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timecop: neat
youre not dropping 4db anymore?
also, pics

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im going to go to bed
blackmoon: i finished wasteland survival guide research

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vertibirds blow up cool

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haha @ rockos modern life

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blackmoon: wtf
how come after the raqven rock mission i can only have one party member besides dogmeat
fuck the bros of steel girl
im taking charon
that mofo is down
dont dotdotdot at charon he will combat shotgun your ass forever

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i have 3 hours for fallout

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logitech driving force pro
logitech g25 is the upgrade
gated shifter
but the g25 has a realistic wheel
df pro has a fucking ps2 dualshock controller built into it
and sequencial shift
imy mac and cheese is done
bye bye mfkrs

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thats what im racing in winter league
yeh not again what?
its called brakes
your real car has them too
you cant engine brake to zero
you have to learn
youll learn to stop that
because its slow
excessive drifting too
very slow
honestly when youre doing it right, its kinda boring and you feel like you can go way waster

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i thought about that perk
what level are you now?
like 20?
fallout 3
even timecop likes it
what moon said

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