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06:38 <@Rab> Huh...how about three 4x5 boards for $60.
$3 per unit, not bad

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whats ultra cheap?
tooling is like $50
options cost depends how much they like you, im pretty sure
then unit prices seem either fair or insane cheap

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omg y so mean
los angeles standard time
thats GMT
or no

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inverted artichoke?
heh, dentata
so from fattest mans dickcheese to defeating spiked condoms
we are awesome
haha is that a joke im not sure
im not even totally sure what that means
eggsalad: jogging at night is for max rape
eggsalad: respond mfkr
eggsalad: WTF
hahahaha WHAT

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"So that's how it is in their family." E. Rooney
awesome comment
it can be salvaged!
i hope that is updated
exactly seravitae
man fuck this im doing some avr shit

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so like terrain following lights
but backwards
im buying those 5 chip leds
haha nice

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or hell get fucked

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seravitae: neat

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danielson: why the fuck cant you just pullup to the avr supply?
like a fucking sane person
go figure it out with the clerks before you whole life is ruined

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doing it wrong is lame
theyre protection diodes
no auxillary diodes
ima go buy a bowl and more plastic dresser bins
or not
who can say

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2k11i think the crack is just lame
2k01 looks cool
the schema for my shit at work
the one designed by the canadians
instead of like, 0.1uF
its like u10
ha, no moon
and instead of 100R
its annoying
those were values
10mA would be pushing it
danielson: what
blackmoon: did you ever rejoin?
because its bullshit h4x
its doing it wrong and pretending youre a genius
it risks blowing out a port
dont actively use the protection diodes

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because its almost impossible without a buttload of documentation that likelt barely exists
i couldnt get 2008 to install
ive never sent you the 2k7 dvd/.
snailmailed it to eck0
dl dvd
you prob have the same one i got
if what im pretty sure i failed at
so they repainted my bathroom
its still sticky
and theres dirt and other worker debris in my bathtub
blackmoon: haha tru

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