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because wtf do slaves know about anything
ya rly dont give the slave weapons
you already gave her all your shit =(
yeh i seen that logo
anyway bye

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their normal shipping is pretty quick
dhl i think
last time at least
haha wtf is a puralator
thats sounds like an 80s arcade game villain
jezus fuck is it really a filter company?
because thats what i thought a long time ago
anyway i gotta go sleep

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just send them files and ask for quote
and bother the dude on msn if they dont respond within an hour or so
meh i think i should go to sleep
stupid job
fucking money
thats called sleep
msn dude responds quick
they work all weekend
just send the the pcb files and get a quote
you can always change it and requote
they dont charge you to tell you how much

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* It is possible to get Jericho then Clover and Dogmeat then kill Dogmeat and hire Charon giving you three humanoid followers.
damn so i basically caught the bug that makes my party totally fucking badass
charon + power armor girl was pretty awesome
charon had outcast armor
went well with his personality

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star cross paladin is pretty cool
tho after some point in the game she wouldnt join me because of charon
tho before raven rock, she was fine kickin it with charon
he must have said something mean to her or something
i has charon, dogmeat, and star paladin cross
i think theyre all optional
maybe it was a bug
my karma was like jezusgirl status, tho
It is possible to exploit a bug in the game by having a player with good Karma acquire Charon as a follower, then advance in the Main Quest to the point where Star Paladin Cross offers to join you. Furthermore, this exploit is somewhat of a game-breaker, since for all but the hardest enemies the player can simply sit back and allow his companions to do all of the fighting, provided they are well-supplied with Stimpaks.

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get the dog and charon
an that power armor chick
better than some fucked up slave mule
evil is so easy
she prob got killed on the way back home
remember i said dont mule some weak bitch thats gonna die?
being stuck in the wastes with a corpse with all your shit while youre almost overencumbered is a bitch
how do you know
shes a slave maybe someone else pwns her now
anyway i thought that part of the game was totally fucked
i thought they got blowd up at raven rock
no, they just magically appear when they came from
alot of little shit like that killed it
charon is a badass

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mmm gokarts
yeh you can get them all back
that shit was weird
wtf knifes
just cap em in the eyes
not like theres an ammo shortage
always got boring
i always found them lying around
wtf slaves

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its a throw away car
its already gone past whats expected
i paid $1700 id would have been happy with 1700mi
its gone like 2500mi
im worried about breaking my fucking tool and myself in the process
shit could totally fail i could prob still sell it for $1000 i got my moneys worth
old cars die
people pay that shit
i dunno why
everything dropped

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that sucks
blackmoon: i know my 3/8" isnt that hardcore
it feels like im going to break it
and my impact thing is 1/2"
i have that, its not budging it
ok i dont have that
if it strips im fucked
i might by an adapter i already have a breaker bar
impact wrench
okay drilling the drain plug of a trasmissions sounds like fail
yeh rly
its not like i have put fluid in it
i dont have transmission issues

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they do throttle by wire
ive never seen steering or brakes on anything but non production focused concepts
they had one with a control stick
forward and back was accel and brakes
fucked up
when i get a car the first thing i do is flush out the brake system
usually dump a full bottle thru the system
fuck that
ive dont everything except the auto trans fluid
because the drain bolt is a bitch
i need some pb blaster
ABS is a form of it
mine does it sucks
its like a 3/8" square socket

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like you have brakes they just totally suck
same as vacuum system
well, if youre used to the regen system, it sure wouldnt feel like nothing
okay thats what i meant
like total failure
im pretty sure any brake by wire would be added onto the manual system
like, for now at least
give it 10 or 20 years and they maybe go full drive by wire
the geniuses prob have an electronic controller backed up by an electronic controller =(

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prob you lose braking force
so you brake harder
and know to get your shit fixed
stfu we dont run full drive by wire
theyd never let cars in the next couple decades sell without a hydraulic backup system
my guess would be parallel systems
so when the regen braking fails you have to get harder into the brakes
and you know you have to fix your shit
it just seems like a car company thing to do
so normally you barely use the brakes
because the regen system knows youre braking and assists
kinda like how vacuum assist works now
like, your brakes will work if your vacuum system eats it
theyll just suck
i bet its the same type of failure
like when your vacuum system fails

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you can maybe obliterate it totally
but you cant occupy that shit and try and hold it
yes i know about the stinger missiles
and the hinds
because of the tanks
because of the canyons
its because our mil is setup for this all out war in western europe thats never gonna happen
desert mountains destroys our shit
bush only has one month to invade russia in the winter
thats the only way he can possibly be more fail
yeh those hinds prob wouldnt have lasted forever
they may have just ended up prolonging the bleeding of russia
like, there was major social issues because of that war
my russian friends said that soldiers came back hooked on weed and heroin
their communist society hadnt ever been exposed to that type of situation
im pretty sure we brought all the drugs to nam
like, ussr didnt have shit except vodka
according to my friendm in old russia kids could just walk the streets
because shit like pedofiles just didnt exist
society wouldnt stand for that kind of deviation
with the loss of personal freedoms came security

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and lately, its pretty evident that in the end, power on that scale is uncontrollable
yeh you guys have a credible government
because your mil isnt that powerful
its adequate for self defence
our shit can prob take out continents if just unleashed
like, our shit isnt really made for urban bullshit or hunting terrorists
its for like, all out unlimitted warfare
yeh dude afghanistan destroys nations
ussr fell because it decided it wanted to take afghanistan
it had other major problems but that was the nails in the coffin
no its not the same
vietnam was bad but not like afghanistan
it wouldnt matter
you cant take that shit

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naw they prob contact the mil
and mil tells them it wasnt anything
thats usually how that shit goes down when it gets public
the mil just denies shit
and wtf you gonna do its the fucking mil
they dont flip chain of command every 4-8 years
president doesnt have anything close to highest levels of clearance
the ones who want it, they dont want to give it to them
supposedly they kept alot of shit from carter
because they were sure hed go public
he prob would have too
because we vote for the president and the congress
so supposedly its like our decision to go to war
tho yeh shit is all fucked up and abused
they have limited power
no im not saying in place of it
im saying they can do what they want
but in the end, the mil has final say
the mil just wants to have wars
were only a democracy on the outside

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like, that one is actually practical
fuck the anime this is about tek
haha @ pdiddy doing kasmir
that could be current black projects
or the most secret
mechs are easy to hide
really easy
like, stupid easy
hiding mach 3 spy planes is kind of a chore
anyway, engineers our age will be running shit in 20 years
and there will be mechs, secret or not
i doubt they do
they prob know enough to stay away from commercial shit
pacific testing
aurora project was prob sited over LA all the time because they were heading out to sea

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macross is usually 20min of awesome and 90min of wtf are you guys gonna fuck, or what
get back in the robot already
the girl pilots were usually the best ones
do you remember gunbuster?
see that had a better robot to drama ratio than macross
old shit i saw it when i was like 13
awesome control pods for the mech
semi-practical and shit
like they were supported in the pod so they could move their limbs freely
and the 3d status views looked almost usable
ghost in the shell was amazing when it was released
hmm looks like theyve done sequels
thats their standard shit
the girl eventually pilots the biomech thing
and its this awesome fully floating harness
with full motion
in like an lcd sphere

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i somehow love that shit and hate it, furiously
id think youd dig it, prob still all sorts of dnb in anime
prob more than you realize =)
its mostly mech shit i heard it in
i cant stand it when the anime gets all emo melodic
like that whole part of macross with the girl singing was embarassing
yeh totally

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yeh i prob will
i prob can
not free but maybe cheap
our warehouse isnt retail shit its like engineering samples and returns
so getting shit takes forever, cuz corp is in florida
but yeh its fucked up how many dnb tracks i like, i dunno wtf theyre called or who is responsible
kk nite
oh no

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torpedo is stuck in my head forever
oh neat
i should get a turntable and start collecting dnb
i should get some 1200s, just because i work at stanton
i still have a set you did somewhere, im pretty sure
i have no collection
my friend is all poor right now
i might start liberating his collection
he has a pair of 1200s, sometimes i ask him how much just to see that super conflicted look in his eyes

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wtf at time warner failing
06:25 <@BlackMoon> i'll hand him my zippo thats been working for 5+ years
thats shit might as well be a genie shit
dammit, some genie lamp shit
did my bot just evade
i think my bot just evaded
thats so fucking cool
i wonder if he picked LF429 by himself
the fuel doesnt freeze?
lf411acn: BAD BOT
06:36 -!- 2 - #projects: ban *!*autojak@*.high.voltage.co.il [by renesis, 4598 secs ago]

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you can set them on normal high setting and jame the valve open
and eventually they melt the valve and turn into little rockets
sometimes they just pop or melt thru the side =(
you gotta slam a bic hard to break it like that
usually gotta run it over or some shit
if aliens come
and ask me what mans highest achievement is
im going to hand him my bic lighter

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you just ratchet them with the shield off
you do it enough and they dont atomize right
itll spray out bigass flaming drops
naw at those settings its atomize
naw you didnt do it enough
yeh if you go more they spittle
jet + tiny fireballs
that arc onto your hand and arm and shit
theyll totally melt their valve assembly tho
they will
yeh if you keep doing it when its low
itll heat the valve
and itll get loose in its plastic
and it gets inconsistent
do it even more and it just comes apart
and you get like a quarter second puff
*usually* blows out the flame
if not you just get a tiny mushroom

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its prob safer than sucking butane actually
i usually just spark it and let the weed light the weed
next time i hook ima try and just vap
i need to rebuild the digi vap reg
ive never ever melted a bic
slacker_: h4x
im going to try that
nevermind that pushing the valve up while you push down on it seems like a frustrating process at best
blackmoon: have you vaped yet?
with a vap bros style tool?
its basically what youre describing
but if you do it right, the weed doesnt even char
it ends up greenish brown
the first time i took hits from a vap bros
it was shit mex brick
and it was one of the cleanest highs i had ever experiences
totally heady
no body thrashiness
was like anti-mex
weird experience
they melt

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refilling lighters?
or whatever?
you chill the lighter
and warm up the tank in your hand
same shit
not really
old bics
back when they were adjustable too
some had little fill valves on the bottom
it was like a pinhole tho
not here =(
maybe cali bant adjustable bics
they had this metal cog
was awesome
oh shit
they still do
slacker_: im pretty sure theres a bearing valve in there
its just needs a fucked up tiny fill nozzle
yeh totally
bics are a fucking wonder of engineering
the alternate lighter style dont even come close
you cant bong or pipe off a zippo
dude stop pls
thats horrible
blunts and joints ok
but direct to your lungs is just bad
yeh man thats like doing nuclear experiements with screwdrivers
slacker_: his method works its just nuts

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when i was working at the paintball field, it was still all co2
and they were just starting to use compressed air setups
scarier shit, was higher pressures
wed fill them cold, sometimes on hot days they would blow their pressure caps
`nico: yeh i think that was pretty common
its how they make their money
gas an paint
they makrup the paint like 2x or 3x retail at the fields
they dont care if you bring your own tho as long as its not red
i did that with butane
i thought my shit was burning
them im like OH WTF FROSTBITE?
kid from the valley dunno wtf frostbite is
cold is hot, who knew
blackmoon: exactly
because people run around on hills like no one hikes
so people get hurt
hehe, i loved it
because i used to sprint around on sandstone rocks when i hiked as a kid
hella fucking dangerous tho

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but if the valve has shit it in it it can fuckup your regs or torches or whatevers
so you crack them to blow anything out, before attaching shit
also high pressure tanks you have to backseat
or theyll leak before the reg
yeh you open them all the way up, until it stops
else they will leak a tiny bit around the valve
like when you have your regs and gear attached
like, if youre just using it for a couple minutes it doesnt matter
but if you have the sit on all day, like if you have the totch valves closed
itll drain thru the cylinder valve
sucks if you really need to o2 to like, work, and shit
yeh its prob not a super big deal
its like if you have the tank open all day or for hours and hours and shit
so like when you have the torch valves closed its not leaking for no reason
hahaha cool
thats your argon?
like 2000psi working pressure i think
i think co2 is still high pressure tanks tho
or actually maybe not im thinking compressed air

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theyre just not as overkill
they prob thread into that, it looked about the right size
thats why i knew it wasnt the same
the cylinders for welding are fucking huge on top
thats one of the reasons i wasnt so afraid of them when i was working with them
lik4, you could drop them as long as they dont land on the valves, theyre prob ok
its prob closer to 3" or 4" on bigger tanks
yeh the tanks are totally fine
you dont ever like, rupture them or whatever
the valves, on the other hand
shit is just brass
like, its some hardcore brass
thats not so bad
but yeh its just brass
that shit will kill you if it it busts open right
knock you into pulp and then rearrange your house
if the overpressure valves go youre prob okay tho
because they blast in 4 directions so it doesnt go anyplace
you do it to clean out crap
just do it slow
none of it sounds good

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dude those scuba tanks look pussy
its not the same thing
o2 tanks are waaay thicker
maybe, but prob not
they prob make them the same way as 50 years ago
well, longer
its maybe almost forged
we saw a vid, but i dont remember that part exactly
i think its a bigass fucking machine and like, lots of fire
yeh definitely
theyre formed from one piece
and the piece where the fitting screws in is attached
i think because its thicker
so they cant form it from the same piece thats been all stretched out
the top and bottom
theyre thick at the edges on the bottom
yeh i think thatds why they can get away with welding the big chunk of fitting material

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blackmoon: those dont look at all like welding tanks on top
if anything its just the top for the fitting

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im sure the valves and fittings fail way more than the actual tanks
scuba tanks are Al?
thats kinda scary
fiber wrap is common for compressed air on paintball setups
if the fiber is damaged you toss the tank
the tops are welded on, im pretty sure
thats Al
i thought the part where the fitting goes is welded on

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wtf pogo?
oh tanks
i thought you means like hydraulic rams
dude cylinders are made from forged blocks of steel
they start as short little blocks and they stomp em to shape and weld the top on
`nico: surfce rust wouldnt matter
itd have to be like visibly totally way fucked
the tops are welded
are you talking about scuba shit?
and i still doubt a clean looking tank would be a problem
also yeh, theyre inspected paranoid style

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you just had to be able to recover your raid tab or remember it
i had a raid1 boot so i just kept it there
you could access either the soft raid1 partitions like they were normal drives
i miss wasting my life on the lunix
youve done small guns??
and lockpick?
and sneak?
i didnt start until 2.4
and 2.5 was almost 2.6
do lockpick

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so emoquit, point it at someone else
shit im not even here anymore
lordpil.com logger
make some blog stats so you can analyze
ha the dates go way past the page theme
`nico: the writing kinda sucks
i ran soft raid0 for years
lunix even\
so i guess no =(
i dunno man i brought that shit up from live discs and alternate installs all the time
and i got noticable performance increases

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ha was that ttmustangs problem?
i wonder how much of his shit was working because the port had no power
make me ban my own fucking bot because you guys dont understand DONT OP THE FAILBOT
one day ill hit him with 20 passwords and get back in and fix that
i only had him here because there was only like 10 of us
and not everyone on all the time
so its not really a problem anymore
this is before you fool

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bamboo wtf
they get like no nutricion from it
so they just sit around and eat bamboo and shit like all fucking day
hahah fail =(
killed your panda
did he do that?
(wait for it)
we should like harnes that source of energy
hell yeh
that was some powerful sneezing

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i have a basic c++ class and bits and pieces of programming belt to the dome
so im not like useless but im far from fluent
kinda like spanish
whoever says c is easier to read than asm is on fucking crack
anyway i have to go good lucks
er s/belt/books
somehow mixed up my metaphors or something

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at that level it doesnt make a huge diff
you can write asm just as modular
if its c i wont be much help
if its asm, i dont have alot of time
i have to practive
qualifying is in an hour and i suck
then yeh everyone else in here will be more helpful
my grasp of c is pretty basic
because they expect you to have an academic understanding of C

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kevtris: mouse pwns dustpan
thats prob how they found it

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danielson: why doesnt he do anything to it?
are they friends?
i think so
i didnt think you could make them pets
like, more catty than cats
i guess im right
they get way big

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you guys are still on rat traps?
oh shit racoon
those fuckers are smart
haha @ running off with the mat
why? because it can and you didnt nail it down

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holes mfkr
i have no house

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that was awesome
that one rat trying to get all smart
only because he was stupid
aw poor mouse knows hes fucked

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was it like, a ninja on each corner?
guy in the driver seat making engine sounds
chinese showing up with a smoke bomb
hahaha @ we a;ready stole the money

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friendly dogs will run u on people like that
sometimes growling and shit
'i took 3 steps back and he was still coming at me, so i had to shoot him'
that dog isnt even scary looking
they carried the honda?

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omg that dog?
i had two dogs chase me on my bike for a block
thank god they gave up or id have to be kicking skulls in
if youre a cap and you cant deal with a dog bite you shouldnt be a cop
if it bites you, shoot it
like, after you try kicking it
its not like someone was using the dog as a weapon
that that dog deserved it
the first one looked like it was on privbate property
fuck that cop
he didnt look threatened he looked bored
also cops usually have pepper and a stick
shooting a dog is pretty pussy

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dvr thing
neuros stuff is meh
free is always awesome

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it doesnt make it clear if he actually had a shotgun or not
i dont care as long as he brings the pizza
chinapcb works on weekends
i think all the local chinafood works on sundays too

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jet engines i think itd blow to much fuel
to do the rev thrust thing
tho on dual prop planes im pretty sure you can reverse the pitch on the blades
dunno if they have shit efficiency like that, tho
turboproprs are def variable pitch
yeh i dont know, it just seems like if youre gonna make em rotate that much prob not har to make them go all the way
the props would prob suck at it tho =\
k bye
brakes fool
why is he knife wielder
and not shotgun wielder
or axe wielder
heh, k
axe bayonet

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then they have this scientific explanation
like, cmon you guys obviously knew that shit
but you did a whole show anyway
same with the plane taking off on a conveyor belt
afterwards theyre like 'because the motor doesnt drive the wheels'
unless the wheels dont spin that fast
and their airplane wheels, they land on them
they prob spin pretty fast
well excess drag would be a not fast wheel
they have brakes
they steer with brakes
like a tank, im pretty sure the controlls are above the rudder pedals
yeh once they got speed its rudder
brakes would prob be bad =\
im pretty sure tank steering is standard
im pretty sure anything dual engine they wouldnt skimp on independent brakes
tho crazier shit has happened

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just remember black = death
and youll be fine
green is obviously earth
because its fucking green
thats electronics
colors are random
is grant the asian guy?
i remember he fucked up the HV psu for the levitator
it just arced a bunch when he turned it on
they have your luck
thats the only explanation
i watched them prove that alcohol wont raise your body temp

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its the neutral side so its ok!
prob has a non polarized cord just for extra awesome points
black = death.
fuck you in america, black = death
yeh dont think electronics
think electrical
i think the only way id do carni rides again is if i was going with joellama
and he like checked that shit out first
wtf @ dc transformer

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so those usb things use pc ground as 0v ref?

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even with pours you want to be aware of current flow
try and maintain sane grounding
star ground = win
a longer ground path can be better if its isolating it from some signal type ground returns
you dont want power and analog and digital using the same ground returns

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you have no idea kev
ha i prototyped the watchdog rework on this
sot23-5 on top of soic-8 w/ R on top
wires going to fine pitch qfp
because the subcontractors are prob fucking it up on purpose, who knows
shit like ldo adj vregs for 5V, with 6V abs max, coming of 12V
supposedly they want to do more design in house, now
ya rly
well see
because this thing aint cheap
oh that
yeh probably
prob more
company has been thru major staff changes, mergers, etc
only guy on this project from the beginning is a marketing guy

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fuckup boards are always to expensive
theyre either a complete waste or a waste in rework labor
danielson: triple checking is never a bad thing
like, hours spent making sure you didnt fuckup are worth it compared to hours spent reworking boards or doing the whole fucking thing over
kevtris: the subcontracted mainboards for this thing at work are like, revH or something, still have rework =( =(
one rev had traces cut by edge routes
blackmoon: canadian subcontracting so i blame you

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for masks, theres an option for offset from the pads
ive left it default and never had issues, i think its a couple mils usually
like, 'assembly' layer is usually top, 'solder' layer is usually bottom
on apps that use that naming scheme
because yeh, production shit you usually wanna do components on one side
cheapest for assembly
i dont think it matters so much anymore anyway
im pretty sure the naming convention comes from when thru hole and single layer was most common
you should be able to just run the connectivity check and drc?
they glued the smd on?

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dont forget drill file
and you dont need paste unless youre having them do assembly
that sounds way messy
make sure youre sending rs274x and excellon drill
every app calls the layers diff and sticks whatever file extension on they want
it doesnt matter as long as the boardhouse can figure out what is what
yeh eagle has a cam processor you can do configs for
i typically name them .top .bot .tsilk .bsilk .tmask .bmask .drill
danielson: yeh you config that shit in DRC usually

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its still looks sexiest tho
functionality aside
man im all bummed out
i have no more papers left to shred

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danielson: most fab houses will do alternate mask
i doubt for any short run deals tho
chinapcb doesnt charge much on setup costs for non-green mask
red and black are pretty sexy
i havent tried blue or yellow
i want to do red with yellow silk at some point
fuck the boy scouts
(blue + yellow)
yeh chinapcb didnt even charge more than standard for last order
black is sexy
you can only see the copper at certain angles where it reflects the light along the edges
yeh for sure
you can it just sucks more

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dx^: and then what happened
did you boff or what?
man im almost out of stuff to shred

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yeh only her eyes are scary

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im cold fuck life
a kinda
shes prob fine once you remove the contacts

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meh, laundry plus more cleaning today
naw you just convince a company that they need you
then you delay the project for years
this is how you build capital

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wtf is a swer ball
unstick it
=( =( =(

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i thought that only happened in porn
theyre young because thyre 17
they look tore up by 23

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