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popcorn hour
my neck hurts
no idea

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omg cheater i thought you h4xored the pdf
im almost to the point where i can vacuum
my mom prob lent the vacuum to my bitch sister, tho

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i can click nothing
rab: foxit failed

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i dont think san bernadino is known for its mog
i live a couple miles from the most congested freeway interchange in the world
from cliffs in the north valley, you can see a cloud forming over it
and then its kinda flows down the valley and concentrates itself
kinda flows into hollywood area
yeh but if its bad in SB its prob like 10x worse here =\
awesome sunsets tho
nature dont make those colors by herself
naw you need the smog to get all the colors!
mmm, blade runner

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(says the guy with hip joint issues)

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2.2L motor is neat, automatic transmission is no fun
techsmurf: the nuvinci?
yeh thats why i want to build a light bike for it
its fluid based with huge ball bearings
suspensions is for wimps

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heh @ servicing
it looks like the kind of devices that totally eats itself when it goes
very close tolerances, lots of parts
yeh thats why i would consider them
im not trying to spend any kinda of money right now tho
so maybe when i want to drop money on building a bike theyll be cheaper
the nuvinci hubs
would be a neat project
i need to buy a better car
and then save up to move out i think
i think i might get a miata
like, people seem to take pretty good care of them
lots of clean ones with low miles
im sick of the accord

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since the points are diff length from the axis, they spin different rates
yeh the cutaways vids make sense once you get the concept
a guy explains it and he just does it wrong
like he points out a radius but its the wrong one, fucking sales ass
im not sure what its range it
it looks quite, and as long as it doesnt leak, reliable
yeh normal deraileur gear assembly noises piss me off
theyre always falling out of alignment
rab: there are places that will build it into a hub for you
the kits are like towards $400 or something
yeh i might look into those
but they look mechanically complicated
which is neat but i dont want shit to be breaking
also the cvt thing seems pretty awesome
yeh lots of people like the geared hubs

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24" bmx are light, have long cranks, cruiser gearing, theyre fine for long flat distances
also theyre more fun than taller bikes
i dont like being all up in the air and shit =\
rab: its not that big a diff
either way your legs are broke if you get hit from the side
the guy explains it wrong
he points out a radius but its the wrong one
but just from a few dealers i think
rab: it uses this variable vicosity fluid
thats not a problem
just use diff sprockets
rab: it moved the assemble back and forth so the balls contact on different points on the disc

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nuvinci hub would be awesome too
itd be a bit much on my haro, but on the Al robinsn itd be pretty ok
valley is flat
i hate gears
thos shits break
when my knees blow out ill be sure to think of you
catostrophic chain derailing is worst damage ive done
like, stand up into pedals
all of a sudden no load
and youre sitting down again
thank god i dont want kids
yeh fuck that
the nuvinci isnt really tht complex compared to geared hubs
and external gears are just fuckey
ive thught so since i was a little kid

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they prob dont have 24" tho
i looked they had like one 24" tire
i almost got a multitool
yes maybe
actually i should do that
its only 7mi to work
i want to start biking some days
and i need lights
i didnt when i just went to school because i could tell the sheriff i was going straight to the lit bike path and they didnt care
rab: k ty for being smrt
i want to try and buy an aluminum 24" frame
i bught some CF forks from someone
aluminum 24" bmx + cf forks + light wheels would be awesome
youre doing it wrong
car crumples and asplodes into a giant airbag
shopping carts bounce off my ass
anyway, i miss my aluminum bike

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guys what should i get @ REI
i have a $50 giftcard
recreational equipment, inc
its like toys r us, but outdoor type shit
i almost got some sandals ill never wear, but i aborted and went home
los angeles, and nothng outdoors in forever
i almost got a hikers first aid kit
i do that sometimes
i do it way more but im afraid my car will die and i need it for work
my uncle
we didnt get along at all when he was around but its been pretty cool since he moved away
at least i didnt get a smokehouse gift basket
i thought about that
but like, i dont need to know how fast im going

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organizational crisis is 36% contained

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how are you cooking the boards?
oh haha rite

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set it on fire
you will feel better
try and mirror that vids settings
then try and break shit one parameter at a time

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meh, racing needs a real pc and a wheel and shifter and pedals
is he trying to play shit on his xbox or some shit?

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how about just play games on a real computer
if new metroid is badass i might buy a wii
waiting for friend to report back
fuck urmom
yeh lemme buy a system so i can play fps with a controller all day
my friend said he soft modded his
yeh im not into paying
nintendo was hardcore anti-piracy before it was popular
i like gamecube

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kinda sucks when you kill 4 or 5 people in one place
you have to figure out which btis belong to who to loot all of them

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you cheated!
whatever, cheater!
ive reduced me mess maybe 20%

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they dont show up til later
trust, do as much side questing as you can

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for sure
chinese assault rifle = ak47 = good
chinese pistol = luger thing = shitty
theres a scoped .44 thats pretty awesome

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neat pretty soon ill be able to abuse ttmustang for c help
arizona green tea + ginseng + apple juice = win
well, it would be for me at least
i know entirely too much about eating right and being healthy to have any good excuses
8b pwns u

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dont call me that ur mean =(
i cant skip the song =(
i wonder if it was rated 10 before or after it was corrupted
ok back to hellish cleaning situation

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no then you have to actually use a firewall with rules and shit
but thats work
and im not sure thats not NAT, still
because like, youre still translating adresses, but yeh i dunno im not some sort of network temrinology pro or anything
because its drum n bass
i dont know if there is mp3 corruptions
(the 'bubbles'
or its part of the music
naw fuck this

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it blocks incoming traffic
unless i tell it send it complace
thats more a firewall then some piece of software living on a machine trying to filter packets from other apps
yeh i learned to forward ports like 1000 years ago

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seems like theres is a bunch of places you could have taken more direct routes but you chose to keep traces bunch up, even if its out of the way
that was the only thing i could think of, heh
kinda looks cooler your way in a few places
upnp seems like, anti-firewall technology to me
like, wait my apps can connect to my firewall and automatically forward ports to get packets
i thought i ran a nat firewall so that couldnt happen

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oh yeh youre def not doing 0402 on a homebrew board without mask
especially any sort of isolation routed or in a ground plane
0802 is easy
0603 is doable, its pretty easy with any sort of magnification
that shit looks ampty
danielson: how come your traces want to hug each other more than they want to get there?

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inittab: it works but theres something wrong with it
thats why i get to destroy it, all mine
how long did it take the subs to light it?
the 21" did die, with like 280C temp rise
didnt didnt didnt
damn i did a rab
0603 is ok, 0402 is kinda shitty
timecop does it

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shit tests way more consistent that i had imagined it would
like, if i knew the different models better and did this a bit more, i could prob ID them by acoustic anfd impedance characteristics
its weird because its so electromechanical
like the physical shit can be modeled electronically
because it affects the way it looks to the source
hurt yourself
i have a driver im allowed to destroy
it was suggested i plug it into the wall
but like i know what 60Hz sounds like
so i want to do the cornstarch thing
with diff music
then plug it into the wall

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like half that and half just like, moving large objects
inittab: like, i was testing new folded horn from china factory vs old folded horn from china factory
means i have to take all the hardware off the new one, including the bigass fucking woofer
put onto the old one
and do acoustic and impedance tests on it
then put it all back
so its like, 1 hour of unscrewing shit and moving bigass shit and dealing with stripped threads
for like 5 minutes of impedance and acoustic testing
inittab: yes

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naw we need those, cuz we blow them up too blowing things up
like half of my day is spent ripping things apart to get the 21" driver inside
so they can kill it
sounds like a bit in some register for some peripheral which i dont have a datasheet open for

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typo for your benefit
but yeh, heavy things arte heavy
damn t key is magnetic today
i dunno if i can get raw drivers
inittab: i guess we dont own the mobile audio stuff anymore
which i dont mind because that shit was all tacky looking
but the 21" just go in folded horns and subs, i dont think you can just buy a cv 21" speaker
youre not supposing that i give you one of the engineering samples
because like, thats all we do there
itd prob be half fucked up and abused
like our warehouse is mostly full of broken stuff =\

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that shit weirded me out as a kid
shit i should register for class
im greedy i do both
ha im on the cv budget lately
so like i mostly fuck with huge folded horns, 21" woofers, and 50lb or whatever amps

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blackmoon is rural too
i highly doubt all american rural home are anywhere close to any kind of plumbing spec
that works
moon is tyler durden
you should move
or like, asplode that place and rebuild
rab: my grandma had sparklies in her cieling textured finish

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hours left of cleaning for ren: undefined
i cant do anything until i clean up my shit

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