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someone give me their dns server

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guys my interweb is fail
w t f
well dont do that anymore

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tw broke my dns again
or something
when this happened the other day the connection dropped out for a while day while they fixed it

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i told you i just sent everything that said mac and cs4

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dx^: probably
loose cracks are usually bullshit
new electric razor sucks at my neck so hard

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emc will not run
i wouldnt do emc on a sub GHz machine
300MHz was like hopeless
i think 700MHz i got it running but it was having alot of issues actually running the step drivers
yeh maybe
nothing, a toy
or an embedded thing
if you really wanna learn obsoleted core x86 architecture that bad
turbocnc will prob run on it

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what is he talking about?
did he ever finish beacon sim?
wtf i gave him code
no man it was a hole system

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like at an office store or something
something thats thin enough to go with a brush but wont try in like 20 seconds
epoxy is gonna make a mess and if you get enough under the dustcap it might make the cone off balance a bit
usenet mfkr
i download from easynews at like 1.1MB/s
haha awesome packetnews is still up
haha i got hits for xdcc serving torrents

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like something you can brush on
are they paper?
yeh but itll suck
itll dry too fast
theres stuff based on the same chemical
but it takes longer to set
that way half of it wont be dry while you finish
and you can reposition it if you stick it on funny
loctite and cyberbond make shit
its jus crazy glue but it has different stuff to make it rubber or to get it to take longer to set
try rubber cement

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lame you cant play with us
you have to play with nico
i should build my biamp bpa-200 gainclones
haha i should ask mrtube how much it costs to build two of those =\ =\
how the fuck did it come off?
and something lighter

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haha ya rly
blackmoon: i finished fallout 3 while my interweb was broken
two ways
i dunno where i put the vial
ya wtf
im pretty sure they add cut scenes for every sidequest you complete?
major sidequest
macegr: wander mofo
at the very very end
haha not for like 1000 years dx =\
i dunno it was an ok game
blackmoon: have you played left 4 dead?
i should get that

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macegr: i fucking hate gps directions
like they obviously didnt grow up anywhere
we got across the country with one
but that shit pissed me off so many times
whole fucking trip
that shit would think i jumped off on overpass onto another freeway
then give me direction to get back onto the freeway
yeh but interchanges happen really quick

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`nico: because adobe makes everything slow including pdf
i dunno how this asus driver is doing jack plugin sensing
but it sucks
every 3sec sometimes

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kk bye
needs to be like 150mA coil
hey guys whats up with foxit crashing like a gimp
`nico: that chip has a nicer pinout than lm3886
that shit makes foxit crash

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yeh as long as it doesnt oscillate and overcurrent the leds
its not like a resistive load where if the 317 shuts down, the voltage drop increase on it kills it
tho yeh i might do (+) -> led -> 317 Vo -> R||C -> Vadj/gnd
ha i wonder if that would make more noise because now the leds are bouncing around in voltage w/ current variations
yeh because it overcurrents
looks like a smaller set resistor @ higher freq
yeh what you said

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led string
hmm, too much space and money
oh ive done it a bunch
im just like, what if it goes nuts someplace besides my apartment

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theyre starting to train me on the audio test gear
which is awesome they basically just go, okay here like this, try stuff, do,
i had .1uF
do i need way more?
ive done a klipple driver test thing and this clio tester thing for drivers or amps or whatever you can think to do with it
er, have
and no ceramic
why is ceramic bad?
wow youre like the only person i know who is like ESR BAD
tho yeh, youre the only person with an answer that makes sense
and i guess good for when it makes ripple not blow caps up

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`nico: did you try 317/337 AB driver?
you maybe have to bias the adj pins!
oh i was gonna ask you about 317 current reg
should i put an output cap on that?
are you sure?
heheh seems to work fine
i might change to current sink, with 317
okay i was thinking that
because its like floating 30-60V above ground
just diode loads so it should pop if it thermal shuts down
well from overvoltage at least
ok awesome that seemed scary
and i already bought the caps to do what you said
haha @ old vu meter

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omg time warner failed me

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