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haha one?
timecop: what
i have to go back to sleep in the shower and then go to work

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pin swap in eagle = easy
i have to get my clothes and execute a sleep manuever
or something

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nice, 100 boards for $180 shipped
yeh i think so
yes and to make
but yeh i can sell as a kit
here it works you can config it like 8 diff ways go nuts
ok i wont
should i get a quote for rohs?
its not a list anymore its a scalable db

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thats 60 salen key filters
power on top
signal input bus and outputs on the bottom
some buffer amps

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120 caps 120 resistors
no 135 caps
15 quad amps
im post pic this is almost silly
1.25 x 3.05
analog mfkr

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for 4 filters
like 2 bandpasses
i need 15
thats not so bad
oh you know what would be awful
for multiplex spectrum analyzer
if i took the 8 parts
and put them under the soic
and via'd it all together
so i cut the Y spacing in half
but then having it assembled would be a bitch

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salen keys with 0402 and soic quad amps work perfect
on a .025" grid
like it could be tighter

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um wow
am i weird because i can route salen key filters from memory

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how much power
kevtris: smt leds are pretty bright at like 1/10 test current
so like do half
or like 80%
cuz its 1/16th duty
i think it would be okay as long as you didnt try and cover it with something too diffusive
timecop: omg its what like $.20?
just the coil mfkr
dont cry about caps\

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delay is not so hard
cuz right i just make a looping buffer in ram
and fill it with adc
and then have pointers chasing each other
no use a resistor?
after and before what
guys i can prob do that half asleep tonight
i wont
but i could
and then id have a microcontroller hangover at work
all i gotta do is solder up this amphernol connector without forgetting to slide all the hardware on in the rght order
im going to bring heatshrink to work
just 6
i already cutup an iec and wires it to the mains screw terminals
man thats lame
you cant even get to one of the screws because this screw post is in the way

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as like intermediate kit
and then the gainclone would be noob soldering kit
i could do that for little breadboard shits
cuz some of that shit is neat
i have no kit
im an angry at my hosting
wow delay
its all no ram for php and php safe_mode on
so nothing really works awesome
except workpress
which makes me angrier and angrier all the time
ime like why did i do this i knew i wouldnt like it and now im right
i cleaned out all the bullshit in the db and it made it kinda faster but it still feels sucky
praise teh lord
(keep teh faits)
i should learn how to do that shit

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itd be neat if you could lay it out so like all leds in rows
with like the dip on the right
and the 2ch VU output on the other side
yeh be easy with dips to route back the other way
you could make that shit hella flat
i think im going to buy one sided pcb blanks for my mill
because that shit is so no drama
like .012 space/trace i could prob do pretty quick
those are neat because you hax h4xor time
this money thing is rather new and exciting tho
i know i know
ima do rev two headphone amps

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but you can use 15 for audio pretty easily
i dont remember if it was
yeh but thats like a whole other thing to dick with
its gonna have like 30 filters =\
tho its pretty amazing how well behaved active and high impedance loaded filters are

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i dont think
its weird i guess because the power
sec ill check
thats fuckin cool
its $4!
theyre neat
for dip?
plcc is $2 on a reel
setup for audio
those work i think
14 is linear
15 is log
16 is log but like VU calibrated
but i think scaled or something

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kevtris: http://search.digikey.com/scripts/dksearch/dksus.dll?Detail?name=ADG732BSUZ-ND
kind of expensive tho =(
so you can do 1/3 octave spectrum analyzer
and the like output vu
but it wont work
i know but its neat chip
i was like, 8, 16, 4, wtf 32
so i just use 10 of 16 channels
because 32 would be neat
cuz its 1/3 octave + vu
i wish they made soic lm39xx

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stuck to his socks and shit
probably pretty easy to rig some automation into the x/y controls

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oh wtf
free dfm has to be during the day
timecop: status of coding a functional gerber editor with ultra intuitive no bullshit gui

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fuck pnp transistors

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ok fere
wow thats weak
you guy sings songs about bombing iran
and is running on being a here
when really he was a spoiled brat
got shot down cuz he sucked
but because he was admirals kid and grandkid they let him fly cvombat anyway
mccain = loser
just add ab power section

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timecop: why did ourpcb go offline
isnt it monday there
timecop how do i make their msn online
timecop make them push the button
now my head hurts
im getting black mask and 2oz copper
of course
2oz copper?
traces are 2x as tall
no its like medium power amp
super power is find some high voltage opmp diff and gain stage
with sink and source outputs to attach an AB driver
i wonder if natsemi discontinued that shit...
i have one im saving it
for i dunno the end of the world or something

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that looks fucked up
like some fantastic contraption shit

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are the resistors || gnd?
between the lines
so isolated array
its for ringing
it drops reflected energy
you cant use 0402?
and just stick 0R there is you dont
itll help if you half to do some crazy bus swap rework again
yeh 0402 thats not hard
i have to go cat is like WHERE NOM BITCH

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they have all kinda of arrays you need to match the part number to the little bus maps in the datasheets
they make r2r arrays and stuff to like terminate parallel leds or whatever who knows
man i dont wanna be driving to the store
unless shes a pothead then it just wont work
youll end up watching scooby doo

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do laundry load

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ok back
analog mux with rc filters into opamp buffer or lm39xx direct
okay but yeh
i get it
thats my levels
and you switch it in sync with the transistors
that sounds fun
i dunno if i still have the 3916 around
but yeh thats fucking cheap
maybe scalable if you buy some fast parts
how many columbs?
but yeh the idea is scalable
duty to low
but you could do a few channels
with diff RC
haha do interlaced leds
i have to go buy catfoods

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so the driver is being used to pwm rows?
wait what
yeh i dont get it
i know i have 3916
whats on the transistor bases
and the analog input is high impedance input?
oh right because 39xx input
yeh its an opamp follder input i think
i think there is a diode to keep it offset
so wait
analog mux with RC filters
wait peoples

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everything is 1206
that opamp prob isnt even enough load for the to92 regs so the leds are good for that
what where?
yeh you can jumper it
i was thinking of adding a speaker thing up there
but i guess you can just use a fat wire
kevtris: so what its what
be neat to do an layout for an smt led and then drive opamp and resistors underneat
but try and make it lego style
w/ sot23 amps

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mad quad amps
sot23 amps for each led would be super duper cool
and each filter
sot23-5 amps are so cute!
like 5 pin sot23 opamps
you can prob do something discrete
no i was going to tonight
yes i want to
did you see it?
i think i posted images its mostly done
i have to double check shit
kevtris: hmm weird
yeh fine
yeh thats best
its got status leds
theyre 1206 i think

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you wanna use that package?
what does it do
get quad amps or sot223 amps
and do like a ladder of refs
oh you want like spectrum analyzer
filters with led output
it doesnt have to be really
you could use shit caps and resistors prob still come out cool
5 quad amps per channel
2 pole active filters and then you kinda tune the led resistor for brihgtness vs amplitude
that gets all complicated
well thats like a toy
what you pasted
they make one with a crossover
but its in like a tina bga pkg

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no it just looks the same
the other one is open box
im being fair
an asus prob isnt bad
and thats like a $220 asus for $180
the open box only has vga cables
i stillneed to pick a gpu

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guys what kind of monitor is good
open box, feer
dud fuck $900
22" samsung is $260

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republicans are sell outs

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stupid religious shit is self fullfilling
the millenium, freaks were right
2001 was first year of millenium
there is when
a) you force it on people
b) you try and make it gov policy and claim this is a religious nature
c) it causes you to want to teach creationism in science class
then yeh fuck your beleifs
fuck atheist
theyre just as religious
none of this shit has anyplace in government
\bush should have been impeached for using god as justification
god and luies
my bad
palin used it as justification
we are on gods side
so what we are doing is righteous

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whats shogun

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i hate softer paper
its all crumbly

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22:46 <@DX^> I was doing leg exercises with weighs on last night and I fell asleep with them on and I woke up like "OH MO I HAD A STROKKEEE"

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ima go get a greek place burger
i love my fluke
both of them
the new ones are weird looking

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and i think continuity was same shit, it might have been diff radio button setting
theyre like 70s bench flukes
i didnt realize but i was there a month ao and teacher explained it it to someone like that
and im like oh duh
okay for ohms
it converts the voltage to ohms with decimal spots
but in diode mode, the display works out to volts
apestate: you cant hang out here very long if youre gonna be all worrying about bm doing wtf shit
youll just be freaking out all the time
i do acetone without gloves
that shit will dry your hands out

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on the continuity test mode?
mine does it in ohm meter mode
mine has ohms
yeh its 75R
beeps under that, just tested with a pot
nope it has 0L when not touching anything with ohm symbol
and the little sonar wave symbol on the selector and lcd
also the little range bar thing (autorange fluke)
ive seen that
diode tester is one of the ohm settings also
or er wait
okay like it had radio buttons, but you clicked another button i think
or used another set of inputs
to do the diode test
like it switched the display but it was testing the same

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hahaha no
scope probe
i meant scope meter
i hate that shit
hehe i chase shorts at work alot
blackmoon: youd need action shots thru a microscope
giant razor knife blades cutting traces
huge soldering iron tips reworking shit
mine says the ohms
and beeps under 75 i think
something like that

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parity omg =\
mirrored stripes raid!
like, optical illusion raid wtf
well fuck you then
now what
danielson: too much current?
yeh that
back emf into your digital fail?
you maybe desynced with them and locked them up?
that sounds like what happens when youre try and drive steppers to fast
does anything smell?
you unloaded the fuck outta somthing

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datasheet for .10 says up to 60c
for .11 doesnt say
both have same failure rate
.10 has one more fail data spec
no shock data for the .11

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just for today!
omg 16mb cache
the seagates?
its going to live in front of a 120mm fan
hmm yeh fuck mad raid

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you need to put like pods on the outward side of the low leg with like speakers or rockets or something
you should cut like an arc into the inner thigh
so you dont like split your junk funny
oka that looks a little dangerous =\
fuck how many gigamegs hdd do i need
i almost wanna buy 4 cheap seagates and raid10 it
this is prob not being so cost effective tho

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reviewers seem to like that board
no i was not aware of those
was that this weekend?
oh nice
asus put lunix microsystem on the mobo
can do web
i bet you can hack that

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blackmoon: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131299R
0/1/5/10 Matrix RAID

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no serial or parport

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timecop: http://ircpics.com/?p=showpix&showpix=9508

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tank blowing up?

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yeh kinda
one tank implodes
other one explodes
tank size hole in the roof
high pressure tanks are pretty hardcore
i think its the fittings that usually fail
and i think most failures are valves and fittings, not like the actual tank threads fucking up or someting
omg dude
theere was so much water in the lines at cnc failshop
and like before i replaced them, the hoses were leaking
so it was always drawing air and moisture
yeh i could try and purge the line for like 10min some days
water sill coming out

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but ithis is true
normal use of protection diodes

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hehe open boxo mobo
wait so supports crossfire
so now i have to figure out this whole what does sli what does crossfire thing
fuck computer
giv need to regulate computers
okay not rly
doubt it

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i guess i do mobo then go back to proc
cuz now i have to do 45nm vs 65nm reviews

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well fuckit ill get it and memtest it and ill be gaming on it the first week
so i can return it if its shit
okay and i guess its 800 by default because that makes it jedec compliant, makes sense
not really but it does in some stupid business decision retardation sorta way
so if i get that mem i gotta make sure i have a mobo can do 2.2v in the bios

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Pros: It's RAM, it works....what?
Cons: It wasn't free? I mean, it's just RAM, if it works, and you get what you need from it in terms of speed and performance...who cares? The only con would be if it arrived defective, or burnt out after a month or something. That hasn't happened yet.
hehe smrt guy
people are mad because it defaults to 800 in the bios
like so what
only on person has bitched it didnt run at 1066 stable, out of like 50 reviews
hmm okay like 4 people
Pros: Very nice memory at a good price.
Cons: Didn't walk into the case and install itself.
he only had it a week tho
oh it needs high voltages

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the $81 is $7 ship
Cons: The style of the heatsink looks older then it is.

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dude look its blue
and 3 people think its awesome
how can i go wrong this is obviously win
im think thats the cheapest 1066 cas 5 set i can get
look guys its a trick
the $42 2x1gb set is free ship

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yeh its an older quad core
but i guess they were OCing it with the newer 1333 mobo for the 45nm parts
damn did they run the proc at 1300 and the ram at 1066
oh neat they ran the quads and the duals at 1333 for everything
fucking mail in rebate

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its weird
those are in between the fast 1066 and the slow 1066 timings
cuz they tested 6 and 4
theyre 5 on newegg now
yeh tons of them with 5-5-5
i think it was that auto-notify one that was 4-4-4-
for $500
i think it might hve been the exact model in the review
i think they used a 1066 65nm proc tho
review is like 5mo old

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two of those $104
k yours win at price w/ 2gb

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but its like they just wanna kick it out the door to start work on the next gen shit
but it dont want to leave
like you you try and take kitty out of cat box at the vette and its holding on
like that
haha vette
okay look
this guys numbers says the 6 latency 1066 is better than the 3 latency 800
and my shit is going at 1300
my ram gonna be faster
but your ram is faster
haha thats so weird
two of those is $70

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you know why dude
because the ram factories stopped making so much 800
and now they mostly make 1066
i had a factory overclocked gainward
but i mostly ran it at normal speed
techs at my country get sent to china alot
boss is like hey yeh so do you like traveling? im like yeh sure, he like good good
im like, uhohz
the techs there now are never coming home i dont think
like they have so much marketting behind it
so they have to get it out

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but i wanted to get a 45nm proc thats going faster
the review numbers with the 1066 are bold
no its not linked
its not even linked on my socket a
like like ddrOld
*thats like
no but i wanna do like 2x2gb
okay you know what fuckit
the cheapest
thats cheapest 800 w/ 4 latency
the reviewer got some crazy shit
i dont wanna be buying my computer from 3 diff places

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i dont think there is ddr2 1066 w/ 4 cas latency
like at newegg
$500 for 2 x 1GB
non stocked
i can get 5
well i prob want to leave two open
to dual channel later
get two now then two more later
well im prob gonna be using this shit for years
okay so i dont get two dual channel banks?
man now im all confused i have to go learn this myself
okay but do i have to match all 4
okay so i wanna buy like 4gb now probably
and leave two slots open
so maybe later i can be like OMG MAD RAMS

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blackmoon: yeh rly!
blackmoon: the lian-li is so nice!
but the front port flay is not tall enough
some cables get stuck in the little bay
i fucking hate oem manufacturer pc
that was so, so redundant
the 333 is like a file server thing
yeh kinda
yes theyll all do that with modern os and apps
you load up 8 times the ram for that era
i had a dual ppro with like 180mb of mem or something
if it was like 1995 or whatever id be so pimp
i hate that
if you wanna replace one you gotta do all of the ones in front of it
domino ram
omg can i go back to pricing a real computer machine!?
blackmoon: he won we are trolt
it over we loose.

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try running xp or 2k on it
i cant remember linux having problems with modern dics on old as junker pc
by the time i was using pc 98 was dead
win2k ran fine on alot of old crap hardware
xp is like the same its just slower until you turn half of it off
no bios see big pata discs
report correct size/spec(kinda)
try xp with service packs integrated
i thought you were keeping the p3
333 is like a low load server dinky
serve your mp3 and doc files or something
yeh thats about all its good for

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wow lordnlptps question is complicated
oh ok
itll dual channel both sets tho?
thats what i meant
i didnt expect it to go quad channel
i had a dual core ppro
thats kinda like dual core p2
that thing ran xp like whatever
intimidated me and shit
my shit is 2.2GHz and 1000W
the proc has a pilot light
its powered by gas
linux used big drives on systems that old for me fine
the bios wouldnt know wtf was going on
but i could partition them and use them from linux

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okay so it still like that
dual chan sets
usually cheaper that way
can you do 4 way?
like can i add another pair?
okay so im buying ram once for awhile
okay but itll still dual channel one set or what

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for the eee
originally for the thinkpad
yes ty
im willing to spend an extra $20 or $30 for firewire and raid and fluff
neon connectors and exoticly colored soldermasks
which is like $30 more
well theyre usually kinda basic
but yeh dunno prob gonna do single gpu
likely cheaper that way
like im on a socket A and downgraded to gf5
is there any reason to buy sets?
does it like more ram sockets populated like ddr?

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this reviewer guys numbers says p35 chipset with the ddr2 is win
oh look his conclusion said what i just said
is sli chipset dependent?
or i just need two slots
okay so i just need the two fast slots
i want integrated sound
and firewire besides usb
if i need a better card i can get an external unit
dont need pc emi spraying all over the thing
well depends what gpu(s)
wifi on a desktop =(
i have wifi

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There is evidence already, from individuals who have spoken to us, that some employers are beginning to quiz would-be employees about the nature of the material they use for sexual titillation . which puts individuals in the highly difficult position of having to decide between being honest and not getting a job, or lying at interview and risk losing the job later

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spanish tuner car^
#cars topic
like, forums from all over the world checking in on that thread by the end

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yeh so prob something that could have been taken care of for way cheaper
but since i never showed up to deal with it or fix it i get big fine
for years we paid something like a 300% tax on fines
paying them the day of the sentence
so that didnt work anymore
because people could afford that and the judges would give them service or programs
work it off
so now its like a 200% fee plus a $150 flat court fee
well i have to call and figure out whats up with that
my license isnt suspended, and its at collections it means its prob pretty old
i got a speeding ticket in florida
like 90mph
their collections has been bothering me for years
i should pay that like right now
in case i ever have to go back to florida
but $133 for $90 is not so bad!
they reduce the price you pay to settle it

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fuck overclocking
it gets hot in the summer here
you could prob OC without a heatsink and be ok
cuz i guess the new parallel chips are not so memory bandwidth dependent
ya rly
cuz like if it worked better all the time, they would have put it in that bin or made a new bin and sold it for that much more
boss was all late turning in my invoice last week, so if he is early this week its almost like i get a double paycheck
theyre not so insane about hours at work
i get paid weekly
so shitty i think when i was dealing with all that court bullshit years ago
for years
i forgot to take care of some fixit ticket or something
i dont even remember
anyway the collections agency for chatsworth courthouse sent me a bill for $1300
im like omg wut

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man now i has to read 65nm vs 45nm procs
cuz apperently the 65nm quads are win
at least i only have to learn about this pc shit every couple years
guy from anandtech is like, so yeh we got these new mobo that go 1300, so we put the 1066 procs in it and it works, outperforms chips 2x the cost
they think ddr3 wont matter

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anands droog is gonna tell me what to buy in may

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anyone know if the free standards at jedec are worth registering for?
its like 9:50am and they want me to be filling out shit
However, since there was never a JEDEC standard for memory faster than DDR-400 then DDR memory running at faster speeds is really overclocked DDR-400. Similarly DDR2 memory faster than DDR2-800 is actually overclocked DDR2-800 since there is currently no official JEDEC spec for DDR2-1066.

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blackmoon: it looked about the same price
but yeh latency was way more
my proc will be going faster than my rm, tho

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