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10 turn trimmers as ass for adjusting gain
like the frog in boiling water shit
okay i think it is time for the sleep

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they didnt want to do the slots?
or they were gonna fuck you on unit cost?
maybe their machine sucks at backlash
doesnt matter for edge roues so much because sane people usually give that more gap
with my hakko and a dremel and a small slice of perfboard

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ha what
no way
they usually say not to do that =\
i would make sure the center of the drill is outside the diamater of the next drills
if its a bigger drill its maybe ok
yeh but its still loaded all fucked
yeh but prob not for .012
i dont see that drilling half holes all day
aboce .02 maybe
like, above .035 they can prob do it all day
you can prob just circle drill that
ive had those
i used them when i build a natsemi headphone amp for a friends class project
haha i did it in my bathroom on the counter in front of him in 5min
oh that suck

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macegr: still need that?
says min drilling slot size .6mm
thats so weird like their spec is half mil half mm
i cant find a spec for just drill so i guess thats it
thats .023
ive gotten smaller drills from them
min finished diamater of PTH hole
theyll do that to match up with inch values
thats the only place i seen iton drawings
yeh thats not it
06:53 <@renesis> min finished diamater of PTH hole
06:53 <@renesis> .1mm
06:53 <@renesis> .004

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yeh that sounds like a Very Bad Thing
sounds expensive and fragile

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ha what

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that seems prett'y retarded

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i have that proib
but thats because i have too much junk
i need warm shower
there was fucking snow on the mountains to the north of the valley
that shit hasnt happened since like 1986 i think

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wtf what happened to like, menu based config
you have a controller box?
im going to try and order shit for the psu this weekend
stupid car wasted last weekend
thats and parts to build up a bunch of headphone amp boards
seravitae: neat, gl
twingy: also, i have huge heatsink plates
so i might just make a linear thing
opamp and a bigass fet or two
i can h bridge the output, thats not a super big deal
mostly getting decent regulation
inittab: i bet ttmustang knows

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are they 1.25 resistors?
you paid the $5 handling charge?
oh haha
blackmoon: i quit for like two months i started again =(
my hookups are dry
one owes me $100
fuck those
those are for blunts once you peel the fake leaf off

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meh im tired
i havent smoked in a week this sucks
no im smoking cigs
and studies are showing weed might be an anti-carcinogen
which makes sense because potheads arent known for dying of lung cancer
and while not so much the case now, smoking actually brought in a bit of ching for a long time
def didnt cost me anything

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when i played san andreas, all i did was steal a blue crx and drive around on the freeways
basically, what id do in real life
was quite accurate
i didnt even shoot anyone i just drove around like WOW THIS IS SOO COOOOL
then id go outside and get in my car and do the same thing

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`nico: sneak mode, stay along the wall
or distance cap em
i should go back there and clear out that hole where they all live
you can use the train station stairway junk to hide from view till youre at the wall and then youre far enough away they just dont notice
you can just run for it too
youll get hit a bit but at that range w/ miniguns they cant hit you that many times
is the geography kinda similar?
i wondered alot about that

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fuck keys
regs cant get in
yeh sucks everytime weve keyed the chan i come home and see msgs like hours later WTF IS THE KEY
its not like we dont have enough active ops to handle trolls or tards
im fucking cold
so wtf is up with greece
npr said they been rioting for like a week straight
people are xmas shopping ans walking home thru tear gas with their gifts

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avrfreak was here?
he put it in the topic
oh wtf were keyed
you were gonna ban rab and dianora?

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hehe, theres a new engineer doing the PADs work, young brown kid, cool guy
when i told him about the Ls in the ground he basically reacted like i did (OMGWTF)
yes brown kid
wtf do you want me to call him
means hes not white
and damn you swear we live in some magical place where it doesnt matter
(white people often live in this dellusional place)
well then im not talking about you

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like, pulldown is used to latch in config for the codecs
er, powerdown
so when the pdn line went low, it was latching in junk, theres gain config
its really just patching symptoms, theres inductors in the grounds =\
i guess they were added to pass compliance
like whenever i suggested bypassing them i was basically ignored

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we rented an esd gun for $500/mo
results were same as my $2 esd generators
they implimented the cap stack rework (haha poor chinese line workers)
and the firmware reinits the codecs ever two seconds
and whenever the avr stops pining the main controller
because the avr dies pretty easy
well, it doesnt do the distortion + gain thing anymore
so as far as im concerned, theyre not gonna get sued for blowing out peoples ears or systems, its fixed
signal level artifacts
caps in parallel with a powerdown line pulldown resistor
its digital for sure
it worked

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they blur out fuzz
i think they blur out BJ entry too
iunno man
i got a magmite and 3 candybars for gift exchange
i put like 20 staples in the gift bag
they made me open it up for the person that picked it and i cut my hands in 4 places
octopus butt is the best
we have thoseleftover from my esd generators
(the lighters came with leds)

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woo i got recharegable 12v wet/dry vac at xmas party
it doesnt have a wart it has car adapter =\
and like, an old RC car style polar connector
i was gonna use it to vacuum my car
hope so
they were $15 gifts
so maybe not
also it doesnt look like the filter can be swapped out =(
macegr: they blow on the other end
4 EV0R.
haha i loved that shit
guys i think my cherry keyboard capslk led is out
fucking german leds
im home so im happy
cherry is a german company
they have the best logo
they make the most devint pr0n

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oh wtf autojoin
hehe ya rly

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yeh i tripped on that when i was a kid
it was a nasa shuttle, but it used 4 solid fuel boosters

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