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what show?

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its cold wtf

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some jobs they machine shit so long they have make a stand to hold the bar up cuz it sticks so far out of the lathe

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fuck that get a haas
have you seen tormachs?
they have one completely tooled up for like $15K or something
its like an ultramega taig
its not desktop but its not huge
you turn shit

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twingy: no
iunno maybe parts express has them cheap
people use them in passive crossovers
if you want a manufacturer, i would check the BOM in smps app notes
oh huh
oh wait
blackmoon: someone making ferrite core can prob do air core
easier, cheaper
yeh for power shit
18awg goes up 10 15mH

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holy shit
thats so cheap
yeh ive fucked most my little plated magnets like that
want to code me an alternative library manager for eagle!?

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go to 1:40
1:45 actually
you are milling the little coupler things?
haha cool
yeh you have too
or you end up doing 40 setups
should be balanced, shrug
are you using 6061?
thats prob works really good then
yeh and the mdf wont want to slide around like Al would

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but i mean you can always get more smaller ones
the 6ft o2 tanks are shitty to move
like even tipping them onto a dolly sucks cuz theyre so tall and heavy
yeh you prob wont have help most the time
like i would do it alone but usually someone else was standing right there in case it got wobbly
110 is not so bad
like the ones as tall as me and shit sucked
think we mostly has 250 and 300 tanks at school

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hmmomg theyre not supposed to be the same height
acetylene tanks supposed to be all short and fat
tho yeh the short o2 prob is alot easier to deal with
go by filled cubic feet, you use both gasses at kinda the same rate

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i havent worked in eagle in forever
well, like ive kicked pats around and manually netwired in pcb a ton
buyt i havent done anything proper with my own libs
battle with the evil library editor is upon me
of which?

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ok talk to you more about that later

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but no i think in the strictest sense you cant get away with that
is that alot?
i dont price industrial sheds
`nico: shed, cost to buy
oh neat
good luck with that
well no, to buy the pieces
and then build it your damn self
im guessing
is bolt together?
or you need to weld shit
oh that is neat
ha i have no idea wtf im going to be doing in 5 years
i think the plan is id be finishing a bsee
i usually ge them from amazon used book sellers
twingy: neat i think that would be better for you
than trying the aerospace thing again
i just got a usb jtag for my arm thing
what are you using?
the samba shit?
oh hmm
anyway i gotta go

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my friend said he has to kill his dog
he didnt wanna talk he just said come over
i dont know if he means it or not =\
haha i think he prob cjewed something important up
he has kush shake
prob get a qoz for like $30 or something
which is that?
rework station?
oh, like portable?
i should
but shop weed is a shit value
theyve ruined the weed economy
yeh i know
i dont go anyplace with it tho
i realized i havent taken it out the house besides going to get it in prob 6mo
i know i know
ty for caring
my mom wants me to, too
even my pub defender when i was dealing with all the court shit said to get one
i bet you could fight it

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is gold and kapton process something common?
well, not common
but like actually done enough so there is a process
yeh so i guess you would have to like stamp it or somethng
laser cut would prob work
yeh but thats just plating
see i was thiinking cut the gold
then somehow bond to the polymide
`nico: yeh for small i think laser the only thing makes practical sense
maybe some chemical deposit method
twingy: i pulled a tl494 from a supply
i need a perfboard
i was thinking abut dead bugging it, the prototype
but thats sounds more fun and chaotic then practical
little generator thing
becoming not so little

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they had wirewrap on the of the 70s sport model fighter jets
i think the f15
im pretty sure what twingy wants to do is available as a kit from on of the prototype gear places
so as usually he wants to do it by himself in his back yard or garage
which seems fun
well thats not good for pcb
kapton PCB rawk
`nico: =(

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if you need more than .25w youll have enough to do series/parallel tricks
damnhes a brave on
`nico: i might deadbug a tl494 circuit!
yeh nico is not the greatest game
its better than avg but its truly only a cliche of fallouts
but if you like TES, its fun in the same style
yeh twingy said if i build a psu hell try and do an electroplating method for full plating drilled boards
like, fr4 included, so we can mill after with thru hole plated vias
no his carbon ink thing
`nico: yeh but fuck that that could get hellish
yeh im assuming he connecting the wire to the board

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thats alot of fire!
haha @ maybe
hahaha <3
theres parallel cells i think
or theyre just laid out 3x3?
not like electrically connected that wat
omg what
jezus fuck buy the .25w R kit from sure

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yeh its prob worth it just to do that if you got it all oen
theyll do that if theyre mostly discharged anyway wont they?
inittab: i would buy the cells just to avoid fucking with the charging circuit
since its prob in a laptop and connected to important laptop shit
yeh like big caps
they seem to be black usually
hes not sure if the batteries are bad or the charger is fucked
in a lappy

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set them at around 10psi and then you tune the flame tip with the valves
but i can imagine it can be fun to spray at small flames
hahaha nice
it prob oxidized something in it onceit stared melting
so it just kinda blew up after that
nono i mean something in the plastic
wait no i think im just way confused now
yeh i get it now
i thought it was like a plastic bowl
inittab: id guess they drop more voltage with load and have issues maintaining a charge
for what?
like mini torch tanks?
haha neat
inittab: best way is usually to swap with another battery
a known good battery helps

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theres check valves, but nothing guarding from overpressure that i know of
like, massive overpressure or heat, yeah
but not like a 16psi blowoff valve
yeh basically
i dont think they have the tolerance for that
like, i had to turn mine a few turns
so you couldnt just have a stop on the dial face
and i think they diaphragm wears over time, so i dont think a set screw for the set handle depth would be effective for very long
the regs mantain voltage
er pressure
but you use the torch to adjust the flow of the gasses
so like the valves are kinda like pots after a vreg
open o2 first, then acetylene
then you just kinda gotta know what the tip flame should look and sound like for proper temps

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usually just copper
oh, yeh you might need more flow
but the tip style is prob the same
but like you need bigger tips to do bigger welds with more heat anyway
i dont think so, id check tho
like its higher pressure, isnt it?
yeh but like you have to use low pressure with acetylene
else it just blows up
so propane is maybe higher working pressures, which would need the bigger tips
we did 10psi with the oxy and fuel regs 1:1
well but high pressure with more cfm would need bigger tips maybe
we didnt use propane
heheh no
we totally had the ability o blow ourselves up

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blackmoon: heh i might dead bug the prototype
why? because im fucking insane
maybe i should just go to all and get a piece of perfboard
maybe i have some hiding
why wouldnt oxy-acy tips work?

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heatgun wooo
they out a jumper opposite a dip
so the jumper pins are underneath the dip

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yeh you can name them the same with @ hiding tho
like VCC@1 VCC@2 VCC@3 will all show up in the schema editor as just VCC
would be a stupid looking symbol tho

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wow instead of to220 diodes...
two fat do pkg diodes, mounted vertical with their cathodes tied in the air
and a piece of stamped steel that mounts to a silicone washer and act as the 3rd pin
they did the holes for a to220 diodes too, heh
yeh all the to220 have to218 holes

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those are uually pretty pussy tho anyway
oh weird dunno if i seen that
those discs ones are scary, they always have em like 1" in the air so the pins sink heat
could get pushed and short or something
mother fuckers
the tl494 is under a solder mounted heatsink
like one edge is under the corner of the sink
wow, doesnt even have a output wire grommet
just some folder over steel at the edge and holes for two zip ties
this is like the most awesome psu ever

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blackmoon: i found on
this psu vs the other:
like maybe 1/5 the parts
they didnt even buy a bridge they used do pkg diodes
input chokes omitted/jumpered, input caps omitted
especially if you have diodes stocked
which you prob do because its fucking diodes
oh the discs?

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so um
woah dude
this thing has a half inch tal to92
not like half inch tall
like the plastic can is fucking 1/2" tall
this thing has to218 switches
wait what
like into holes/
yeh .2" pitch
i found a screw between the case and the diode
didnt look burnt
so maybe nothing wrong with it
er, the case and a diode
and those al can transistors are awesome
i got one hot enough in class to like bubble the aluminum
like kinda turn it burnt and flakey (propane on Al does kinda the same thing)
shit still worked

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nothin on the ottom except some wires in a solder plane
(like, in the solder plane, as extra conductors besides the solder)
yeh man fuck 4 sec
time is money i need like, clickBOOM clickBOOM clickBOOM
all day for all of the times\
i use torrentz and iso hunt
so i basically use all the public trackers
i wonder if there are new ones

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there are 4 dips which are obviously optos
the 14dip is a quad comparator
and thats it
this thing is riced
has fan controller temo sensor, a rpm sense line for mobo
sec ill get at the bottom
ive seen them stick shit there
damn scary

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blackmoon: this on doesnt have lm494 either
has that
iunno lazy, turkeyday
same same
hi wat
then its discrete
with a quad comparator
or it has an soic on the bottom
thats an 8dip

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