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some adc noise
the code has adjustable limits
so like if your limit is very narrow, you only have so many current levels, you can kinda see it
im just fading them on and off, tho
kk, nite
ill try desoldering one, maybe it doesnt go horrible

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oh thats timing with a reconfig of the whole string before new color
for tesla immunity
how is it with like 9V?
that wont help
its a pretty consistent load
even if its just 5v?
heh, 135us after the fixed point divide for the fade

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that might suck
i said, for friend girls art show
she does like, animal plant tubes things
with class beads inside
yeh i have it on stk500 now
well yeh
i know its coming out in pieces =(
i could flood them and just pull out quick
i have 5 unwrapped, why im asking
oh this is like months away
macegr: how fast was your avr shiftbrite codes
i did maths on 100Hz refresh, i think i can drive like 60+ or something ridiculous
i was like damn shiftbrites are neat
it has been a hate session in here lately

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macegr: oh neat
i think those will work best
cuz her stuff is like, tubes
how much current?
that might not work
fuckit i can tell her 4aa works well and is cheap and available
shed be into that
and a shiftbrite fits on top really well
macegr: can i trade some of my shiftbrites for ones without headers?

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yes one each
those are huge!
wait check these out
theyre so close to perfect they might be fail
some shit like that
okay yeh
i think im going to end up using like 4AA
or AAA if i save length
boss like awesome or like boss pedals
for what batteries?
9V battery
wait is their vid of it dropping?
i checked in the morning but you were prob crashed out
okay so my avr shiftbrite code is like 130us for 5 shiftbrites
with config words loaded first, every cycle
and its not totally inline theres loops and shit for each shiftbrites
is that good or you have done way better or what?
ok, link?

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50mA battery, decent lifespan, really small
macegr: neat
macegr: friend girl wants me to do leds for her art show thing
so i said, i can do like colors and throbbing and shit based on temp or whatever
ha, no prob not
macegr: what kind of batteries do you think would work good for shiftbrites?
they cant be massive they have to fit inside some ceramic animal plant tube things
omfg big ones
recharch doesnt matter so much

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microcontrollers are fun

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ha, sry

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and id have to test how the ports pulldown and blowout, if the input registers still function
anyway, regardless of if its useful
thats how it works
pin register returns the pin state, writing to it toggles the port bit
reading from the port reg is prob a better way to do code based on your set output state
it just gives you what you put there
its just a register holding your port setup, along with ddr
pin isnt, you dont get what you write back from it, it just flips bits in the port register
ok i have to go get tires bye

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portb sets your input mode if ddr=0
thats fine
i dunno why he wants to do it but it works
well thats like actual output state
as opposed to what you set it
then something is fucked up
you could maybe check with the pin reg
shit breaks

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kevtris: heh, shitty
are you allergic to light?
writing to pin register toggles output
we have questioned the actual usability of this
tho i mean maybe something repetitive it works out who knows
wtf yes
also its in the datasheet mofo
no its literal
reading pin reg always gives you output state
configured as input or output
wow are you kidding?

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ha you stole his nick?
yeh rly
yeh thats too confusing

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it prob depends on the winding
how many motors do you have?
make on a guinea pig and try that with full wave

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oh theres three diodes not 4

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ttmustang: the hump is maybe the emf from the motor keeping the scr from shutting off all the way until the voltage on the other side swings up
isnt there a cap in series or something?
your wave has no markings for time or amplitude and i dont know what that circuit looks like =(

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i thought it was bridge rectified insanity
prob like _|-\_|-\
theres not so much voltage potential at the begining and the end
like, the ramp and fall
so mainly youd change duty around the middle to get significant difference in power over the cycle

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you deaded the hdd?
um, editing schematics and getting tires for failhonda?
the scr
what about it
its not even putting out 90V?
its like 8.3ms for 120Hz
so yeh kinda?

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heh @ lead caskets

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