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doing it by hand is just kind of a i want it now thing
but damn it takes forever to get to that point

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sue nintendo = death by nes heds
im not down with that, yo
nintendo can do no wrong.
that samus aran/suicide girls thing was their lawyers, not them

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do you have audio on?
the audio makes it ++
like thats gonna fix the smashed glass

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i can just click on boobs on a pr0n farm?
i was just going to post
btw thats at least a week old

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the think i was working on at work programs the avr from an arm7 thru usart
it has isp header but its not populated on anything ive worked on

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danielson: sure it does
upgradable firmware
welcome to every other uC product on the market
manual routing = the art of pcb

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read the datasheet
put a pullup
also take prob every avr fucker in heres advice
#electronics fixed a bunch of fuckey avr breadboard shit by telling people to pullup reset
then you didnt try it in enough diff places
use an 0402
you can put a cap there too, but it fucks up debugwire if you want to use it

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i wont say anything
the wastelands are awesome
i think i liked that aspect more than morrowind

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`nico: neat
the power opamp has Vos trim?
or you just hacked it in

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next week youll be smoking 1.5g of dank herb a day
fuck i havent smoked since friday
except cigs
fuck im lame i hadnt smoked in two months
maybe longer
that was like the longest id gone without cigs since i was fucking 17
honestly i dont cough so much anymore
i used to, bad, like 6 or 7 years ago
i used to smoke camels and marlboros, tho
i mostly smoke american sprits for the last 5 years or so
american sprit lights, so its like washed out tobacco with no additives
yeh totally
thats kinda normal
alot of people think thats maybe why herb smokers dont get lung cancer as much
like, it absorbs some of the tobacco chems
and then you cough it out
did you sort the offset issue?

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.00025 is pretty coarse for CNC stepping
my machine steps at that
1/8 that if you count the microstepping (i dont, really)
rab: im pretty sure space/trace is limited by the etching process, not the machine res
_zzzz: is a truck
rab: ive seen backlash issues on prob boards but it looks like maybe .002 or so inconsistency
like as long as you have enough ring around the vias it should be acceptable
and like, i seen that one shit like game system pcb
so thats prob error after drilling like hundreds or thousands of boards or some shit
yeh, always
and no not really, just how small you can do via rings basically
you did a ren
catching bad habits

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shouldnt at all
i do some shit without grid
as long as your space/trace is to the boards houses spec the grid should matter
id be surprised if their photoplotter machines arent like .0001 res
i do .025 grid w/ .005 alt grid for general routing
in diptrace i set that shit to .001 because the autoplace slash user overide shit isnt as bad like that
rab: are you getting it assembled?
id be surprised if it was a problem for an autplacer

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ha nice

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are you talking about FD rx7s?
most classic ferraris have basically the same look
theyre not fwd
you lose all car credibility =(
rx7 is an uncompromised sports car
rx8 is bullshit
i know, but volvos are pretty cool so that counts for alot
g1 and g3 rx7 are timeless sport car designs
g2 looks alot like 928/944 porsches
rx8 looks like a fucking mazda economy shitbox

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rx8 is fucking ugly
its like, happy face and ridiculous fenders and a silly half-fastback
like, wow chrome rotor shapes in the bumper and headrests
that is easily one of the sexiest vehicles in the history of vehicles
for the money, its by far the sexiest
fucking lame
it looks like every single other fucking mazda
its got fenders and hood lines like a fucking 40s car
shit might as well be a fucking civic
nice ricer kit, inittab
that shit on the streets would look like trash in like 4 driveways
even doing the driveways @ 45 degrees

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rx8 looks like a fucking miata
styling is too passive
its not an agreesive looking car at all
also the suicide minidoor is lame
also wtf @ back seats
mazda is trying to kill the rotary
its a sporting family car, its not a sports car
but its not GT, either
its like something in between

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the engine floods
if you start it than turn it off before you warm it up
they have a note about it in the manual
youre supposed to keep it running until its warmed up
then like put the engine at 3K
before shutting it off
w t f
dude the red hot downpipe was pretty impressive
F1 style
red/yellow hot in daylight?
or you mean vapor locking the motor
the renesis is fail tho
as fail as the car they put it in
fucking rx8 bullshit

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haha its on fire
maybe has no compression
apex seals already failed
my bro had a 12A rx7
he never changed the oil
he didnt know, he just knew you had to add oil
because dad blew up cars by not checking oil, ever
but yeh, he got that shit to 200K miles before the apex seals ate it
people abuse them
also the EFI on the new 13B (heh, the renesis) is total fail

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9Krpm rotary thrashing
4:30 in and its still pinned
the tach
damn 6:00
haha fuck that look at the temp gage

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wm's are so personal

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stupid car battery
i hope i left my lights on
but i dont think i did =(
failaccord hasnt been rained on really hard since ive pwnt it

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i think thats right

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plants are so cellular interdependent like humans
like maybe if just some of it is ok it can kinda bootstrap the rest when it thaws
because yeh freezing to their core and then just thawing out fine would be pretty awesome
and like, the core of the trunk
like theres energy being produced, so maybe some waste heat is generated

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wonder if any of their chemical processes produce significant heat
tho in winter i cant imagine much is going on in deciduous trees
maybe they go dormant
like i wonder if they literally freeze

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how did that go?
i dont think they always do

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im in ur mountains, digging ur fjords
google agrees

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prob not me im like projects at molasses speed

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haha, when my scanner does the end of the screw sound
if you tip it up it catches and its fine
wow awesome

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