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you just go to rivet city
talk to vera
go bhack to the kid
thats done
ok i have to go
that sucks i hoped there was more

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wow it just ends
worse than morrowind?
and i dunno ive played maybe 40 hours
i finished all my side quests
id have to go look for shit now
morrowind was the shit
okay race has begun
fuckin street race
right angle turns and walls
is it just over?
does it ruin whats left?
they didnt
nm i has a race but damn
i might have to to go to maryland and vandalize a building after all
ac-130u: serious, you dont need too
w t f
im like almost done with that part
super mutants aint even hard
and behemoths arent either if you got a party or you got big guns
how many side quests did you have?
maybe close to 30?

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why is the ending that bad?
im storming some shit with the giant robot
is it over now or something?

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man i want pizza

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no this is #electronics

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looks like samsung ram, some LLP thing, SSOP, fine pitch qfp atmega
it kinda looks manually placed to be pretty
and then hit the auto button
look at the avr
does it look like there are any C right at the vcc pins?
theres no parts on the bottom

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i had it on a coffee table where i was doing shit and it got thrown in a little bin with other shit and thrown in a electromechanical junk pile

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oh then mines probably fried

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guys why wont my dragon work anymore
i wish to program an avr with usb like as before but something fails

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i think they make some sort of ceramic glass stuff
but thats prob totally horrible to work with
sounds tasty

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i wanted some
but then i had to like register and everything
too much work
yeh coke is better

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here id dx
ok maybe now thats not so funny

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