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in the days the golden days where everybody knew what they wanted
it aint here today

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catch them all
become imune
fight them when they come back
be a biohero

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im finding a rip of that and bringing it into work to put on the 21
the music?
nothing even happens until 2:00
what did you to to you
is that dangerous like storm chasing
yes i saw that on cnn
thats guy was like THEYRE ALL GONNA COUGH ON US
and then itll be over. rl.

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theyre going to recycle them, they said i can have as many as i want \o/
they have the flat plates, and the old unpainted finned heatsink plates

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omg 21" active subwoofer sounds neato
i dunno if we sell them yet
google says no
is the proaudio version
were working on a home audio one in a woodgrain laminate case with RCA instead of TRS inputs and different input sensitivity
i dont really like the bbq grill grates =(
heh, theres a tone of old folded horn heatsink panels
old style vega, the shit i remember from like when i was going to massives like 10 years ago

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hahaha wtf
dx^: did you scan those files i sent before trying to run them?

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haha wtf

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cubase isnt dongle based?
the only gam i bought in the last like 4 years decided i was a pirat
i had to noCD fix it anyway]

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guys its so cold

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