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out portd,temp
i think ~ is bitwise NOT
anyway its in the assembler manual i dont have to remember

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danielson: he made it up i think, it works
haha what
ive done it with asm
ttmustang: sec
ldi temp,(1<<PD5)
in temp2,portd
or temp,temp2
out portd,temp
to set low its a bit diff
yeh there might be
to set low you do it with and
in temp,portd; andi temp,~(1<<PD5)

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ddrd.5 = 1
portd.5 = 0
read pins with pind reg
reading port d will just give you your input config

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clr temp does the same thing
and you just turns the port to input
so pullup or hiz depends on the previous state of portd
whih doesnt look particularly initialized
i believe its initialized as undefined or input hiz on reset
ddrx and portx = $00
hiz input
yeh always assume shit is capable of a half reset

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in front of your kid?
yeh fuck that, shouldnt be smashed in front of your kids
okay the only person i feel bad for at all are the kids
yes hello
im saying shes justified
prob none?

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i love that vid
that little kid is hardcore
go hasselkid
because she posted her dad being a failure onto the interweb
maybe next time he will try to be less fail
failure to eat burgers in front of your own children = worth of reprecussion
um, werent they in a hotel?
he was smashed
you get smashed in front of your kids and all that happens if you have a video of you eating a hamburger posted on the net, i think youre doing pretty fucking okay
srs, if its so humiliating, stop

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he comes in here and asks for help with his adventure gadgets sometimes
usually we are no help
im master of bong hits?
wtf i shower yo
no =(
danielson: hahaha
ttmustang: cs bits 00 or 000

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6i hate blogging
ive had shit to post one that for weeks
have you seen how much its been updated since i started working!?
wordpress angers me
a notblog
how do you score samples w/ free ship without a domain?
damn i wanted to do my brakes and take my door apart this weekend
bitch i am everything
ask me what i am i will be like yes
unless its a bad thing
then no

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damn were slacking on lame comments dx^
no his project is neat!
dx has one project
hes smart
i have like 83
i forgot about like 75 tho
dx i need to go to school
i dunno this work 40 hours shit forever concept seems pretty retarded
temporarily yes, but i will be more ninja
pomona has a tech program that all my shit transfers too i have to see if its abet
hello i did school for like 5 years
i know about doing shit all week and having little moneys

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danielson: because the way it works is like, during the falloff of the ac wave, the current thru the led cuts out, which controls how fast/when your output transistor flips state
also depends on the pullup/down/whatever on the output transistor
so you kinda get a zc range, when your signal changes state, actually ZC in in the middle
DC motor controller with rectified ac
im not sure who solaris is
he is drake from tx
maybe its stu
ok tru
danielson: i log into it one day and add your mask
i dunno
i made dianora show up
i dunno how everyone else got here
that fufu guys or whatever
spelling nazi
hes gone
*fufu guy
most of us are active

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i used an ext int to start a 16b timer and then just used 0 to whatever value was 120hz max
proc status = mostli sleeping/spinning/whatever
ext int was on an ac opto
mains zero crossing
yours is a bit diff because recitified and SCR, not triac
i got a low blip right before ZC
its not really that as much as how you tune the resistors on the input leds
because you have to set it up for massive swing
is my guess
line 33
timer starts when you write the cs bits in the tccr regs
yeh basically

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oh thats whats you meant by coupling

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man this guy sucks
hahaha @ priest joke
ttmustang: yay

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sounds like some se7en shit
man that ending
croutons is alot like big mac
oh shit
look at all the amino acids i get with croutons
and all the vitamins and minerals

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haha @ wild duck wtf
i might start watching SNL again
dx^: that shit looks all star wars
like, the plans for hitting the deathstar on your new fruit labels

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eggsalad: yes i feel, make it stop
eggsalad: deep, i will go ponder
led zeppelin - how many more times
awesome bass

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you know the low byte triggering shit
that sucks hard to figure out
cuz youll do it right by chance alot =\
gl, ninja
ttmustang: yes
or much longer periods w/ normal prescalers
juice + sprite is good
eggsalad: if i sleep forever will my hip feel better

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productivity during acute pain events = minimal
everything is okay as long as i stay very still
maybe i will get hired permanent for january and can get a real health plan with like real drs and specialists and shit
hmm ok
ttmustang: neat huh
ttmustang: have you done 16b yet

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seravitae: draw the part
if youre using cad, not cam, use offset tool
to derive points for cnc code
if you wanna be all nuts and hand gcode like me
oh yeh
see were the lines goes
totally there
and the greater whatever
like in between those two areas
i have that
and under my foot
mfkr what
ow its doing a thing right now im just sitting here
muscle diagram has eyeballs
and a 'look'

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dx^: my hip is doing a thing
i raced anyway tho im like fuckit
coupling selector eh
like what kind of doc
emergency room doc?
i has to go to work

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maybe kinda
it might not trace well
like youll get the trace but itlol be movuing to slow to leave a wave graphic
typing over steering wheel is hard yo

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needs more volume

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ttmustang: im racing im busy for an hour+
efnet historic gt
srs business
i just did my fastest lap im still last in class (and overall because yeh slow class)
but people will crash
alfa romeo gta =\
rfactor mod, historx
theres like 18 of us now oshit!
k bbl had to turn on musics

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heh nice

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its like commodity part, prob close to nothing in bulk

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RF voodoo ate your dBs
low esr caps is cheap dont be cheapy
theyre not that expensive
unless you mean ridiculous low esr
yeh those are not so much $
also you can buy the chemicon shit its always like way less

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he prob loses it for the attension
the best fucking movies

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you penis socket joint has chronic pain?
that whole album is weird
evil children and martin scorcese are also awesome king missile songs
the lead reminds me of john and joan cusack, like at once

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guys i need cyborg hips

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heh what

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danielson: i dunno i justy consider chores shit you dont want to do

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damn youre right tho
if there was some girl in my life my shit would prob be totally clean in like 6 hours

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no it used to be a grecos
but iunno they were fake grecos or they didnt wanna pay franchise fee or whatever
so now they are el grande, and they make tacos too
same guy, awesome pizza

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more useless attempts at organizing my stuff
pizza here!
El Grande Pizza y Tacos, #1
i dont get tacos there but theyre prob good

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it has a 1.25V ref, so you just put a resistor that does the current you want @ 1.25V
yeh im not sure if i saw it in the datasheet first
i saw something else hijacking a vref to do a current mode thing with a smps
but yeh after i thought i did something all h4x i saw it in datasheet =\
haha their new album was cool
meh, i gotta do mad chores
no like laundry, dish pile, vacuum my room because im tired of stepping on random

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have prototype w/ 5chips, fucking bright
10x red/blue pairs were dropping under 50V tho
warmed up, i have to see what its like cold
decent efficiency w/ a not so efficient ireg in series
oh thats old, and because it works doing it high side like that, i think low side you can use npn
im using lm317 as current regs now
but its way less efficient
pizza soon
no its easier than vreg mode

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joshua_: neat
sounds like megaman

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oh neat it even have a 5v linear regulator
for some bootstrap capacitor dealy

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yes tons of it to kill all the blackberry
no i meant to kill thorny bush
oh that chip cheats it has 12V in
hahah NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo
oh i think thats just their example
12v bucked to 5v
yes logic fets were assumed cuz
damn too much enter

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maybe just this shit and two nfets + the diffamp w/ gain input
that shit pwns the northwest
but then you cant grow anything new there, ever
and especially in the nw there will be mad rain

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thats what i thought you wanted to do
just like buy a bottle and dump it on the tree stump
haha @ burnsaw

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naw youd need like 30 bottles
yeh but rain gets everything at once
you would have to do like, everywhere
and youd need to dillute it just to get it deep
4 min per potatoe
blackmoon: you think they would do that more instead of like, chainsaws and bulldozers
see so like 30 bottles
oh i thought you mean put it in the ground like 100% pure
yeh rly

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hahah what
use chainsaw?
yeh dont use rusty chainsaws
i dont know where to find this datasheet
analog.com or onsemi.com both fail
they have another doc, like last ship/buy date
with my part
so like they are pretending it doesnt exist or something
oh yeh you gotta rip that shit out
naw man you gotta pull it all out]
and get all the roots
prob impossible
need s bulldozer
yeh you have to get all the roots
like if its under the asphault youd have to like rip that shit out

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haha pruning
kevtris: did you see the pinout on that?
um, people came and pruned the fuck out of like 30ft trees in our building
like, big tree to nothing
but in two years itll be big tree again, so they come fuck it up again
so now they look all funny
on ate ad and some of ad's part numbers are too long for on db
so instead of datasheets they have a doc that says what is changed into what
on's db
MFG CHG Notification ADI to ON Semi

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damn im searching synchrous dc to dc vregs, 15a-50a, and its still like, Internal Switch: Yes? No?
its that shit timecop linked too months ago with the huge pads
and the pins you have to wire back into itself like they couldnt figure out how to do it in the chip

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yeh im trying to find that kind of spec
they have this overload spec
max working voltage
so they probably fail
i guess in buck mode, switch/diode and sense R is 2x output current, so its like 20A 15% duty
so .3V
5W = .274 working voltage

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1*10^x values are always cheaper
i need .015
if this works, mc34063 is coolest cheap part ever
2W, at my peak current dissipation is 6W, spreadsheet says my duty cycle is like ~15%
so if you look at wattage over time, im actually 100% overkill
3W is $2, 5W is $4

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haha @ .5" chip resistor

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i have to get the parts first
maybe have something built by next weekend
im prob going to get parts for more tiny headphone amps
i hope all didnt run out of the dc barrel jacks that fit
damn thru whole sense resistors suck

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wow awesome
sense resistor burning 6W during peak switch current

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they it prob depends on absolute distance too?
plus that, that makes sense tho
speaker/lamp cable
and that yeh

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you said grams
okay i said i wasnt doing linear!
haha the diode is still dropping more volts than the load =\
razzi: because most businesses in general fail
blackmoon: i thinks thats cheating
i wonder how much inductance 0awg wire is for like 6ft or whatever
no fuck me at sales

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