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hello duh
Fallout, A Post-Apocolyptic Role Playing Game.

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i has 2.4ghz, but i has like four
no idea

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blackmoon: engineering change order
wtf none of you guys when to machinist or techy school?
who are you
how did sladdict find this place

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i db'ed this eco today
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 500 KHz
Cerwin-Vega! Redefining Full-Range.

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haha what
wires too thin =( =(
weird with flac the dnb almost seems to clean

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and yeh, because it requires a spdt switch, its already pretty useless
now you need a special part and exra gates
you can debounce with software or RC LPF
one is free and the other is almost free and both will work with any kind of switch ever
tho yeh i thought it was pimp shit when prof explained it to us

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rs ff is two nands

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so i have this kinda crappy task i gotta enter all three companies ECOs into a db
but its kinda neat, seeing the record of fail over the course of years
omg my sparkfun is in CO
wont get till monday =(
omg they says tuesday
ac-130u: yes
haha our coder doesnt wanna write them, he didnt een know what ECO meant

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all over the cnn last night
she talks about local business
and the guy killing birds is like nodding his head, hes totally listening

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08:53 <@DX^> "Barack Obama to appoint Hillary Clinton secretary of state 'next week'"
i think we been setup
and i usually pay like $20-40
for shipping from chinapcb

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