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what the fuck are you talking about eh eh

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i got q6600
2*2GB ddr2 1066 5-5-5-15, seagate .11 640gb
and evga 512mb gf9800 gtx thinger

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hmm dunno

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i got those

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wtf hanns-g
are these good?
its the cheapest 22" lcd at newegg

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okay im buying a mfkin pc
pc computer machine

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but next guy is in deep right off the bat
hes losing like all of them
uh, yeah

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i laugh while people die
whats your point
like 100 people died like right now
100 more again, just now
okay for most of them, it prob hurt
yes exactly so who cares
people get rich, people lose everything too
im registered republican, so theres no way theyll stop me or you
gobama will win but voter fraud will become an issue
and the election will go to shit like in 00
mccain is that much of a bitch
and repubs in general not much better
theyre gonna lose more of congress to
dems are gonna be in control
and its gonna suck
i mean cool if they can fix everything

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timecop: midi controller
its motor for a turntable platter
but theres no stylus arm
hello duh
when i realized what the stock market was when i was a kid it was pretty fucking obvious to me that bullshit wasnt gonna work
how is it a revelation its like written all over the system in red spraypaint
lets all rely on the honesty of greedy people
stocks are a gamble
so if i had a 401k id feel differently about this?
i would think id be maybe a bit pissed
instead of tad bit amused by the sociolo9gy of the matter

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heh new motor firmware is win
they went from 5% speed accuracy to like <0.5%
theres no CNC at this job

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they were talking about it on cnn right now

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omg to your school?!
oh rite
theyre like fuck cali no surprise there

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