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wtf snow people

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like if it overflows, itll just wait until it ends before handling the interrupt again
but i mean, if its time critical, you want the tasks to fit in your sys timer int
bath in its parts
do you want to get rid of it?
do you want to change the battery?
take it to the electronics recycler?
danielson: stick it somewhere until i eventually throw it away
maybe use it for some parts
try and recharge the batteries because SLAs are expensive

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you also have a counter running you can check after tasks, can run diff tasks depengin how much time left in your main loop
if i have multiple int handlers, i do them in order
thats another form of task andling
it wont interrupt vectored code
unless you renable ints (sei) or ret
so you can have consistent time length code in your timered loop
and then have time left over to handle interrupt that have happened during the timered loop
you can do nested ints
you usually have to push regs and do other shit and disable ints selectively for that to work
you can enable status bits without some of that stuff
it can be a mess tho
and its really easy to fuckup, stack overflow retardation

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danielson: okay but upon research, your mutex problem seems solvable by setting a bit in a status register
and checking that bit before accessing that resource
easy way is to use a timer mainloop, and then have a mainloop counter
so you can use the counter number to test for different tasks

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those prob dont even have controllers
advanced amoebatek
screen goes blank
thinking thinking
lcd comes back
is it doing mad subtracts or what?
anyway what does those rtos do anyway?
on a timed interval?
and you do what, code c functions for them?
use some made up script launguage?

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i just do it, i dont think of a fucking name for it and write a chapter about it
yeh you have to go thru some bullshit not to clobber stuff with nested interrupts
have to make sure you disable during time critical shit and certain register operations
core eat what the pc says to
pc like pc, not pc
but yeh shared sram is how my program gets data from one block of code to another
'realtime os' usually isnt very complex
yes thats what i was saying i can do
that kind of shit is just how you handle bunch of tasks on an avr
or any small micro

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it depends
ive done it in mainloop, just because nothing else was happening there
see yeh like what needs to be shared is shared and what isnt gets its own resources allocated
yeh youre higher level constructs are confusing to me

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um how is that strange
i do all my code in a timed interrupt
so you have a time base to handle tasks
and like if youre doing anything time based, it makes it way easier
um, rtos is just how you do microcontrollers
wtf =(
no but basic task handlers is
heh most of my code is messy spanning multiple files
blackmoon: no but something that runs them at intervals or can put them off is
every call/jump is basically pointers to functions?
so throw some branches before it!

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twingy: its not breaking
but i dunno how to drop shit into templates
any template
i guess a new template
i think that worked
i dunno because its just more standard to do layers at a time
you dont mainloop code either
blackmoon: systick > *

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ngon still segfaulting
blackmoon: fuckin weird

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inittab: yes that
twingy: k grabbing
twingy: should i wait?
unless youre ninja

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haha, i should use my other usb>rs232 dongle on the stk500 spare rs232
ngon or tree view sortingor wat
okay ill try it out in a bit
then i gotta practice for race tonight
(laguna seca, home track wooooo)

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wow google maps fails so hard at canyon roads

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eggsalad: where should i go?
to the beach?
k ty

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im in ur tree view, segfaulting your appz
begin and end are ok
everything drags around ok, both segfaults were pretty random, could not reproduce
id it the minor or major radius on the ngon?

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rab: happy bday
ok no rush i want to go someplace
not sure where
the place i really want to go is to hardcore, it killed someone elses honda
whats that fix?
neat new stuff

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fuck i forgot my school id
oh i guess not

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you just threw it away?!
like non functional damaged?
i had to do body work with a ball peen hammer on our logic analyzer

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man when lion is doing his courage dialogue i wanna slap him

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twingy: release yet?

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the lunatic is on the grass happens and she finds the tin man stuck on some grass by the yellow brick road
heh, i love this song
was maybe your lcd lib
damn its sunday alredy
like i got a bunch done but not nearly enough

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i think that midget had a trihawk

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so what like the good which is her payoff or what?
hahaha okay no
this time the music works
the porn bass is for the good witch
and the midgets
ha all the midgets all starts cheering when the band starts jamming for the solo on money

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see yeh
tornado shows up
and time is still going
haha, the part of time where hes all chill by the fire and happy about life
vocalist chick solo
right when the tornado gets her

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yeh see stuff is happening in the music, nothing happens in the movie
i think it would work better w/o the wizard audio
i could make the argument that time works perfectly with the domestic bullshit scene before the tornado
but not the music, not even really the lyrics, just kinda the general drolling on part of the lyrics
lyrics cut in and they leave on their trip
so far only thing really notable

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wait liza minelli
okay so check this out
my friend got dark side of the moon
he returned the cd because he said it didnt start for like 2 minutes
heartbeat i think
theres stuff there tho
its funny because hes a musician, became a huge floyd fan
in the first minute that leads into the music

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previously of electronics workbench
its got a very nice, super intuitive ui
its biggest flaw is multisim for capture
has a pretty good 3d engine
i bet multisim does
i hate app, 2much1app
its fun but itll get slow when designs get big, fuckup and crash
i just saw it, just woke up
mplayer doesnt like it
maybe needs stream id shit
vlc plays it tho

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wow timecop is switching to orcad?
the ui is worse unless theyve improved it 1000%
orcad backend is pretty badass, do anything with it
are you sure that wasnt xp?
tho thats a dumb question because its prob all ultra custom barely windows ui, in the style of cad

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