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kinda neat to be in the back at a big show
march of pigs?
yeh but everything is echoing and everyone is singing im like wat
ima go make bacon fried rice or something

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i barely remember seeing NIN
was super good, he seemed tired tho (last show of tour)
ihmm, damn maybe roger waters
or some dnb set

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like from the crowd like 500ft back it has decent res
i dont get it
i cant find vid of the whole thing because theyre always focused on the fucking band

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it can a bit if the amp has really low response
i think so
i dont like daft punk so much
its just druggee music!
drum n bass was like, 45 min in a tent at coachella =(
thats neat
thats not what they had when i saw them
massive attack has more awesome leds
they were like writing shit
this was year ago!
nin is leds?
i thought it was a giant projector
and you dont see the whole thing
it was as wide as the stage

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maybe i should get a truck
they suck to drive tho
ive driven trucks
yeh those suck at being trucks usually
i dont want an suv thing
see i would get a little jeep
macegr_: do you just rectify above dc for your vu thing?

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i dont like them a ton but they had an awesome vid/laser show at coachella
you are down with muslims or something?
hmm, neat i guess
i think after getting a new old car im going to get turntables
i might get a miata so i dont think i can even fit on in the trunk
er, one

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smith chart is like the electronics version of the mayan calander
are you eating everyday yet?
slow as fuck
you cant buy electrons at digikey so fuckem
his shit is pretty really ok

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like, the way im doing it now uses resistors to bias each input
not really
you need it to sink and source
no it just doesnt really work
how do you put two diodes across vcc without killing them
a resistor, or a pair of resistors
like, depending weather youre sinking or sourcing, youre loading shit uneven, so your ground ref wobbles
so who knows
you shit oscillates and a city blows up
mother crying in the street, dead babies
yeh analog electronics is srs business
digital is just mad redundant analog
its always analog
rf is the inverse of analog

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damn did i mention i hate half supply bias circuits
shit to make opamps work on a single supply
well, with an AC signal
i was going to use reg opamps and prob ti vrefs
how much current?
yeh that works for alot of stuff
are they thermal; protected?
yeh i should look at those
no an opamp and a vref
resistor divider works
you need alot of resistors
and alot of caps
to do it without a half supply virtual ground

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im hungry
oh neat i found a breadboard

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like there was baggies of ne5532 at work
crazy mil ceramic shit
that you prob even get datasheets for!
i have a bunch of amps i keep forgetting to take home
they were sledge hammering them
we sold the audio business i guess
i saved like 4 because i want the heatsink chassis
the old shit?
the db thing
apache in windows is stupid easy

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so like we can have a lab that doesnt suck
first have to course organize my shit
like, make an ic pile, passives pile, connectors pile, wires pile, cables pile, etc etc etc
shit do i need a web server and php for your thing?
i guess i could just run something local on the lab machines
prob be local because who knows wtf is up with our networking gear
we have so much old junk
fuck that some dip shit is awesome

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i should prob breadboard anyway
yes, level metering
with rgb leds
need to finish this part
and clean my desk
this shit is like laundry
it never goes away
are you using the timing diagram?
you need timing diagram, and timing data
and thats it
if you give me a nice cam i will take a pic of my room
im organize all my shit
im all like, i wanna go to work and organize all the junk
but then im like wait i can do that here
lab was basically labs from 3 companys dumped into one area
well, two rooms
and there was two techs, then one tech in the electronics labs
theyre gone now
so now is my job to clean the shit up and setup lab stations and organize all the parts

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damn i cant find perfboard
im have to bust out the mfkin breadboards
i guess
kinda seems like a waste of double sided plates
oh haha hax
.062 works out to under .05 ring on the pin pad with like .035 holes
kinda sucks
maybe not so bad w/ square pads tho
oh, i would guess 5
drilling is the bigger issue
yeh but its 9p dude
they can during the day
for me
well, yes and no
in the stk500
im doing opamp shit

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also ?

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hes a spook
ok not rly
heh, capacitive soldering

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well, alot of them do
but theyre to expensive for you!
the cheap ones send it to china anyway
fuck them
twingy: neat
im pretty sure theyve mentioned thinner fr4

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danielson: like, everyone in here has used them
click technics
danielson: they work weekends
they have an msn and they respond
they have pretty decent customer service
its been like that a long time
i always thought that was weird
damn you havent checked in forever
wyhite and matt might be new for mask
danielson: they sometimes will jackup your silk
but if you tell them to stop they will
no thats something else
i wonder what matte is like
why the fuck is he resistaing
you think american companies do it better?

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you can use the usart in some of the avr as a spi device
prob like no stop bits no parity or something
china pcb = <3
ive gotten a board i think like 6x10"
with tons of drills
dude if you can spend like $60 on pcbs, then perfboard it

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yes you do
the thermocouple IC is an adc
its an amp and some compensation circuitry and an adc and an spi unit
im going to buy a miata
the peripheral device datasheet

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you should get a bunch of those 1 to 1 header jumpers from sparkfun
also double socket the chips
else youll tear up pins trying to get them out
yeh i have like 4 or 5 bags

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wtf is the ds
make sure its in master mode
then yeh, turn it on
why not
are you doing this in c?

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oh neat
like i do everything else on avr
wow really ttmustang?
theres three regs
data control and status

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i hope it has some way to grip it on the other side

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yeh avr adc youd have like maybe 2 or 3 C error before noise
and you can filter and average it
do you know what those stand for?
oh, those numbers are with 2.048vref and 400F max temp

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i made a little board for the chip, just soice pads and a place to solder wires and a dc cap
oh right
damn so hes good with 5v
thats why you write shit out
and go, oh duh
i need t rebuild my digivap
oh wtf
corn fool
its not even a mini barnfire its like a mini barn heat weapon
that would be a fucked up weapon
just make the whole local area like 250F
no thats like 1500F
and you would die pretty quick
itd be like boiling
as opposed to burning
thats what your thing does?
you burn the corn
i guess
the cobs
hehe yeah its not for making popcorn
oh what

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so like, its you max value error from ideal max, minus offset error
so you add gain error and offset error and absolute error, and you get like 6 values off
so like, max hes off a few C
its temp so like you can filter low
i think kev suggested like 5Hz, i was trying shit from 1Hz to 10Hz with good results
and i had INSANE 60Hz because my dumbass looped around a coiled element
insted of like, curling around it with both leads
its 2lsb at max scxale
well, im assuming ad579
10mV/C is pretty coarse
whats he sensing to?
could divbide in half and get up to 1000F with 5V vref

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damn at 100M input resistance
blackmoon: whats gain error in an adc?
wtf gain of what
maxim knows
so gain error scales with your absolute value
The gain error of an ADC or DAC indicates how well the slope of an actual transfer function matches the slope of the ideal transfer function. Gain error is usually expressed in LSB or as a percent of full-scale range (%FSR), and it can be calibrated out with hardware or in software. Gain error is the full-scale error minus the offset error.

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wait no moonshine was someone else
blackmoon: like, kevtris was making a precision cryogenic thing, ttmustang is making a mini barnfire

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its ridiculous easy with ad597
like 10mA/C
built in adc is fine

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you can run them almost no external parts
supply decoupling and probably an RC filter on the output to your adc
the other issue with your thing is there may not be a way to filter the analog output of your intermediate device
like, the analog junk before the digital converter and spi circuits
i dunno its simple both ways
and you can only software filter your way
my way you can soft filter, but you can hard filter too, and maybe you dont have to soft filter
so my way could possibly be easier to code
setting up the adc isnt any harder then setting up a timer
in your main loop code, you basically just read from adc register and restart an adc conversion
if its in free running mode and your main loop takes long enough (another reason why i run in timered interrupts) you can just read from the adc reg without restarting
yeh i think i remember you doing that stuff

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but it works
its not like youre doing ultra precision work
i was using it for temp sensing like 300F-500F, the avr output on the 7seg displays was basically identical to what my DMM read
well, good thing to learn adc too
as well as RC LPF
also this thing is for production, no?
$12 is an expensive chip
also maxim products are known for going obsolete and fucking companies
The AD596/AD597 compensates for the cold
junction temperature and amplifies the thermocouple signal to
produce a high level 10mV/°C voltage output which is a func-
tion only of the temperature being measured.

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you have a buffer amp, right?
youre just putting the thermocouple on the adc?
yes i can read
jezus fuck
you paid $14 for that?
i didnt i just checked the maxim page
ad597 is like <$5
which i would normally call an expensive chip
but considering what youre using
why do you need a good adc
avr is 10b
its not the greatest

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is your powered bike from the 70s?
i figured but i was genuinely curious
like sometimes there ancient bikes left out in apartments, their stainless steel all rusting
i always pictures it like that
yeh i know!
but the handle bars will be stainless with like, little rusty spots
not rusted thru but like rust dots on the finish
fuck i gotta get rdy for work bye

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