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man fuck this palin bitch
fuck 'the base'
bunch of redneck al queda mufuckers

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yeh i shuffled the reg parts below the connect too
so its all sloppy
but yeh that wasnt so hard you are fuckin lazy
i need ginger ale
im prob gonna move everything over maybe 1mm so the soic is not so squished

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or whatever
see pic?
thats fine so far?
im going to move it in a bit too like on the bottom
i have to put that cap back, im prob going to rotate the bottom coil
of course
in about 2 hours?
3 hours?
l1/c1/c2 could go on top side near usb plug?
which are those
well its filter power for the module
so i put it right at the pin
im gonna shift the caps so the 5v line isnt as stretched

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timecop: okay is mostly done
just connecting up power rails and ground and shit
i gotta go bed
yes rly here ill send pic
haha wtf
you are haxing lordpil.org thats just wrong

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timecop: should the arrays be by the chip or by the connector?

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amplitude and phase in the freq domain
yeh, thats all

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okay cool
i need drink
macegr: did i tell you the io on the thinger im doing at work is avr?
has an isp header
its all shift regs
in series
im like damn, slow

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timecop: wait so can i route under the module?

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omg thats awesome

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timecop: can i route on the other side of the grey lines?
ok no

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this shit is like 4/5 placed
you are lazy, sir

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timecop: yeh whatever
i cant put anything under the box right?
its not a floating module
shield box on top
green line
right which
`nico: hmm wai
tat is you contribution to the topic of education?

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the air is too watery

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it runs like shit on my pc
im being indecisive about pc build
maybe car is better

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a) i has job
b) im used to being poor
dx^: too much effort
easier to watch dollars bcome more nothing
you want me to send back what i did already or what?
i guess yeh i can just send that
or no
you can send
i can add the cap again
diptrace has ogl and windows clickgui

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i added one more
for by the connector
the coils are as far away from the shield as possible without hanging them off the side of the board
but thats so ghetto
okay but now i am seeing your problem
the xtal
sec lemme see how much it helps
cuz its like, that do you compromise, the usb or the xtal
*what what what
cad cow?

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man you are just lazy or you want to give me money

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timecop: you need an extra .1uf on the 1.5V, k your welcome

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macegr: sweeet

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youre assimilating well

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dx^: !
hahaha check this out

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okay so two switchers?
okay maybe i can get the coils in the corners
switchers noises are funneh
these things dont need diodes or theyre inside or what?

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the box?
purple is my outline?
yeh its fine
whats the red shit
yeh i see them
you just said left and right in the mail so i wasnt sure
oh ok
does it matter top or bottom?
by the connector i guess
usb or whatever it is
think so
i think you mean the other way?
the coil on the same side as the shield
and connectors
chips on bottom
oh ok
i was gonna do that

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mufucker that makes no sense
timecop: answer the other questions

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you where the fuck does vcc5clean go
he spends all this time bitching about this inductor and it doesnt even go anywhere wtf

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timecop: why is there two squares
timecop: what can, you mean the shield, and by left and right 2.5mm did you mean left right?
oyeh, pay same like before?

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but yeh when the furball ex came over last time i was complaining how my elbows been alligator style for weeks
and she like walked into my moms bathroom and got some lation and fixed it
it was awesome
yes but it sucked and i eventually stopped and we had drama
because shes too little and whenever i would get into it i would be doing it at some angle that would bother her
and shes bitch
but then shes be like, DO ME DO ME HARDER
so i would but shed bitch
k ty
so eventually i was kinda like fuck this
she was not happy
its always an adventure with her
one time she did like orgasm into sobbing

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01:28 <@timecop> i should generate his sleep graphs
kinda, i dont always get right to irc or right to bed from it
theres usually a cspan buffer, sometimes i actually eat and shower and stuff
no rly'
yeh what job
of course
what kind of deadline?
cool you can pay for my new monitor
send to email and beep in chan when youre done
nice fee
im go put lotion on my elbow
wtf @ lotion for dong
i have sex good from girly sex shop for that
*sex goo
lotion cut with baby oil can be good

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