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i think there is something wrong with my stk500
i have target power jumper open
and isp cable disconnected
and it still has power
it says it programmed ok but its not ok
so this sucks how can the code verify and it works in sim but not on the board
the led def works when i put that pin to grounf it lights up
and the fucking thing lit it up like 20min ago

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this is lame, chip isnt doing anything again

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yeh i can get code on it now and i know the stk500 isnt fucked up

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w t f
it works
i flipped my led
it wont load the debuging code into flash automatically now

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erasing seems to work ok
it just gets stuck at 'getting isp parameters'
oh trip out it might be programming from hex file fine

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k i give up
they both came out of the same pile
i want my shit to work

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gee thanks thats alot of help
its prob crossover, i usually go as high as doesnt sound boomy or distorted
that smurfette has a nice ass

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this sucks
not on this pc no =(
maybe on the cnc pc
what amp what frequency what
the crossover?

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im trying to remember if i got it working
or i just bought a usb one
i think it worked on my thinkpad tho

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i have two usb to serial dongles
turns out they both use the same driver
like, everything on the stk500 seems to work except actually programming the chip
check fuses and clocks and sockets and all that shit
device is reporting signature correct so isp and clock have to be working
STK500: : Auto Failed!
heh k thats kinda funny

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STK500: : Flash Programming Failed!
oh yeh that merry xmas

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this sucks i dunno if my stk500 is fucked or im doing something retarded
i can read the device signature and erasing and fusing seems to work fine
usually if i can do that everything works

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also my friend said current hair status = friar tuck

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hawt, my usb>rs232 dongle is working
also my stk500 seems unfried
stupid dragon
hey has anyone played stalker?
because my pc is pretty ok i can play that now
they have star wars in ohio?
i wanna check this shit is running at 20MHz
sparkfun 1p header cables #1

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how do you deal with the huge difference in run time
i thought it was way longer
i want
omfg just play it on your computer
`nico: k ty
i cant listen to darkside anymore
its really good i just like meddle and wish you were here alot more

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chinapcb sent me it now

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blackmoon: wahappen
that sucks
inittab: =\
my cat was eating my real of .1uf 0805 =(
now hes pawing at little sections of heat shrink

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also i mailed boss guy that my contract is up next week
he said we could work out the logistics next week but they definitely want to keep me
the frame isnt supposed to
and you bolt that shit into something heavy as fuck
yes kinda
im reconing insano speakers at work
what kinda of box do you have?
ha, h4x

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