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i think topbright actually made his ebay page wider
like to him, the width of your page is how awesome you are or something

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i need to think o a present to get or make for my friend girl
worst case, i plus one her kurosawa collection
which is pretty awesome
hmm, is not so bad an idea, tho tim is limited
(tim is my body hunter)

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i was all working on something at work, having to pee, then all the managers decide to have a discussion about it for 20min
who picked it?
i happens
yes also
did it end politely?
oh hmm

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macegr: i actually looked at my shiftbright code
haha omg file modified end of may
did you call?
how did you find out?
oh you got distracted or something
haha nice

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dude pizza

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or shes super into it

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timecop: you used olimex usb jtag programmer, no?
youre not even to it yet
just stfu and read

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just read it
damn you ruined to much already
read it tho

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dx^: ok i am laughing

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`nico: yes
my other huge complain is thats its a bit to carrot on a stick
one night i was like half asleep stoned, totally realizing i didnt know what was going on so much
but i was finishing quests anyway
man i stopped reading the story
does it get better?
hahah wtf
friend in the closet omg omg?!

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like, if you ever get mad sick for a month
play fallout 3
no i mean play fallout 2 if youre mad sick for a month
but yeh play fallout 3 this time
no dont do it
its just considered bad
it was like realtime rpg, instead of turn based
and it had no story
it was like a fight scene forever
like the fallout engines were good, but it was the writing and non-linear shit that made it awesome
like you can just build a smash tv game out of it

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i literally went to my home on the global map in fallout 1 and just went around in circles to have random encounters with thugs
i think so
the main quest is pretty linear (sadly)
but i think its under 50 hours
its prob a 300 hour game
to do main quest and all side quests and find everything
do it
like, my complaints are based on me thinking original fallouts were best games ever
like, my friend was prob more into fallout, played the shit out of oblivion
he played this a few hours and stopped, he didnt like it
because yeh, humor isnt quite as dark, some of the drama was cheesy, and it kinda seems like a cliche of fallout
naw man
the quick jumps to map points makes it too easy
you only have to hike there once
not really
itll explain some stuff that makes more sense or is cooler if you know
but its pretty standalone
but you should
play fallout 2 at least

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mfkr youre doing it wrong
damn so like, the two computers i totally built from scratch for myself
were both for bethesda games
i didnt
i wouldnt have felt ripped off
these devs just arent as funny or clever
its awesome
but it feels a bit more TES than fallout, like the mood and the play style
iunno man
the elder scrolls
arena, daggerfall, morrowind, oblivion
oblivion was the engine they built fallout 3 on
its literally just a giant mod for the oblivion engine
`nico: you decide on money
if youo have to pay to play it, pay for it
its worth it for the DC wastes
oh, yeh if you grew up in DC you have to get it
part of the reason i loved fallout 1 and 2 was because they were games about home =)
its not as long as i thought
theyre post apocolyptic california

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well regardless of the terminology
it just fucked me up
'this is impossible, see? so just put an i there. okay now later on, undo it
i was like, what no, you cant do that, because its impossible
im just weird, iunno
like i understood it, i was just opposed to it or something

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dude in 10th grade
we leaned about imaginary numbers
and like it drove me insane
i was like, no fuck you i can get the answer you want
but you cant put numbers in limbo
and just undo it later
because its convienient
(those vids kevtris posted made it make sense tho)
yeh but they were constructed because what your were trying to do was impossible
brain is just like, what? no.

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iwhen i realized electronics was three years minimum, as opposed to two...
well i didnt wanna go to school just for like half the week
so i took CNC too
dx i think im going to work for two years
and go back to school in 2010
like, fuckit, loan it up if i have to
i couldnt do that shit
the math is too abstract
it makes sense with electronics but i guess maybe it didnt before
because i hate math courses
i like the world problems =\
i dunno when people explain advanced maths to me it usually makes lots of sense

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its also like as high level as you get, and most peoples in this chan code at core level or close to it
im kinda ok @ c
but like im still at a point where i fuckup at syntax stuff
c is prety awesome
very literal
once i picked that up, i figured alot of it out quick because of my asm knowledge
yeh i really want to get functional at it soon
i bought a usb jtag
so i can do sam7 again (i wanted to the other day but this pc has no parport)
i took c++, asm, and psuedo code concepts programming in the same semester
also 3 courses of gcode/CNC
after a semester of discrete digital logic
shit was awesome
its all the same
oh, it was two

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kevtris: you made the topic in #cars while i was at work
however this is overshadowed by the fact that #cars op KK has emoquit
for the second time in prob as many months
it requires a virtual machine
which makes it more scripting than programming

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