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its called youtube
its pretty neat
they got all sorts of video there
buy a domain and a host

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if i want that i can put it there
diptrace, eda for blind people

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dude if i drop a trace somewhere it shouldnt move it back
i should have to move a trace like 5 times to find some place close to where i want it that sticks
its set to 1mil
its moving it like 10mil
because it aligns with a pad nicely
dude this is fucking lame

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its slanting the traces from pad to pad

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okay drastic actions about to happen
i unrouted all the power and ground nets

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dude like, you how long itll take me to change trace size?
in eagle,m change tool, select width, then just start clicking like a tweaker
i just wanna stab
this monitor makes music sound better
benq is ok
guys there is new ac/dc
no rly
also there is a max payne movie?
fur said so
she said its okay
marky mark is max payne
she didnt know marky mark is donny walbergs brother so i laughed at her

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oh if you have shit selected and scroll wheel, it fucking moved the shit along the Y axis
all sorts of flipping trace sides trying to route to shit with vias
thats fucking annoying
i go to zoom and some plane or some part moves vertically along the grid
hopefully i notice
its a selection thing im pretty sure
its grouped rotate behaviour is like a joke
like you could gif that shit and its be like, a cad joke
eagle is just non intuitive
its fast tho

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dude fuck you get a life
who the fuck cares how it runs
as long as you can make it do pcb quick
dude this is gay
im going back and forth fixing bullshit
because some auto-bullshit AI is being retarded
okay well i obviously meant diptrace
because thats all i been using
uh, yeh
seriously you need to learn to use something else
what ive been doing for the last 30min has nothing to do with routing pcb
it has to do with fixing diptraces stupid decisions
shoving traces, autoaligning shit instead of just doing what my mouse says
some retarded via related shit

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im sick of eagle doing stupid shit with scroll wheel
how the fuck is it flipping trace sides

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im hungry

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04:46 <@DX^> renesis: ever met someone who was cooler when they weren't high?
i guess so
background of what
pr what

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diptrace crashed
i have an intel quad but your failboard is keeping me from using it
the mobo came with nothing
some foam, a bag
hell yeh
whatever i has interweb
why do i need a back panel

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i need to finish your failboard so i can install new computer already
heh, the mobo and the gpu both use black mask

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guys new monitor is win
ima go unpack the other shit
colbert says mccain should endorse barack obama
that it would make him a real maverick

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he did

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i have so many more pixels
i gotta like moge my eyeballs way more
well its only 1280 or 1024 right now tho
wow nice @ native res
big is neat
do this is like too big
i gotta like move my herad and shit
its like at the back edge of my desk

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you bitched about back annotation in eagle
well thats only for naming parts
this is worse
if you have board and schema synced, eagle will throw an error if you try and connect shit
i did
anyway maybe its fixed i have to ripup some shit
ratline in diptrace are fail
theyre fail in eagle too but i can work around that
ima hook up my new monitor

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mrtube: neat
timecop: it connected a power rail and gnd i think
but no fu
okay my computer is here
timecop: why would it even let me connect you

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dude i hate diptrace
wtf i like eagle 4
except the lib editor subfile management

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i prefer axis gui with emc
also windows had some major realtime issues on my pc
what youtube
he mean 47
47, one left to go, alaska and hawaii i wanted to go to but my staff couldnt justify it
no he did, obviously

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i hated mach 3
mostly windows
also the interface was too bloat

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wtf where is my ups
its still like OUT FOR DELIVERY 5:13AM
yeh rly wtf
do they hand off the truck or what
ima buy it
20:24 <@Turdis> ok, so FO3 officially sucks
20:24 <@Turdis> that is all
sucks i have to break this pc down to try the new one

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pcb rev-H-3 and it still dont work
but classic
thats tomorrow
supposedly the compliance unit didnt have this issue
but that thing is fail
i tried it today and the front panel is like dead
the pc dont see it
i dont even think have of the shit was running when they did testing so im like how do you know if it dropped music streams
they didnt have music thru it at that point
since before anybody there was even there
except the project manager guy
but hes some sort of marketing/sales/management guy
so all he knows is that this fail has been going on forever, he dont go any deeper than the software integration

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and and possibly reset that unit
you have to reset the units to recover
if i zap one enough, the pc firewire will fail
and i have to reboot the computer
that would be cool sticker
circle and cross thru a MJ moonwalker looking icon
at this point i wouldnt be surprised if they aborted
the main reason i think they wont is theres heavy marketting behind it
the little controller surface is awesome, works well, actually got my friends axcited when they saw it
they dont really get the turntable controller
personally i think it would have been cool if it was released like 3 years ago
project is like 4 years old now, so that was problably the plan
but yeh theyre like, it doesnt play anything
and they can do basically the samething with a timecode record and final scratch or serrato
and then they can also play records
anyway, its like a thousand points of failure

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any esd to ground resets our dj controllers
im using piezo lighter ignitors
but i can replicate failure moonwalking on the carpet
yeh thats what im doing at work
mixer and turntable midi control surfaces over firewire
one of the office types on the project has an m-audio firewire io box
we plugged that in, i hit it with ignitor sparks all over the panels and connectors, was fine
that dancemove was all about the EMP
okat this is how critical it is:
i can moonwalk, walk up the platter on the deck and touch it
it possible resets the whole unit
sometimes it just flips some of the button leds
if its chained thru a mixer unit, itll end the audio stream thru the mixer soundcard

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man stupid failboard
i hate diptrace

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pipe benders are so awesome
guy computer is supposed to get here like now
im have to go tho
maybe i can go get it after work

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