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heh java

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who is hatrix and mukunda?
i think i remember you from last week
or something
bigger tables are neat for work holding and multiple work offsets

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seravitae: neat

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ya rly
i wanna write a mac virus
just because its a mac

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yeh because like
hackers will never figure out bsd

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ooo failout 3
i should get mad stoned and do that shit

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wow 8 pages of smoking gun
bbl need to connect

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then just shift zero over
restart cycle
wtf at eggsalad in topic
eggsalad: fake wrestling is fake
eggsalad: fake wrestling is fake
haha @ typo
eggsalad: mothefucker
eggsalad: your game is off today, sir

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most applications i see them under, i think
like between the fastened material and the main washer
the wave type washers are just to keep them back tensioned
i think those you can prob put over if the screwhead is big enough
but yeh in alot of apps youd prob want to put them under a washer against the material
just because the heads arent always that wide
button heads would prob work without washers
just the lock washers
the wider rounded heads
sometimes they have a driving socket, sometimes they have like a square underneat to keep from rotating
the square bottom ones prob have a diff name

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they put the washers on in the wrong order, so the spacer wasnt same level as the plastic batter casing
they put that on top, so the plastic case acted as a washer
so yeh, big fire
the diagrams at the end are awesome
like, bolt and washer diagrams
yeh had lots of good pics
hardcore chassis ground connections use like 2 lock washers and 4 bolts or some shit
i think lockwashers can go under or over standard washers as long as they seat correct on both sides
standad steel i think maybe it could get enough of a bite
maybe not stainless washers

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dyanora: dont op eggsalad, just talk to it
dont op bcas because its timecop so its prob evil
ok i think thats all the rules
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm
eh eh?
oh did you see topic?
dx^: read topic, tho is prob old for you
oh hahahaha
did you read that?

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is getting big
maybe one day ill setup a couple more bots
this is also true
also why did dianora leave #electronics?
she was smart
or he
or whatever
i always assumed she
yes long ago
ima invite her
she was smart like a girl
shes not on
im n00b
like 7 years?
like late 2001
its dianora? the spelling?
shes is always on when i whois her
maybe shes on freenode...

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yeh i think maybe, too
yeh thats way too big
because i have to mount two vertically
and like 4 horizontally
see it says x4
yeh he mentioned cooling
lordnlptp: not intentionally
and its designed in a way where it can be broken down to repair
yeh exactly
well rob end up trying a bunch of shit
i think soaking and using ceramic bits will prob work fine
sandi used to drill fired shit with a fucking hand drill and a home depot bit
joellama: itll be easier im not going to use enameled tile
yeh totally
im not doing this with one bit
yeh i might just buy a handfull of hss
yes neat article

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you just have to but more lighters because the piezos degrade
its cool i get these ones at the gas station that come with an led and 3 buttons batteries
lordnlptp: no worries, is a safety issue so concern is appreciated
the engineer im doing this for at work is all into the ceramic idea
okay so i think audio is the only industry where you can just be promoted to an engineer
like, im almost afraid to mention ABET
blackmoon: haha
ABET is the engineering certification peoples
like if you go to a school and the engineering program isnt ABET, your school is fail
im going to call sandi and ask she might know some useful shit
like they have an ABET certified tech program now
devry or ITT has it, and some unis
i think if i get non enamel outdoor tile ill be okay
i can presoak it
should help drilling a bit
yeh i was hoping i could find something like .25" and maybe 10x10"

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its heat thats an issue
yeh all crimps
bakalite burns
i can show you a charged machine table on a $100K router
its gonna prob be like a 2" arc
so i mean if that kinda voltage gets in there, something went really, really wrong
blackmoon: we have a rented esd gun
goes up to 16KV
has a rapid discharge mode
like 25Hz i think
before we rented that
i was using piezo ignitors from electric lighters
esd gun = $6K
hammered piezo = $1
results: same

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oh wtf they do you have to search diff
damn, expensive fuckers
$10 per plate
so $80 in standoffs
we can just go straight from terminals to Al plate

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i know they will work
thats why i said those
haha they come up to .575" uncompressed thickness
.25" ID comes in 0.075"
that was prob 1" ID shit
well yeh i still hve to find some tiles and check thickness
i might have no choice but to go with something synthetic anyway
er not thickness, flatness
hahaha awesome
i think they make threaded ceramic standoffs
ah, female threaded standoffs dont come in ceramic =(

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kinda like crush washers but it wont dig in
this 1200W on that tile, potentially
rubber sounds like fail
wtf is counter nuts
i dont see how that changes much
biggest issue will be the flatness of the tile
movement is fail
wave washer

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blackmoon: doh
lordnlptp: also it wont be drilled nearly as close to the edge
wtf you have to brace the shit our of anything while drilling
im pob going to use clamps with some silicone rubber bumpers
lordnlptp: ive drilled and sawed (sawn?) ceramic =D
im just going to clamp the fuck out of it so it doesnt move
with rubber so i dont crush it with the clamps
this would more likely be outdoor tiles
its usually softer and you can get it without the enamel coating
anyway drilling wont be a huge problem, mounting well onto Al plates will
im thinking those steel warped washers

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in that setup itll never get a direct hit
lordnlptp: its doable, trust
mrtube: hi
mrtube: im making a 9600W 2/4/8R load for work!
mrtube: no i dont think so
i think the pilot might be the main jet?
oh then yeh its prob idle
or one in between idle and main
ask in #cars
or ask eck0
haha youre wrong
we already had this convo like weeks ago just that i know of
me and some other fools in #cars
you can adjust the B compare value
if its CTC mode
which is what it sounds like

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sure why not
blackmoon: must be passive
maybe not
im building a 9600W 2/4/8R load
that the engineers and techs cant kill themselves with when using 2R mode
wtf Y cable
i just need a spdt switch
just a 100A switch =(
yeh external shorting is meh
theyre connected by ring terminals on the standoffs mounted on the ceramic tile
'likely not'
youd be surprised

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i need like a 100A SPDT switch
fuck that
that means it has to be exposed
i mean fuck i can just use a bar of steel and some fucking magnets or something
macegr: no bullshit a few of the switches were like that
maybe not exactly like that but like, VERTICAL MOUNT MERCURY CONTACT
blackmoon: how the fuck is that 1000A it has like 3/8" terminals
omg you did code for him?
how about a big piece of metal and some big pieces of metal
cmon guys if i had $1k id just call a fucking switch company like:

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haha @ wirewrapping everything forever

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will it blend.

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