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no i think youre right

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ive never seen zero backlash techniques from a cam app
tho im sure there are some that are capable
imean its prob fucking easier to code
lift, return with overshoot, drop, cut, repeat

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yeh alot of CAM apps do alot of shit like that

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i dont use mine enough
yeh that shouldnt be too hard
just get an endmill and a dovetail cutter
and just hope it doesnt move enough to oscillate?
oh, okay

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like the ones in the kit
that you linked, have like angled, ridged edges
kinda yeah
i just got some spherical washers and some bolts that fit into the holes
and i clamps shit to the blocks
that way you can machine thru your work, because its elevated off the table
usually you would use two block/clamp setups
and grab the work by two sides
theyre neat because theyre like your parallels and your fixture
yes usually
i think twingy has a bigger vise for his taig but i dont think he uses it much
toolmakers vises are usually good
theyre smaller, and theyre usually made in a way that the jaw doesnt lift up when you clamp
hmm, no in many cases i think theyre the best vises you can get
but they might not be setup for horizontal loading
yeh theres diff types
but like, a precision drill is a bigass machine, but theyre pretty much built for vertical loading
like you would prob get beat down trying to mill shit with the drill presses at school

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they just dnt make tslot nuts for my taig
i made some ghetto ones when i was still pretty shitty with speeds and feeds on the taig
fuck like .250/.500 for the minor and major widths
it little hardware kit it comes with just has these little rectangles
with threaded holes
yeh im pretty sure they mean the minor width
all those kits are for big machines
its bigger than your head
i use my tslot nuts, even tho they look ghetto they work
like, i hold 123 blocks with little bars i made
with holes in them
so you slide the bar into the 123 block from the side
then put bolts thru the bar into the tslot nuts, in the vertical holes of the 123 block
or i made little clamps the hold onto the grip slots on my vise
its a block 1x2x3"
usually like .0005 or .0001 tolerance
usually drilled, with half the holes threaded
then i bought step blocks

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but yeh i need screwdrivers
i wanted to open my df pro so i could try and make the shifter less fucked
and i didnt have a long enough screw driver
yeh totally i was even using a real screwdriver
was like 1/2" too short
i prob going to WA next time i have any kind of vacation time
id totally hop the border to see your giant helping hand h4x
which reminds me i should score a passport
i dont think that birth cert and a smile shit is gonna fly ever again
and its kinda shitty to travel 6k miles with your birth cert
is drama to get another one of those
kinda but none of that shit will likely fit into a desktop machine

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parking lot is prob already full
i want the screwdriver set, the led flashlight 6 pack (shit comes with 18 batteries!), and i want one of the trimmer screwdrivers with 4 dual bits
haha what
heh, h4x
how responsible of you

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Central Forge Helping Hands $2.29
mines joints always fail
like the fucked up and made the finish too nice
Central Forge 3-Piece Heavy Duty Pry Car Set $3.99
pry car, feer
fuck that my sears is at the mall

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that sucks
125 pc ratcheting screwdriver set $15, nice
i cant imagine they markup their shit that much normally
Gordon Ceramic 6" Chefs Knife $16.99

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double sided bits with 3 stored in the handle
was pob my fav tool ever, lost it i guess
The earliest uses of "Black Friday" come from or reference Philadelphia and refer to the heavy traffic on that day, an implicit comparison to the extremely stressful and chaotic experience of Black Tuesday (the 1929 stock-market crash).
neat i thought it was prob related
haha funny, i totally trolled rockshox about how standing in lines to shop for anything is totally feminine
i used a beer and knife shop as my example
get that brake machine
at least rab doesnt have to wait like an extra hour

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they have mcds at the home depot here
i wonder if they have breakfast
you know those things have like these big circle things with teeth that will eat your face, right?
oh, tru dat
fuck that thats totally the opposite direction
and like that shit is stupid cheap all the time
i want some brand name china bullshit
dude i would really worry about getting stabbed there over some shit
day after thanksgiving
The term "Black Friday" originated in Philadelphia in reference to the heavy traffic on that day. (see 'Origin of the name' below) More recently, merchants and the media have used it instead to refer to the beginning of the period in which retailers are in the black (i.e., turning a profit).
zzzz_: maybe
i dont really want to be up in a couple hours
but i need a screwdriver set
also husky makes these awesome little trimmer screwdrivers

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its generic china shit tho you see same shit branded as other shit in diff color plastics
LED bulbs last up to 10K hours each
bulbs, awesome
25 piece screwdriver set with ratchet bit driver
rab: you can always sleep later in life
dude go to sleep
or go to home depot right now
haha wat
i wonder if that dewaulty has speed control
before you say they all do
we have a torque set drill at work that doesnt have speed control
man is that some faith shit
yeh im like wtf WHO BOUGHT THIS THING
zzzz_: when does it open?
i wouldnt mind the screwdriver set
so yeh i guess hitting it by 5 would be wise
right to the mfkn tool crib

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so if youre cooking shit, itll turn on
and if you microwave shit, you go to open the door right as it beeps
and you still hear this droning fucking fan when you open the door
like the microwave is still powered up
scares the shit outta me
im about to crash out
thats pretty nuts
im not trying to get stabbed in the face shopping today, tho
my maglight button cover fell off
the rubber nub
i am not pleased
well wtf
add a fucking tab to the plastic mold and put a fucking hole in the rubber under the Al
theyre already cheap retail
husky is not that bad

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blackmoon: yes i think its similar but is way diff proportions
but yeh in transmissions lines class
we basically just reflected 10GHz around with copper clad
shit did exactly the same shit light would do
no but wed calc min safe distance
and then put our hands under that distance to see if we could feel it
it was like 10mW i think?
some people say they can feel it
other dont feel shit
i felt something but it totally could have been imagined
we had one in the classroom, we never hooked it up to anything
my fav teacher taught that class, JPL consultant, awesome guy
fucking with RF since he was a little kid
kinda has some cancer issues =\
microwaves are so insane
ours is over the range
with an integrated hood fan turns on automatically

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its playing with light thats way to bigg to fit into your eyeball
it doesnt
its like, why doesnt light go thru glass, not thru steel
but yeh i basically see it like that, light will go right thru glass, wont thru metals, alot of synthetics and organics are in between
rf is same shit, can be absorbed, reflected, just go right thru
yeh i think most metals
fuck thats looks illegal
who do you call about illegal urls?

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im pretty sure this is shit youre supposed to be telling us
all that shit that has been fucking all your designs since you were a kid?
random fucking bullshit from the fucking universe
live in it
yeh nevermind tesla laughs at us because our whole electromagnetic model might be half assed
fuckit man just call it noise and keep going

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yeh but you cant change it?
like does this have to be a one way deal?
you have to be able to change shit in the hardware to change whats in the IF
which i think is exactly what he wants?
so i think in practice you send some data out to the module to tell it what to send you back in the IF
isnt your job to write drivers wtf?
what does open src fail have to do with anything in your life?
iunno im just making wild assumptions

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why cant you have someone produce a hardware demod unit you can flash from a pc
yeh but you can have the software control code living in the hardware
are the parts its based on something you can source?
putting raw IF into the pc isnt so insane

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it changes the mixing frequency
so you get different signal freqs into your IF
yeh rabs idea was neat

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youre going to save alot of money and feel really awesome about not having to resort to silly analog methods
im pretty sure you need some GHz class fpga
so i mean that would prob make you the most techiest fucker in here
blackmoon: we have stuff like that here
theres an early gen one by the 5 freeway, it basically looks like a pole painted like a tree with some green antenna shit on the side
wow that ones awesome
i thought you had redwoods up there?

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and grandma just starts going, 'hes hungry he needs some foods' like hours before everything is done
and i dont wanna say anything because grandma is actually being nice to me
like i wasnt even hungry and i get food forced on me and im feeling like im being rude
i dunno if grandma was being nice or trying to set me up
ivys dad made stuffing from pork rinds
stuffing is my fav part of thankgiving
maybe even fav part of life
was not so great =(
damn its like they dont want to sell them
thats prob the point
but damn @ $2400 prototype chip
because youre sampling a 500MHz signal
and you have to sample at double the rate
because think about it
how do you catch both swings of the wave
if youre sampling at the same speed
it would just be the same value forever
i think we decided you are going to use an fpga and do all that digitally

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Sample Qty: 2000
damn you did my joke better than i was typing it
this convo was easily the most fun i had all day
man it was weird i was just chillin on the couch at aunt ivys

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actually if you spent that much work on it id prob not even laugh id just feel sad =(
watch fucking tv on it
but every kind of tv
unless they up bitrates =(
feed to dsp setup inside fpga
ok dsp with special name
then play mad guitar when it works because youre ninja
blackmoon: that seems to be some sort of trademark habit of movie scenesters
like the . encodes to a smaller file than a _ i guess
because its smaller, see
so there is less data
timecop: okay thats pretty wtf

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oh, shit thats just a wave gen?
ADF4153: Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer
you still need all the other parts =\
i think thats producing the waves to mix into your signal to procude the IF signal
then you would have to filter out the other crap ir produces and the input signal
because its rly hard yo
like im betting if you could get the data in you prob wont be able to do much else with the pc
id laugh if you could do it but there wasnt enough cycles left over to actually watch the stream =\

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maxim trap!
octopart says fuck you too
pll + junk
i want to relearn all the RF shit i studied
first time thru i was basically like WAT NO WAI
you need one of those
thats basically what the IF stage is

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(GNU Radio's HDTV recording capability that we built last year did not
work in realtime; it took 40 seconds of computation to decode every
second of HDTV into an MPEG transport stream. It also pushed data
thru the PCI bus so fast that it tickled bugs in some common
motherboard chip sets.
40s of processing for ever sec
like, turn your tv tuner on and watch it tommorrow
rab: non stock at digikey doesn tnot exist at mouser

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how do you capture a section of bandwidth without external analog interfaces or decoders?
oh with a board, you dont i guess
oh neat i love those tiny coils in clear plastic packages
ok thats way more sane

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which is probably whats going on inside his modules
what do they mean by software?
like doing shit with filtered IF stuff or what?
um, yeh maybe at a few hundred mhz if youre lucky?
and those numbers dont make sense to me unless youre running something totally dedicated
which i mean personally i think is an awesome and abusive use of pc resources
yeh exactly
which doesnt sound like your avg lunix head to me
free solution, you just need a $2k pc and mad luck?

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and shit youd have to be a ninja at FPGA with a $1K chip or something
yeh exactly
youre basically developing a specialized class of silicon
like what goes into your pc at that rate?
wifi and gbit eth?
your proc aint processing that raw
yeh but you still need a hardware decoder before putting on a pc bus
its not like the cpu is seeing any of the RF shit
since its timecop im pretty sure its encrypted and needs to be realtime
so like, thats a big load already
decoding the raw strea is like, unreal status on *any* common hardware
so yeh back to rabs analog sanity, which im pretty sure is what im laying out for him already
The MAX2116/MAX2118 devices directly convert L-band signals to baseband using a broadband I/Q downconverter. The operating frequency range extends from 850MHz to 2175MHz.
youre not doing it a uC core, and prob not on any kinda of realistic fpga setup
yeh but its what he needs to do, generalizing

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yeh i think thats cheating tho, this is tc you prob just made him cry
but yeh theres data in the RF stream, you prob wanna decode that first
prob need to decode that first
which i think is where you are today with your project's rf modules
with what tho
wtf is gonna do dsp with data samples coming in at 1GHz?
thats basically what tc wants to do, but dsp it in a pc
which wont work
you need some discrete design, and i dont think he was planning on fpga or asic

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youre never going to get that much raw data into a pc in this decade
also youre prob not going to be able to process it anyway
as youd have samples streaming in like every few cpu clocks
im not even sure how youd down convert it on any standard uC

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mmm, nyquist
such a minimalist
have fun getting that into the pc as a realtime stream
thats the sampling rate you need to grab the 470mhz
its nyquist, 2x your sampled freq
because if your filter that you basically get a reproduction of the original
you need to take that data and FFT it i think
if you only want to sample a limited bandwidth
i think you can get that data into a pc
then in the pc you can put it back into a wave format
like how mp3 works

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oh right
i dont even wanna talk about the driver and enduser preconfig situation at work =(
would prob work better if it was just one guy

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yeh im not sure
i guess like
they smoke weed
moon smokes weed
no but you would be the 5th today
yes hes prob lip syncing
yes he is fat like elvis
is that where shit blew up?
i dont have friends in indian so im like, k
so maybe in 10 years it will be decent software?
anyway that doesnt help

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no actually thats what the cia says theyre not advancing in really
and everyone else
except the bush admin and the media
it that fear up with a spoon
you dont think the cia exists?
no cmon, rly?
id wouldnt be able to get in?
they would tackle or shoot you?
the cia was used by this regime to sell bullshit
the cia was fucked as much as anything else the bushers touched
anyway the cia is very real, for better or worse
if it wasnt for them, wed prob be at war with iran
when bush was pushing that shit hard, the cia had to come out and deflate their propaganda
basically saying iran was almost zero threat
and that they had informed the white house of it
and that this line of bullshit was alot like what was spread during the build up to iraq
the cia saved your ass because they didnt wanna be bitches anymore

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you cant even do your own drugs?
you prob should from now on
were all pretty sure shes made up
actually iran is not so bad at tech, they have tons of educated people, they do research

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seravitae: some you have to peel the bottom
if you try and smash thru the top youll just smash the shit
the one by 37.5mg is obviously a product name
boltaren is a pharmaceutical sounding imaginary word
i dont see those letters =(
yes well obviously
here let me run and get them
oh wait i dont care because i cant read that shit anyway so its be exactly the same with the font

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wow you have finally seen the light
no you werent
accept your now and future sanity
become enlightened and ascend
nice pop out diagram

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bass = essential life mana

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so fucking break it

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you should try pads or ewb
then why do you use it constantly
we need vmware at work
other tech is trashing his workstation laptop doing hardware driver testing

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11:17 <@timecop> renesis: got any diptrace bugs to report??
who is ozzzy i forgot
timecop: that shit with the scroll wheel where it like moves shit
i dunno if thats a bug or some useless feature or what
i think youre right it only happens when you scroll fast
or thats the only time i notice it =( =( =(

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