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IHOP or Dennys
i dont even know where a Dennys is around here
i can go to supermarket
ima just play more fallout and smoke weed and fall asleep
tomorrow i can get pizza

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im hungry
everything is closed

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dx^: nice

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no seagates have long warranties
i thought 3 years
i wonder if my .7 is still under warranty

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Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 5 years limited
Labor 5 years limited
drive, non plural
unless you count the cuda 4 and .7
Your search - site:seagate.com ST3500631NS - did not match any documents.
did i mention fallout crashing sucks?

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did you try just mounting the raid thing in linux?
im saying with the one good drive
yeh worked with the soft raid
i has that
raid 10,
go go go
no u
in my case they would be seagates so barely
that sucks
did yours come in anti static bags folded closed with a made in china sticker?

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yeh i was same as macegr
im like, ow
then i realized
youve become one of those #php people you are dead to me
it mirrored trash or what
dx^: !!
guys stop i have a new seagate .11
delete the raid!?
drama, go zero

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naw man he president elect
you gotta impeach his ass
that would be cool
if a president got impeached while he was still president elect
However, the 901 has a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor - the 900 had a 900MHz Celeron M, though as Register Hardware's speed tests have shown, there's not a lot of difference between the two.

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i bought like 800 caps worth of ammo
i cant get scrounger til next level =(

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failution, nice

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no comon
you wonder why the clock is fuckey, rly?
you make a lpf
nice destroyed trace
to Y4
yes i see

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your shit is failing on rise
youre using an clock source ic or what?
honestly that shit is prob fine for more edge triggered shit
man they are chainsawing the tree outside
its annoyinh

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thats weak sauce normal signal gens

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