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its a pretty perfect fit, but not like press fit
its like a 3/4" diam cylinder
thats like 1/2" tall
that goes into a matching hole
yeh depends on the machine
and i guess what kind of nut you get
taig is brass, consumable
but you would have to be running the machine insane hours to eat one enugh to need to replace it
no but its work
and you prob want a machine tool to fabricate shit
go ask in #emc on freenode
i need foods, bbl

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you use two wrenches
at the bottom
by the tool
you make mounts for the steppers
and make some sort of coupling
and yeh typically you could use some sort of backlash reducing leadscrew nut
on the taig it goes into a hole

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yeh, ER model
ER16 is up to 3/8"
theyre spring colletes
so you buy colletes like maybe 1mm incriments
and clamp down on smaller shit
pretty stamdard
can find er16 most tool shops
yeh fuck those drill chucks
that just dont work for lateral forces

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a toy 3jaw chuck on a stepper shaft
A axis rotates around the X axis
B axis rotates around the Y axis
C axis rotates around the Z axis
ive never used mine
the taig itself is pretty hardcore
its light, tho
its 80lbs
it might be more but yeh that sounds right
it doesnt have enough Y
the motor mount is shit, but i never upgraded
and its doing ok
the spindle motor
those are better steppers than mine
tho i think mine might be badass for their size

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watch at some point it pops up a doalog 'YOU ARE LAME. [OK] [NOT OK]'
fuck i dunno man make intersecting tubes
and mine comes cnc ready
in fact mine came with the steppers
like $2k for turnkey setup
everything except the pc
for your RC car? wtf
dx^: you cand do concentric alignment?
its a toy

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i want a garage =(
scale tool my friend
yes i know how
draw lines mfkr
in the assembly
do it
maybe not
i think you can just free edit the parts in assembly mode
okay i have an idea based on that but its retarded
i dont have ballscrews
edit the hole
make lines from quantrant points on the edges to find a center
locate the button
lock both parts
(thats the lame part)\
and delete the lines from the big asse,bly

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ive had an arm chip
damn twingy is gone
i know he has a doc for setting up an arm environment

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oh, guys i got my sparkfun today
jezus fuck i have to remember how to put the armgcc shit back together again

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yeh those look good
apestate: that place is local
to moon
if they didnt already spec spindle to column i would guess that
ima practice racing imaginary cars from the 60s
im that car for all of winter season

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haha @ daggerfall
mrtube: if you like TES you should play fallout 3
gibs im pretty sure are the pieces that hold your table against the ways
so it doesnt jiggle
like, the tighter you adjust the gibs, the more stable the machine is
but the more friction there is
so on a manual machine, it have a heavier feeling to the controls
on an open loop stepper cnc, you run the risk of skipping steps or locking the motors

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its prob a good tool for you
thats prob stall current

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mrtube: you liking them?
eval board?
like, not thru the amps?
like, youre hear the actual relays
no idea, i always assumed it had alot to do with manufacturing
like how the coil is physically built
i think any ac thri coils is potentially noisy
well, yeh bigger parts, so looser tolerances, and more current
thats better
you need an ac cap
wow youre making ac fureal

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haha what
why cant you leave that end up?
were you going to cnc convert them or what?
yes and they generally are lower tolerance machines, with lighter bodys
well even something like milling a panel for a piece of equipment
its not anything major, its just big

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and yeh even if you take that shit off it still looks tight
dx^: hi
anyway, its worth the money if the build quality isnt shit
i doubt its super precise but i dont think thats what youre looking for
oh hmm
the Z adjusts on the colums too or something?
anyway thats prob more important than anything
okay thats not so bad
you usually just use the manual lever for drills
on the bigass bridgeport mills, you adjust the table height\

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mine has 6"
and the um...
that shit professor has
thats a good mill
i think it had like 12" or 14"
think of any foxtures, vices, setup blocks, etc
then think of your cutting tool
sorry phone
fixtures, cutting tools
subtract that from your Z
thats your max part dimensions with zero headroom to work
that can be just as useless

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thats tight
never clean machine with compressed air!
haha i used to clean my bridgeport with air
(it gets in between parts and throws the machine off)
9x4", XY
which sucks
good Z
those look kinda cool
the thing with the lathe integrated thing is it looks tight
not very much space

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spindle is kinda slow
usually two gears and a pulley set you can move the belt on
but 1300 rpm isnt that fast
like, bigger tools its prob okay
smaller tools itll suck
# Spindle travel 3-3/8'' (85mm).
thats weak
its weak on my taig, and my taig does like 6"
# Distance from lathe chuck to centre line of drilling arbor 2-1/2'' (63mm).

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oh neat
i havent read it all youre spoiling
looks light duty, but mill-drills usually are
well i mean the price def isnt bad

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why do you even need that kind of Z precision?

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blackmoon: eh eh
blackmoon: read msg, neat doc
02:09 < seravitae> when using microstepping can you actually hold the motor at those intervals
i dont think so, not in a precision sense
but itll prob stay close, and prob definitely more precise than non microstepped

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haha wtf is an isa card!
oh scary
theres 10 isa slots on various mobo mounted to my wall

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