good active shit
like, i heard a set in a foley studio and it sounded clean
like, before i even knew wtf KRK was
like, the build quality is def good
the design and finish on the KRK shit is alot sexier than the CV shit

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some of them, hes got like 5 or 6 diff series or powered speakers
fuck if i know i cant afford KRK shit
theyre not doing any dev work on them except for a 12" sub
and later some rockitone thin that has some dsp for some reason
no stanton group
stanton/krk/cerwin-vega are basically the same company
tho KRK is all larry
k, ty for gcam
were privately owned too, im pretty sure
too bad you dont run the world

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macegr: we found leds from like the 80s stuck into carboard at work
we lit it up, they were red
then we waited for something to happen, but nothing did, so we went back to work
they were in to-3 cases
i found out that a few years ago, the KRK guy was buying LM3886 int qty for around $1
he thought they were like $3 in qty 1, im like no man they are $6 =( =( =(

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twingy: the only probs ive had with projects in gcam is when its crashy
in general the gui has been pretty okay for a while as far as usability
yeh no rush
wtf is chitlins?
i bet its like menudo
it is like menudo
yeh because theres fucking poo in it
fuck menudo
twingy: nothing i can think of immediately
milling some more altoids tins
i was prob going to do a pcb, but i usually pcb-gcode that
thats less croutons for me
theyre all pretty good unless theyre plain
which is almost impossible to get
some brands of stuffing i guess
okay when you release ill check it out see what there is to update
macegr: h4xor

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twingy: i got it to do it but it fixed when i did top view
cant reproduce, shrug
it was zooming diff before so maybe old files fucked up my zoom/pan controls
ive never had those
i think they were on my plate at some psych hospital and i ignored them
yeh they do
its weird
twingy: yes last time worked fine
yeh still working
twingy: yes tho i havent done any real kind of project on it
the gui improvements are neat tho
twingy: it still has custom aperture issues?
grits is a prop from my cousin vinny

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when i eat a box of croutons its like 800-1200 calories or something
but i mean, its croutons
so obviously these are good calories
just finished trying again
yeh works fine now
maybe a bad compile w/ leftovers
sec i added an ngon and stuck it in a template and offset it...
still working
playing with perspective view
its rendering
possibly in perspective mode

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is compiling
shit i forgot to update
youre past rev 319?
just because youre paranoid, dont mean theyre not after you.
there, we can be done at lyrics now, because i just said the best one ever
im a blunt getting smoked and i cant wake up
twingy: thats the one i got, right before you said to svn update
fuckit ill do again
youre at rev 321, recompiling

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drag and drop working ok
when you rotate the work in the gui
it seems to be rotating around a point outside of field of view
danielson, if everyone spouted lyrics in the chan all the time wed be no better than animals
its rotating around something outside of the object
so it doest rotate as much as it like, moves it while turning it a bit
dont think i made clean this time

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well make like 20 crispy tacos with the lawrys chiken
and i will fuckin eat them all
i dont think so
twingy: rotational center seems borked
ngon worked, zoom in perspective mode seems locked funny

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k bbiab
depends on how you do the meat im guessing
ground beef tacos are pretty lame anyway
we usually do shreded chiken
cooked in lawrys fajita mix
then we do hardshell tacos
like, we actually fry the tacos, we dont get those fucked up tacos bell shells
yeh we do those when were lazy, heh
just toast a tortilla over the flame a bit
yeh i get pissed when they put to much crap in my tacos
if its under 50% meat im like fu tacoman

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i season the fuck outta my meat no matter what i do with it, tho, shrug
this blows i want to go back to work and fix test gear
boss agreed id prob be fine if i got locked in the building but said not to do it anyway
i can kick it around a bit'
im not gonna do any machine cycles tonight
helical really needs to be run to test right
or i have to like decode the gcode and think really hard
and id still want to test it

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i like canned soup and beans/chili
canned veggies are usually pretty gross
except like, water chestnuts and baby corn and shit
danielson: you cant convert just because theyre both R!
like once or twice
damn mofo
danielson: nm!
i thought you meant a diff C and you fucked that equation up anyway
dude they say you can use turkey on the box
you sound like my exgf
i dont remember what we did with it
but it didnt taste that diff

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i dont pay more than $10/mo combined, tho
damn thats like more awkward than mine
which i totally neglect now since i been working
sucks like, im doing at work what i should be doing at home
but now i totally dont want to because im doing it all day at work
heheh, i get to move into the lab im cleaning out and setting up
instead of a retarded cubical
i have to make sure people dont refuck the lab
did you get alot of box/frozen stuff?
i once did like $150 at once with no frozen or box meals i was like amazed by how much shit i got
i thought it was going to be like $50 more

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he looks like harvey keitel when hes young
not so strange
scared me as a kid ^
all i knew for sure was that wasnt rock n roll
also scary
you need hosting
still 3 sec left!
i pay for web and shell hosting =\

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i think my dad had traveling wilburys vinyl, too
haha like when it was new and i was a kid sticking random shit in the 8track slot
hahaha funny
dylan soundss better singing other lyrics
if you do ill listen to it but im pretty whatever about it
roy orbison freaks me out, too

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we had a 6th grade teacher who taugh a music history class
like 2/3 of it was modern, he covered them haha
i miss mr inoue =(
he used to lecture me in front of the whole class about how i was smart but a lazy bastard

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bit to folky
lynard skynard > ccr, as far as bajou rock
do you like the mamas and the papas and bob dylan too?
heh, i like bob dylan i just dont like most of his music
yeh its good music im just not super into it
i dont like alot of bob marley either for the same reason
its like, sitting at a campfire with an acoustic guitar stuff
yeh, good song im just not super into the music
dunno, its good music
bob actually has a few awesome songs, iconic indeed
but yeah most of his shit is a bit to slow, strummish for me
haha wat
which super group?
thats right
ive maybe heard it, i prob wouldnt remember it

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not so much
she doesnt keep contact and hasnt been there since the late 80s
like she knows some names
my dad maybe has some family tree info but i dont think we have that stuff anymore

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'i was going to pay it' was his justification
my bro and sister see him sometimes, but they enjoy it less and less each time
hes likely wacked out on antidepressants
like, when they went to eat with him
they asked if i was coming and they said they asked me but i said no (them asking was kinda a formality they knew id say no)
they said he acted like it didnt matter that they came to see him, because i didnt show up
like, he already has their sympathy so like it doesnt matter to him anymore, sucks. hes a fucking prick
oh, *he asked if i was coming
id say i prob wouldnt know it if he died but his rock head used car salesman friend would prob call us to say what horrible children we are
but yeh, ive never been to pittsburg to meet any of my family on his side, and hes not really welcome there anymore so i wouldnt even know where to find them

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i dont think she cared so much
heh shes had a gov job for like 20 years, too
for sure
yes everyone says its drama
sucks i wont talk to my dad i want to know where my family on his side comes from
i know theres romanian and polish for sure, i think russian and czeck too
heh, on my moms side, my ancestors were either being chased by canibals, or they were eating people
on my dads side, we were terrorized by vampires
omfg yes
last real thing between us was like, him getting a burnout cellphone in my name
with my personal info

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LF411ACN = overpriced opamp w/ pretty decent specs (for audio)
also the bot
shell hosting
really truly?
as long as i dont have to steal it from you
aw damn
oh no shit?
i didnt know
my mom got naturalized last year, heheh
like almost 50 year legal alien
haha, nice location

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i wonder if lf411 is gone for good
host company sent me a letter like, weh were shutting down hoped you liked the 6mo of unbilled service
*we are
*yeh were

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i didnt even start until 2.4

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omfg theres some old cerwin vega shit lying around
raytheon DIP8 that look like two blocks of IC plastic with an epoxy and pins sandwiched in between
tons of old RCA semiconductors
blackmoon: basically anything is CNC'able
the original axis gui dev used an etch a sketch
you just have to fab the mounts for the motors
you can obviously do alot more but you can get away with just stepper/servo mounts

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so you need a soldering iron and tweezers?

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