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ima do laundry and then go to some midnight dnb
instead of being responsible and sleeping

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naw dont happen
i can fuck traces up at 6mil all day
8mil is work but its doable
i finished another race!

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haha @ snusnu

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guys im win this weekend

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i need to integrate a half supply virtual ground
and a battery charger for NiMH or something more evil
guns n roses doesnt exist
thats just axl's cokeheaded ass
metallica was worse
everyone i used to axl whining

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i will look for ti shit i guess
yeh natsemi is awesome about samples sometimes
maybe i should try the mc34063 w/ a gate driver
and a fat schottky
snow is weird yo
okay fine ok
i will find some pimp $5 controller
and itll need like a cap and like half a coil
mrtube: leds are ordered, i wanna do grow leds and amp board same order
both boards are basically laid out just need to finish some shit and review schematics and triple failcheck
and headphone amp rawks, so ima buy parts to make the 17 or whatever boards i have left

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its got both
wow literally in parallel]
so like, stick that on tl494 outputs with some low R pullups
and everything is happy
you guys suck

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so use a pch and an nch with the low side things
the low side things are like half bridge drivers anyway?
kevtris: ron/gate capacitane is shittier
well obviously i mean im spending all these dollars now
cmon guys i know i did this all day yesterday =(
wow easy
i think soic8 is my favorite
not enough pins for them to get all creative

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naw man thats when you justr slap digikey search around some more
cmon opamps are fun
its like they dont make high side 5v gate drivers

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ok that is sexy, right?
oh wait there is an soic one
blackmoon: yeh
no you are wrong
yeh 8v
you are right

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what if i just stuck a synchronous gate driver on my envelope sketch?
how much are the drivers...
and that shit is $4 when it isnt free

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not with a 494, nope
pins on mobo = wtf shit
fuck ios
just do rf from the cpu to the north bridge
775 i think
scary my joke will prob be reality in 10 years
takes like 20sec
small shit about 5sec
inductors = melt fr4, eventually itll drop
i had to unsolder a heatsink to get at the tl494 in the psu =(

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im pretty sure they spec saturation voltage
damn you guys are gonna make me do like 5v and a gate driver
no never
adc shit at mad latency
or monitoring a pin for a comparator change
which you could just stick on an output driver
probbe easier to do discrete than with a uC
damn see now you want to get it all fancy
yeh im not
yeh pretty much
silicon would be like double
@ 10A, fat silicon diode

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you always say that =(
ill use like a 500R resistor
okay but all i need is something to dump VCC into the gate
no i have one but that was easier
on what?
Recommended Operating Conditions
no idea but i can try
i can just buy both
mc34063 and tl494
need a diffamp buffer either way

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twingy: heh @ sewing machine inductor
twingy: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/v25psu_scratch.jpg
look its practically done
omg thats not a zener yo
thats why the diff amp is Av=5
plating shit
thats why i am sending to twingy
he has a garage and shit

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okay well i used these they work
they sink like an amp
i think so
its not Ipk Oscillator
it just looks like that in that block
tghe oscillator has an Ipk and a timing cap input
i have a spreadsheet
wtf it has the maths in the datasheet how can you fuck it up

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thats why diffamp set to 5x
for the .25V
ive done it before
not at 10A with ridiculous low duty tho
These devices primarily consist of an internal temperature-compensated reference, a
comparator, an oscillator, a PWM controller with active current limiting, a driver, and a high-current output switch
they lie?

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blackmoon: did you see thing?
k i think it will blend
i have to go practice some more
gta @ mosport, feer
mc34063 even has a current limit thing
so maybe twingy lives thru this
which where?
its just so its not a dead trace
yeh so it shouldnt matter so much
yeh i had that actually
hehe you can see if you look really close
this one doesnt
the only pins not listed there are the Ipk current sense thing
and the gnd pin
soic8 or dip8
this is internal 1.25V

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you cant play with pc people?
my friend prob got it, he was talking about it

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blackmoon: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/v25psu_scratch.jpg
yeh obviously it needs more stuff

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they just thought led gameboy on youtube was cool
topic was like 'EFNET GUY DID LED GAMEBOY WTF link'

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led gameboy?
ha kevtris made my igoogle page
he was in #cars topic last week
also there are some swedes will link to his shit, like HEY LOOK AT THIS GUY im like heeeey wait i know that guy
freenode swedes, feer

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