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ok this new streets shit is pretty horrible!
new the streets?
i guess so

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kinda yeh

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with that driver
i think those are so ugly
okay but the other ones are old school
the new 21" is more like that
i wonder if i can get used cerwin vega earthquakes thru work

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what is giant?
we have 21" folded horns like 6" deep at work
ours have a 6" 45deg bevel on the rear low edge
and wheels on the back
so you like tip them up and roll them around
does it have carpet?
but like maybe 18" deeper

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i dont think he ever had anything zigbee

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Missent, October 07, 2008, 9:52 am

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guys my headphones are across the valley
stupid ups

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thats just fucked up
mrtube: im prob gonna show the krk guy at work
do you have pics of them together?
the speakers
the whole powere speaker foolmoon

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i got 1210
red would have been more awesome!
i wanna do red with yellow silk next time
they do
but red would have been more vader
and would have matched the xover
yeh they have blue
those are blocks

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mrtube: ^
50W amp
r u blind
dunno i wanna go thru schematic and double checks parts stock
prob this week

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eagle mask limits rawk

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that doesnt look free

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we have an old weller thing at work

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if it works looks fine

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oh haha

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hmm neat

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timecop: do you ever get stuff assembled with smt on both sides?
or was that all shit you soldered

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okay guys
versatile gainclone thinger is almost done
just have to add some leds and do the labels

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